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  1. It will be on Sunday
  2. Rhodes to L**ds??

    £10m + Bridcutt
  3. Kit Pre-Orders

    Getting players off wage bill is best way. Mcgugan alone would save around a million a year
  4. Adam Reach

    tbf looked alright there against Derby or Newcastle at home last season?
  5. Team v QPR (forget Chessie)

    Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Fox Wallace Lee Bannan Forestieri Hooper Rhodes
  6. Lee & Bannan is probably the best pairing
  7. They both play too deep. If they play together one of them has to be further up field
  8. Carlos Supporters....

    Yes it probably is a good measure but it's hard to judge when we don't recruit younger players and instead go for alread established players.Carlos seems to have got the best out of our frees. I'd argue; Bannan bit of an outcast when released by Palace has had the best spell of his career last few seasons. An ageing Wallace has been great last two seasons. Kieran Lee has kicked on in terms of Goals. Hutch has probably improved, certainly stayed fitter. Westwood, Lees, Loovens although already established have performed consistently & achieveded clean sheet records back to back. Palmer is now a better player. Last two seasons for Forestieri have been his best in terms of Goals return. Of course there are many players which he hasn't helped Mcgready, Buckley etc. But the positions we've finished are also a good measure of a manager (6th& 4th)
  9. Carlos Supporters....

    It's the first game of the season. Yes the performance was poor & last years problems seem to have carried over but come on we've played ONE game. Hate this divide that seems to be grwoing between fans. We're not all going to agree with each other all of the time but let's start to put our differences aside & just continue to get behind the team. Great following today!
  10. It was but is also a Nike ball which is what the rest of his clobber is. Just marketing for Nike
  11. Squad Numbers 17/18

    sorry missed other thread...
  12. Squad Numbers 17/18

    Little more sensible than last year
  13. 1. Keiren Westwood 2. Jack Hunt 3. David Jones 5. Kieran Lee 6. Morgan Fox 7. Jordan Rhodes 9. Steven Fletcher 10. Barry Bannan 11. Sam Winnall 12. Glenn Loovens 14. Gary Hooper 15. Tom Lees 16. Liam Palmer 17. Atdhe Nuhiu 18. Lucas Joao 19. Marco Matias 20. Adam Reach 21. George Boyd 23. Sam Hutchinson 25. Cameron Dawson 28. Joe Wildsmith 33. Ross Wallace 34. Jake Kean 36. Daniel Pudil 41. Almen Abdi 45. Fernando Forestieri
  14. Steering group meeting

    Well said