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  1. I can see why they score late goals. It was past 5 mins, their sub did not take the extra time the ref played and it wasnt a foul either. Cheating inbreds.
  2. Dawson will have to be careful with any timewasting given his early yellow. Would be a very Wednesday thing to do to get sent off
  3. Not intentional, not handball. Anyway, the goal stands so no matter how much Whinybottom protests, it ain't changin a thing.
  4. Deserved, though hints of handball that I don't care about. 2-1!!! Bit of Fletch ass cheek on the replays as well. Everyone's a winner.
  5. Just give it to Nando for the rest of the game now. He's well up for it. Reach you've got a rival for goal of the season!
  6. That is astonishing!!!!!!! GOOOALALLALALALLALAAALLL!
  7. Agree with the commentator. Get this season over with now; half our squad crocked, nowt to play for, clearout needed.
  8. Fletcher with a head injury. In other news, night will follow day.
  9. Holy moly that save from Keiren! I'm at full mast now - best keeper in the league.
  10. Seeing an angry Wilder storm over to the refs. He's like Colin but without the pantomime villainry. Just a tw@t of the highest order.
  11. Given it's blowing hard here in Sheffield the conditions must be pretty horrific at Bolton. Any minute now I'm gonna see a flying cow go across the screen.
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