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  1. Wanted to share this with the fellow Wednesdayites, see if anyone wanted to download em and use it for their PC desktop background.
  2. Them Brentford fans aren't half 'judge'mental aye?
  3. I'd rather wait a day later for the highlights to be uploaded onto YouTube than to watch this cringeworthy show and see our highlights. Seriously until some other channel has the rights for the football league highlights, I'm just going to pretend that this show doesn't even exist.
  4. I predicted that he was going to be our main striker last season before he suffered a serious injury during pre-season, but yeah I think he'll get at least 10 goals this season.
  5. Free agent on Footie Manager as well, didn't bother signing him as SWFC.
  6. I don't know either to be honest, I don't own an iPad.
  7. Decided to make a fixture wallpaper for the upcoming season. One for widescreen monitors (2560x1440), and the other for standard monitors (1280x960). You're welcome.
  8. This has now happened twice where there's rumours of Dielna going to a Barclays PL team, am I missing out on something here? Is he really that good for these rumours to occur?
  9. I tend to agree with those things you said, but you could say that's pretty much every football fan in the world. You can't please everyone, there's always going to be a difference in people's perspectives.
  10. Nothing much, Lee tweeted this before he deleted it.
  11. I've reacted to this firing really in a 50/50 way. Yeah I wouldn't have mind him sticking with this job and seeing how he would have done with some extra spending money compared to last season's budget, the team spirit and chemistry would have improved undoubtedly as the players already enjoyed working for Stuart. However, I also understood on the point if we gave him to like a few months into the season to judge him then and then eventually ending up with him getting sacked regardless, that would have been a waste of time and having to change the manager/head coach in the middle of the season rather then preparing for the new season with a new boss at the helm and players understanding the tactics in practice matches rather than competitive matches. At the end of the day, in my opinion, it really all comes down to on who is the replacement. That's the key thing because I pretty much reacted the same way when Megson got fired when we were battling for promotion and got replaced by Jones. I know in the end Jones was deservedly sacked, but at the end of the season in 2011/2012, I was completely fine with Jones replacing Megson because we reached our goal at that time and got promoted to the Championship. If we replaced Gray for someone like Carbone for example, my immediate reaction would be negative, in fact I would be really p*ssed off. If we replaced Gray for someone like Big Sam for example, my immediate reaction would be positive as he has managed a team that was promoted to the Premier League. Overall, us Wednesdayites will just have to see what happens next week when we appoint a new manager/head coach. Thank you Stuart Gray for stabilising the club with little finance by bringing in brilliant players like Westwood and Lees, for a solid last season where we not once had relegation fears at all and finishing us the best possible place in the Championship.
  12. Hey if it's a 0-0 draw, it's a win-win from my perspective.
  13. Want to be at home this time considering we've started our last three seasons with an away match. Plus it's gonna be the first time we see the brand new pitch/screen at Hillsborough.
  14. Oh, I noticed Rob's tweet first so. But regardless, this kid's a dumb troll.
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