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  1. Happy new year fellow owls. No matter what they put us through, come rain or shine the fans are there in MASSIVE numbers. UTO
  2. And another one again Mark, agree basics of defending is to play on the edge of your penalty area but you still need a keeper to clean up behind
  3. Centre of goal 3 yards out wtf, that’s shambolic goalkeeping
  4. Welcome back Snoots a win tonight would be a fantastic end to the year. UTO
  5. 4-2-3-1 Just a little too old to appreciate Moore, Charlton, Best, Pele, Banks Gk Schmeichal Rb Lahm Ch Baresi Ch Van Dijk Lb Maldini Mid B Robson capt Mid Iniesta Amr Messi Amc Ronaldo Aml Cruyff Cf Ronaldo - the Brazilian one
  6. BPF for me, probably Johnson’s best game in a Wednesday shirt and Palmer were excellent. UTO
  7. Hunt - easily his best game since returning. Really good performance again, we are starting to look a team and a team worth watching at this level, not just a well drilled dark arts specialist like today’s opponents. How good would we be with a fit back line. UTO
  8. Voted Corbeanu, he was up against a really good wing back and continually ran at him. A good contest until the final 20 mins when he was going past him at will. Dunkley again was commanding, really growing in confidence and Luongo bossed the 2nd half. A happy Owl tonight. UTO
  9. Totally agree fella we would have comfortably stayed up if he’d been fit. Hoping we can keep him injury free or at least only losing him for the odd game, we have no other player like him. Will be a good season if he plays another 20 league games. UTO
  10. Voted Palmer, but could easily have voted Dunkley. Mentions for Corbeanu (awful substitution, why didn’t he pull Patterson and play Theo down the middle to give us some pace) and Luongo what a difference he makes. UTO
  11. Good man, welcome Simon enjoy the banter, looking forward to your posts.
  12. Thought it was an awful team selection how happily wrong I was. Kamberi and Gregory were relentless as a front 2, great full debut for Corbeanu, Wing had his best game to date and Dunkley won everything. Rode our luck a little in and around our own penalty box but deserved it for the effort tonight, it’s all we ask. Adeniran gets my vote absolutely everywhere and is getting better by the game. UTO
  13. Worst of the lot. What an absolute waste of a shirt. The only time he was mentioned was the 3 on 1 when he cocked it up. UTO
  14. Definitely Dunkleys best game for Wednesday but 3 at the back will leave him exposed more than he was today. UTO
  15. A team that usually bottles it, with 5 strikers and 1 recognised centre half on the pitch and he felt comfortable ? You were the only one Darren UTO
  16. Another game we look dis-jointed and no identity or structure other than staying in a game. We only play on the front foot when we are chasing a game and then it’s all a bit desperate. All stems from the managers team selection and tactics. p… poor. UTO
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