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  1. Samurai Blue

    All Wednesday

    Beautifully shot and framed throughout. Visually it looked absolutely gorgeous, and sounded great too. I wasn't sold on the fluctuating chronology to be honest. Just as the film settled into one timeline, it would suddenly jolt the viewer into a completely different decade. I appreciate it was deliberate, but it felt a little dislocating and jarring to me. Well done to Matt though, he captured some thoroughly lovely moments. I'm surprised it went straight from DVD to YouTube. Think the club could have made it available as a download first to help raise a bit more cash for the charity.
  2. Samurai Blue

    Chairman’s statement

    Chansiri's ability to contradict himself and then persist with his new version of events is extraordinary. I've got a number of theories on the go: We're all living in George Orwell's 1984 and, despite having clearly been at war with Eurasia for several years, we are now suddenly at war with Eastasia. Chansiri had this to say to the Sheffield Star, "We've always been at war with Eastasia." The Dejphon Mandela Effect. Owls fans are experiencing events from a different reality. Sheffield Wednesday has become a living Wikipedia page. Chansiri logs in to the matrix at 10pm after a few ciders every few weeks and changes, y'know, trivial things like the kit, badge, prices and facts, without leaving any citations. Dejphon has a twin. One has been trying to get us promoted by playing 'aggressive, attacking football'. The other has been trying to stave off relegation with Jos Luhukay and sell the club on the sly. I call this The AC/DC theory. (I'm calling his twin 'Alan' in order to make that work)
  3. Samurai Blue

    Chairman’s statement

    Sorry guys. As you probably worked out, I pasted the wrong link. https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2015/july/dejphon-chansiri-club-statement/
  4. Samurai Blue

    Chairman’s statement

    Chansiri in 2015: "I have reviewed every aspect of the club in a bid to achieve the promotion we all desire and continue to do so on an everyday basis." "In the bigger picture, if we are to achieve our ultimate aim of promotion, we must embark on this journey together." "I can assure every single supporter that I will give everything it takes where possible to take Sheffield Wednesday back into the Premier League" (https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2019/january/dejphon-chansiri-statement/) He told BBC Radio Sheffield: "We want to be back for our anniversary." Chansiri added: "We will do whatever is appropriate to invest in the club to get them to the Premier League." (https://www.bbc.com/sport/football/31693775) ----------------------------------- Chansiri in 2019: "Many people have suggested that I invested the amount of money I did – and continue to do – in order to achieve promotion to the Premier League. But this is not correct. I invested these sums to stay in the Championship, to ensure we would have the best chance of avoiding relegation."
  5. Samurai Blue

    No Press conf????

    It apparently plays there as part of a flat pack four.
  6. Samurai Blue

    Luton manager joining Stoke today

    His full name’s Barry Bannanarama.
  7. I'm quite sure we didn't need to see Ronaldo in his underpants.
  8. Samurai Blue

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    Could be a merger on the cards... Sheffield Windies.
  9. Samurai Blue

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    Gives a new slant on #BruceOut
  10. Samurai Blue

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    Vulva, I think the very issue here is that Bruce doesn’t like cricket. He loves it.
  11. Samurai Blue

    Sorry I’m watching the cricket

    I honestly just assumed Snooty was just being mischievous with some creative editing.
  12. Samurai Blue

    New Sticker

    Sorry, fixed it...
  13. Samurai Blue

    New Sticker

    I agree.
  14. Agree with most of this, but the presumptuous 'from all true owls' stuff is unnecessary nonsense. Posters speak on behalf of themselves, not a collective. How does one qualify to be a true owl? Is it a separate Silver membership scheme one tier below 'true fan'? We're all Wednesday aren't we. You stated as much in your own post. Chansiri has hopefully turned a corner. He's still lurching from one knee-jerk decision to the next, and although he's made choices which seem designed to appease short-term, I do still worry that the the chairman is incompetent, impulsive, egotistical and lacks a long-term strategy. Jury's still out for me, but it's a start. Rant over. Happy New Year to you on behalf of all the true owl fans.