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  1. HAHA. 'Please do not remove the flowers' Saw quite a few people on the coach home with plastic flowers.
  2. You must have been stood near me. Was nearly sick at one point! That was sllow motion running, quite funny. Irvine's tactics baffle me. We just seem to stick everyone behind the ball so that when we do get a break, no one is up there and the opposition clear the ball. Against a decent team we will get a right hammering.
  3. Just when you think things could not get any worse!!
  4. I was Buxton's biggest critic last season, but he is a far better player this season. Potter though is a complete a waste of space. Hope Irvine has finally noticed this and leaves him out on Tuesday.
  5. Its graduation thats why its full. Dad had a right job booking for four people! Good job we aren't all going. Wont sell out ticket wise.
  6. Dad took the day off work and went to ticket office for 8am - was 12th in the queue. Got all 10 we wanted :D
  7. Fantastic support yesterday lets just hope the team keep up the results to keep the attendance high.
  8. haha, why does none of this actually surprise me? Pity I cancelled my membership, would have been worth going along too.
  9. I don't like this being at home when we playing! Especially away games. Its more torture than watching it
  10. I stayed till the end. More fool me I think. They got what they deserved and if they think we were being harsh then they might as well sod off now.
  11. But the best person to write it.R.I.P Liam
  12. Anyone else think its a bit of a joke that you actually have to go on the Newcastle website to find out how much the away tickets are??
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