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  1. Either there's a lot of hyperbole in that or I haven't seen the comments you have, because looking at the Forestieri thread the consensus seems to be that FF should've at least been on the bench.
  2. It's less about 'Would we have him back?' and more about 'Would Sol Campbell want him as his no.2?'.
  3. That's what I've done. Getting no response using the iFollow Support chat.
  4. This is 720p resolution apparently. Sound's out of sync too. Apart from that, decent performance from iFollow so far.
  5. Off topic, but that line on the right could do with lopping off. #OCD
  6. We got to 145 pages about Gary Rowet(t) with a comparable dearth of evidence. This party's just getting started.
  7. "Hi, Sol. Thanks for coming. Look... I don't think you're the right guy for this job. You've always struck me as a bit odd." "Also, you've got issues, and that's a big reason you haven't got to where you want to be." "Besides that, you may well not have a great personality." "I'm not knocking you."
  8. I think Stripey (a zebra mate of mine) is trolling me. I’m struggling to make out the greens and reds on the right.
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