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  1. ‘In the middle of the night’ I was with ‘my girl’ in ‘razor blade alley’, I said not tonight I’m a ‘bed and breakfast man’ so she kicked me in the ‘tarzans nuts, I said that’s ‘one step beyond’ and utter ‘madness’. I’m out of here on the ‘night boat to Cairo’. Phew UTO
  2. Monk was adamant we were going to play 3 at the back and never looked to or indeed sign a full back, which has been a problem all season. Palmer is the only natural full back at the club, trying to play a back 4 with this squad is a non starter, definitely square pegs in round holes, even Pulis gave up trying. Paterson at full back? no way, he is worse than useless there.
  3. Why are we blaming Smith, Moore and co, we had enough good chances to win 2 games today, they have us playing a way that is far more pleasing on the eye and creating chances to win games which is a novelty for this season as the previous managers and coaches this season had the team creating nothing, they simply cannot polish a t##d. Maybe Smith should repeat some of the short sighted drivel spouted by some on here, I’m sure that will boost the confidence for the final 2 games. FFS UTO
  4. Sorry pal I don’t follow surely the EFL will stay as competitive as it is now with promotion and relegation with more young talent available while the retiring superstars go to the Super league circus. Apologies if I’ve misinterpreted your meaning
  5. Excellent post fella. Don’t forget cricket went down this road with Kerry Packer in the 70’s. If the football authorities stay as strong as the cricket ones did by rejecting the clubs from their domestic leagues and banning their players from international football it will soon expose this for the greedy circus it actually is. It won’t stop the money in the short term but it will eventually become a retirement home like the MLS. F@@k em, yes for the first couple of seasons the Premiership will be worse off but the working class ethos and history of football is far bigger than anything
  6. I agree the squad isn’t up to it, we have 1st team players no where near the ability required at this level yet paid handsomely for their failings. We have 1 proper full back where we should have 4, 1 injury prone goal keeper and 2 nowhere near the standard needed, 1 centre forward who is used sparingly at best and yet some on here blame the managers tactics. We can’t change the system without fitting square pegs in round holes. We also have a youth team so short on numbers without a recognised centre forward. The handling of the recruitment since the start of Chansiris tenure has been awful,
  7. Great post as always Snoots and the return of Stubbs to the team is a huge plus, mr consistency personified. Dare we still dream ? Seems the resident experts say not. UTO
  8. Where have the days gone when we just go well done pal you’ve come through for us today well done. No we’re all becoming nob eads where we know more than people that’s been in professional football for years. Some people on here believe they are their avatar and will preach for pages how they are right. Please stfu and for tonight we’ve got Jordan Rhodes we’ve got Jordan Rhodes UTO
  9. Bl...y Nora what was Jammy about that. We’ve been craving for a battling and committed performance like today and when we get one it’s “Jammy” UTO
  10. 1. Nilsson 2. Nilsson 3. Nilsson 4. Nilsson 5. Nilsson 6. Nilsson 7. Nilsson 8. Nilsson 9. Hirst 10. Nilsson 11. Nilsson
  11. Another great analogy your Lordship. Too depressed to add anything else. UTO
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