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  1. Gave it Uroghide also thought Brennan and Galvin did well. Some positives to take into Wednesday. UTO
  2. The 2 that stand out the most for me were Larry May Morgan Fox The ones that deserved it the most for me were Bothroyd Abdi 2 people that showed so much disrespect for our club UTO
  3. What a fantastic night, we played Coventry off the park and the support was magnificent, BFR barmy army echoed round the stadium non stop, wow 30 years
  4. Willy Henderson Rodger Wylde Mick Lyons Nigel Worthington Roland Kieran Lee
  5. RiP Swanny, thoughts and prayers to all the family
  6. Been in work so apologies, came back on and read with interest your passionate defence with some valid points and then you’ve ended with the mention of ‘Chansri bashing’ which is no different to supporter bashing. As stated earlier if you want to be together (no way was I using that word) then don’t attack the people you want onside. Great debate though. UTO
  7. You make some very good valid points, but for everyone to pull together it must start from the top. If you want people to buy in to what you want you don’t blame them publicly when things aren’t right, you cannot tell people you have to guide and cajole and be the figurehead that people want to follow. It all feels a little dictatorial at present but yes I would love all the club to be pulling in the same direction. Thanks for the reply. UTO
  8. Another excellent list, it appears like you’ve been waiting to offload all this for some time pal
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