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  1. Jack Hunt injured AGAIN!

    If it’s any consolation to everyone, and I’m sure it is, Jack Hunt hardly ever lets me down in Football Manager.
  2. We will beat Wolves

    I don’t think motivation will be a problem for Wolves. Final home game as champions, in a carnival atmosphere, looking to get over the 100 point mark... they’ll be pumped. Let’s just hope it means they’re not as focused as normal. The second half against Reading gives me hope that our boys will have the right attitude for a battle. Should be a really entertaining game anyway. Can’t wait.
  3. U18's

    Very noble of them to say that we fully deserved the win; lest it be confused with a lucky 10-1.
  4. Getting Honeyman would be a sweet signing. Might even help us win a pot or two.
  5. I think you’ve answered your own question @OWLSTALK. Our transfer policy should always be to maintain a balanced squad (which we don’t have right now given our plethora of forwards) irrespective of who our best player is. Tactically though, absolutely, while FF is fit and firing like this, team shape just needs to be disciplined to give him a free role and go do his thing.
  6. To be fair, the stewards have done a great job of stopping Abdi getting on the pitch.

    This is awful of me and I know it would be massively disrespectful to the process, but..... oh go on everyone...... just imagine. "Ladies and gentleman, the Sheffield Wednesday player of the year is... Almen Abdi." *gasps and ripples of nervous applause* "Unfortunately Almen can't be with us tonight as he's recovering from a cold sore, but he sent us this video message from his hospital bed..."
  8. Let's take another look..

    The audacity of John Swift trying to shove FF into the car park one moment and then appealing for a foul the next.
  9. But you used energy wondering why I was wondering. Don't let people who wonder bug you.
  10. I’m gonna load up a YouTube video of someone sleeping and recuperate vicariously through them.
  11. So where does ‘getting annoyed at someone who moans about whether someone videos a live event or not’ rank on your scale?
  12. Yeah, it was a joke from the OMDT that has clearly backfired. I’m gonna leave that sort of thing to @Costello 77 from now on. He’s much better at it than me.