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  1. There, there, don't feel threatened just because I can read. There's a whole world of information out there beyond very hungry caterpillars, I can tell you. Seriously, if you would take a moment to read around the net, news outlets, science blogs and Q&A's, you would soon realise what you're suggesting is ridiculous, specifically: "If this does not strike of a man mad disease created to cull the human population, then you need a reality check" (sic)
  2. I've been reading around several forums this evening and your previous post takes the cake for being at best, odd, and at worst, plain stupid.
  3. We're way past lockdown. Had we wanted to go down that route we should have done it back in January. That being said, how long do you then go into lockdown for? Would the public stand for it? Going into lockdown now would simply be another delay tactic, as the virus is already rife throughout the country. Yes, official number do not back that up, but you have to assume this given the high proportion of 'well-known' people who have tested positive. Our peak would stay flatter but we'd be open to further waves with no significant immunity. You're right that herd immunity is the way the government are going. Scarily that will involve 70% of the population getting infected if it were to be successful. Delaying this strategy isn't ideal. You're right that the virus is prone to mutation, though this doesn't affect our herd immunity plan. Examples from Spanish flu confirm this in Copenhagen, where the deadly second wave barely caused a ripple due to widespread immunity from the first wave. Interestingly, Denmark are not going down this route for Covid-19. I have faith in the government, despite not being a Tory, that this is probably the best way forward, at least now because we're not in a position to implement other potentially effective measures due to it being too late to. I agree that a better lead from them is needed. I hope that our course of action, a unique one at that, proves to be the best one longer term, though I still have some doubts (it is Boris after all). Who knows whether a second or third wave will develop, and how deadly they'll be?
  4. Keown needs to STFU - doesn't have a positive thing to say about us yet we're 0-0 with the reigning PL champions and doing just fine. Yes we're under the cosh with hardly any possession but that's hardly unexpected.
  5. Feck this! https://media.giphy.com/media/65NO1TrKrJUT6/giphy.gif[/img]
  6. Going well I see. Whatta lotta sheeitte again :(
  7. I'm judging Megson on the fact the game has long moved on without him. Who else should we go for in that bracket. Curbishley? We do need to start winning games. Megson is not the answer.
  8. Just awful. Get rid of Monk and clear out these spineless feckwits in the summer. Not fit to wear the shirt.
  9. Seriously just STFU about Megson. That joke got old about 6 seasons ago.
  10. Classic Wednesday. Should be 2-0, now 1-1. FF very rusty, perhaps the fans clamouring for his inclusion were wrong?
  11. Disgusting elbow. Ref should've seen that.
  12. Oh feck that was unbelievable! So unlucky Fletcher
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