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  1. I love that the article descended into a stream of consciousness halfway through.
  2. I don't think anyone realised she was Tom's brother.
  3. Mate, I switched it off after about 4 minutes. Each one of them seems to have a uniquely honed brand of screeching akin to different sized hyenas being tortured. Now THAT was wonderful! "You could read this thing on a gram of coke and still feel like someone was pasting your eyelids together with Night Nurse."
  4. "Wednesday vs Brentford. Skybet Championship. 26 February 2019. KO 7:45PM. £3.00"
  5. ♫"I bet that you look good on the dance floor. I don't know if you're looking for romance or... I don't know what you're looking for. I said I bet that you look good on the dance floor. Milking fans dry like for example that Club 1867. ...uh, Club 1867."♫ Doesn't rhyme. Forget it.
  6. Not sure what's up with Hector today. He seems so distracted. C'mon lad, sort tha' sen out.
  7. We seem to be giving them the ball quite a lot. Must be cases of mistaken identity due to another kit clash.
  8. Not sure. I think this is possibly some kind of metaphysical experiment.
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