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  1. He's got to keep his place now. The lad needs to build on this.
  2. Some poor defending on that one. Stupidly lucky finish though - problem is you make your own luck and that was so preventable!
  3. Get in. No matter our differences on Carlos, a goal is a goal. WAWAW!
  4. I'm pretty sure he is the manager.
  5. So we all agree

    That image has a weird 'collapsing' effect on me. Looks like Sam is melting almost.
  6. So we all agree

  7. Tattoo guy is clearly a Roy Hodgson fan.
  8. So we all agree

    It must be nice to believe in a higher power so strongly ;)
  9. So we all agree

    You need sectioning mate.
  10. Dear Carlos

    More of a surprise would be me signing into Owlstalk and not seeing yet another Carlos out thread started by yourself. What is more pathetic is you seem determined to get your tired point across before a game has even reached it's conclusion.
  11. Dear Carlos

    Here we go again...
  12. Who gives a flip, we're 2-0 up!