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  1. I just cannot work out what DM is thinking other than being totally negative. He’s gone with a forward thinking midfield and played 5 behind them just in case. Berahino offered nothing yet when he got Corbeneau stripped he seemed reluctant to make the change. He starts with a point and is scared of losing that point instead of looking for the 3. Another 3 points thrown away. UTO
  2. Thanks Snoots really hope he starts with your midfield 3. Wouldn’t be too unhappy with that as a starting 11. UTO
  3. Agree we’ve needed a long term replacement for Luongo since he first became injured. I’m my opinion addressing this would have kept us up. UTO
  4. Dele by a country mile, the midfield 3 that finished the game if played together can keep Moore in a job
  5. Yesterday was down to the manager changing shape and defending a lead with a midfield 2 of Bannan and Wing he is accountable for that awful decision.
  6. I agree. Same professional manager that brought off our only effective midfielder and tried to defend a lead with a midfield 2 of Bannan and Wing. Bewildering
  7. We have had several managers that have failed to arrest this issue and tried to shoehorn Bannan into their systems of play instead of either getting shut of him or building a system that uses him to the best of his ability. if we play a high tempo pressing game where we move the ball quickly with 1 and 2 touches there isn’t many midfielders outside the premiership that would match Bannan. However we sit him in centre midfield with slow ponderous build up play. This enables taller more physical and athletic players with far less ability to sit on him and impress their game on him. The other main factor is Luongo being injured for the majority of this period and no one recognising the need for an adequate replacement. We have a centre midfield that still offers little or no protection to the back 4 the times even yesterday when Wimbledon picked the ball up in pockets of space and allowed to run at the back 4. UTO
  8. That change absolutely blew my mind. Only player carrying the ball and getting us up the field, strong in possession and he takes him off leaving Bannan and Wing in there. Said it another thread, he’s tactically inept, we are where we are despite his negative tactics. UTO
  9. We had one player just one player in a midfield 5 that had the ability to carry the ball and get us up the field and he brings him off after 60 minutes and changes the shape. Tactically inept, that turn around was inevitable from that moment on. poo . UTO
  10. Brilliant Snoots I’m sure you write these while high on LSD. hope the games start to compare with the Match day thread. I was always told to get the performance right and the results will follow, unfortunately the performances are patchy at best and we are scrambling the results. Hoping as always for a win. UTO
  11. He played all season from the left Wembley play offs, nothing wrong then. We still haven’t won a game when conceding the 1st goal for ages while he’s captain. I agree he’s better in the middle and probably the least of our problems, but for the star everyone makes him out to be and the team captain he has to influence games far more than he is at present. UTO
  12. Tommy I agree he has no idea what formation or his best team is. However Bannan has to stop being mr Wednesday he’s killing us with his solo show. also.
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