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  1. Can't wait for the summer clear out. It'll be like those colon cleansers celebs like Gwyneth Paltrow rave about. Proper detox of deadwood needed!
  2. Get in Joao, great time to score, especially after some missed opportunities. YES!
  3. nilnil

    Well Done Atdhe

    Exactly why he needs a new deal. Not only because of his commitment to improve and help the team, but also because of the different and difficult option he is for us vs opposition defences. He was a glorious nightmare today!
  4. We ain't too bad in the keeper position are we? Great to see.
  5. Hear hear! So many ill-reasoned posts in this thread (and others). Fans aren't half fickle (or is that just thick)! Come on Wednesday. Today will be the day Jos navigates us to his first league win
  6. Beeb live text has Assombalonga missing a header from a corner around that time but no mention of a pen?
  7. He'll do nothing at all apart from one 30 yard wonder strike and the fans will love him for it and forget his other 18 games of mediocrity.
  8. nilnil

    The free kick !

    Reminded me of a Ward-Prowse style delivery. Was watching the Brighton-Chelsea game yesterday and Brighton's left wingback Suttner had a similar technique. Hope to see more invention like that from Jones.
  9. Job done. Well done to Jos and the young team :)
  10. Great determination after the sending off. Wildsmith, Wallace, Reach and Pudil were especially fantastic. UTO!!
  11. This ref honestly. Perfect tackle that from Palmer.
  12. Wasn't even a foul that.
  13. What's this Sky bias nonsense? Blunts are having a great season, played well vs Derby and are at home against a team who are struggling badly in defence and are in the middle of an injury crisis with a new and unproven manager. They're the favourites. All we can do is get behind the mighty Owls tonight and hope we see application and endeavour from the team tonight.