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  1. Good shout Bomber was definitely world class but I would have said his peak was a little later 80’s he could and should have beaten McCallam and Jackson before Benn, Eubank and Watson came to the fore and all avoided him.
  2. Another good shout bud Listened to Tris Dixon Boxing Life Stories podcast, where he interviews Micky Ward so then watched The Fighter and the Ward v Gatti trilogy well worth an evening with a few beers for company
  3. Brilliant time you could probably add Vito Antuefermo, Wilfred Benitez and John Mugabi to your list also
  4. Scarves around your wrists, front few rows on the North or South standing up when Willie Henderson got the ball, the end is nigh man, the old kop scoreboard, alphabet score updates, thrown cushions, sacking Derek Dooley, Sammy being held aloft, cigs and bovril.
  5. Player = Waddle Manager = Big Jack Goal = Sheridan Wembley Kit - not fussed as long as stripes Home game = Boxing Day Away game = Blackburn league cup semi 1993 Away ground = Villa Park some top away days
  6. Bolder Rodrigues Pickering Smith Rushbury Henderson Craig McMordie (if not allowed Knighton) Sissons McCulloch Curran
  7. Allegedly team mate was looking for his caravan
  8. Barnsley and Blackburn 79-80 Man city and Cardiff 83-84 Palace 91-92
  9. Puma swoosh has been faded out and the 3 lines drawn on. Deehan probably had boot deal with Adidas but preferred to wear Puma. not in the know just a thought
  10. It’s just so foookin sad. A fantastic club, my club a family club, a well thought of and respected institute, with a diehard support spoken fondly by all (except the odd lot) now seemingly operating in the shadows and involved in alleged underhand and dodgy deals. i have passionately supported home and away, accepted and vigorously defended everything Wednesday from the early 70’s until now, until today. please please mr Chansiri just sell and take you and your advisors somewhere deserving. UTO WTID
  11. I'll pick up from Worcester mate will drive up from Carmarthen tomorrow night if you pm your details please Hello I have 1 spare ticket Cat 4. Block: 533 - Row: 8 - Seat: 191 All I want is the money I paid for the ticket and a pint of Beer bought pre match when I hand over the ticket ☺ or you can collect from Worcester and owe me a Beer ☺ I will be in the green man from around 1pm onwards or ticket can be collected from 6pm friday. The ticket has to be sold to genuine fan. Good Luck!
  12. Willie Henderson Rodger Wylde Terry Curran Bannister Varadi Sheridan Di Canio All time favourite has to be TC on his knees arms aloft in front of the oinkers,
  13. Absolutely loved it, thanks for asking. OH Forrestieri has been echoing around the shack all day long. Happy days
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