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  1. Samurai Blue

    Bristol City - V -The Wednesday OMDT

    "The headline maker. The goal-taker. The deadlock breaker."
  2. Samurai Blue


    At least the sync problem seems to have been fixed. Hopefully iFollow can now stop the commentators saying "creatures of habit" and talking about Doncaster.
  3. Samurai Blue

    New song let’s be the first!

    Wouldn’t mind hearing a Tom Waits version. Reckon he’d bring to the surface a hidden layer of profundity.
  4. Samurai Blue

    Matt penney

    Can we have at least ONE thread about Matt Penney that isn’t littered with tiresome puns? Anyway. For me his performance was, to coin a phrase, on the money. Reading didn’t get much change out of him all game.
  5. Fair enough mate. His handling certainly wasn't faultless, and I do feel that Westwood should be our no.1, but I think Dawson and Bannan were the only ones who came out of that game with much credit.
  6. Samurai Blue


    This was at half-time. Their 'adjustment' was to remove the commentary altogether.
  7. Nuhiu - “No” Dawson - “Yes”
  8. I think you’re obsessed with being a contrarian for the sake of it.
  9. For making some excellent saves.
  10. Aside from Bannan, Dawson has given a good account of himself today. Could’ve been a heavier defeat but for him.
  11. Samurai Blue

    Adam Reach Celebration

    For the stars. There ain't no party like... erm... a goal celebration party.
  12. Come on lads. I know it's easy to get hooked on these fishing puns, but let's reel it in.
  13. Samurai Blue

    Walk Out Music

    For sure. I still think this has potential though...
  14. Samurai Blue

    Walk Out Music

    All joking aside Neil, that’s ace. Nice one.