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  1. The report is completely flawed and bias.
  2. Offer Jessa Helan 350k to come out of retirement. Transfer business done!
  3. This was going on the train last Friday. Apologies if lyrics are wrong We`ve got a player called Fernando, theres nothing that he cannot do Hes got a mate called Danny Pudil, who crosses to Atty Nuhui With Tome Lees at the back & Hooper in attack, i think Wednesdays gonna score a goal or two
  4. I mean, cutting in taking a shot on your stronger foot from 20/25 yards and it going out for a throwing in front of the South takes some degree of skill.
  5. Why is Jacob Butterfield still allowed to be involved in training let alone get picked for the team. Who sanctioned this move? Exchanging their number one steward could have proved more fruitful, SAG would love that...
  6. Megson did have an eye for a good player; Antonio, Marshall, Batth etc
  7. Keep top two but maybe try Joa on left although that may leave us a bit exposed
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