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  1. Can’t hep yourself constantly coming on here though, it really is you and yours that are obsessed with the Owls. It shows you’re doing better than Barnsley at present as we are taking your best players instead of theirs. UTO
  2. The only things in football that has ‘moved on’ as you put it is fitness, strength and conditioning and the pace of the game. Forwards just being forwards stopped in the 50’s. As for players tracking back or not, you are coached through the age groups your responsibilities which in turn brings match and positional awareness so players understand patterns of play, off the ball runs etc. To dismiss NML lack of foresight and effort as tactical negligence from Moore I feel is a cheap shot again at the manager. We lost the game to a far better team, the holes at the back were caused by us chasing an equaliser late in the game not by some tactical error. In short NML should have been aware of the run and done more to prevent the danger.
  3. No worries at all, apologies if the response came across too strong. UTO
  4. He’s been here for 8 seasons, take away the Cyprus escapade and I’ll even give you that 1/2 season after he came back. So 7 seasons including appearances from the bench is less than 30 games a season, not enough for a mainstay of the team. it’s not trying to put him down pal, just feel the time is right to move on. Good player but no hero. UTO
  5. 24 appearances for the season, 170 something since he signed, put in to context Bannan played almost 100 more with a season less. just think it’s time to move on. UTO
  6. I was too injury prone, should have been replaced earlier . Dad took me to watch him in Barnsley think it was Birdwell WMC, he was a hero until my teens. Enjoy the summer, I honestly think Moore is getting a lot right. UTO
  7. So do I Zorba or I’ll look a right tw.t. UTO
  8. Also Ledley King, but I still feel it’s the right decision. UTO
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