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  1. Nice one. I feel like there's a similar narrative arc developing between Messrs Forestieri and Hargreaves. Formerly an ever-present, now merely lurking on the periphery, yet with perhaps one more act still to come. The rest, to quote one of the most highly revered wordsmiths of recent generations, Natasha Bedingfield, "...is still unwritten."
  2. You may have misunderstood me, Nick. I was referring to the OP’s thread title. Unless I misunderstood you, in which case this is going to take some unknotting.
  3. I only clicked on this thread because I wanted to see how that sentence finished. Somewhat disappointing that it...
  4. I would love a mod* to explain how this wretched thread has been allowed to fester for so long in the Matchday forum. *And when I say mod, I don’t mean Paul Weller.** **In the event of a mod being unavailable, Paul Weller would suffice.
  5. "Unless it literally stands for Fit For Purpose."
  6. I think at this point A12Owl all I can do now... all any of us can do, is take out a pipe, sit back, and wait for this storm to pass.
  7. Brilliant! I don't know why I got caught up in the details tbh. It's not like it has to function, or even exist to be a feasible DC business venture.
  8. It's not all bad news. I've found a potential investment opportunity for Chansiri. It's Siri-chan. Siri-chan is described thusly, "an unoffical LINE bot which defend from trolls and which play with Japanese language." (quoted verbatim) http://sirichan.xyz/about/ Chansiri could team up with Owlstalk to provide an expanded service that automatically blacklists people who start Jordan Rhodes threads and also moves political threads to more relevant areas; all the while opening up a potentially lucrative Japanese market for Sheffield Wednesday. Furthermore, the existing stadium sponsorship would only require a slight structural tweak. I know none of that really makes any sense. I haven't thought this through... LOOK AT LEAST I'M TRYING.
  9. If more people cycled instead of drove, wouldn't that generally be a positive thing? (However, I do appreciate that this would be logistically impossible for, say, a family of four travelling from Wealdstone; or a bloke wanting to smuggle in three jam jars full of beetroot and orange flavoured chutney.)
  10. Just need to get the more of the lads involved next time.
  11. Leave the chutney jars (concealed of course, so chutney thieves don't smash your windows) in your car, and conduct the transaction outside the ground after the game. This eliminates not only the smuggling dilemma, but also the hassle of carrying the jars. I mean FFS.
  12. Indeed. His stopcock’s f***ing massive.
  13. I think the 0 is pushing it too. Fox made a great goal line block, Alioski hit the bar and Westwood did wonderfully to save Bamford's header.
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