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  1. No, sorry, you're bang on... the genius over here was adding substitute minutes on to the total rather than, you know... substituting them...
  3. I have literally zero faith in humanity after reading this
  4. My favourite bit is a nearby fan grumbling "f*ck off" when he realises he's going for a shot rather than a cross
  5. I mean yeah, but the absolutely f*cking cheek of saying he doesn't fancy playing in League One then going to a league where the top team plays a competitive fixture against a side whose home games are played in the middle of an open field
  6. What has the flag of New Zealand got to do with Perth?
  7. We already have 6 loans when we can only name 5 in a matchday squad, how many ineligible players do you want us to have?
  8. Shame he kicked like a 14 year old really
  9. Strange post. It's like you want to say the vaccine has lower efficacy than most people think, without outright saying those words. No-one is under the illusions that it has 100% efficacy, but we know that it's relatively speaking highly efficable. Anyway, as for this "increase" do you not think you're cherrypicking there a wee bit? You put that quote from the ONS on here without context, and someone would imagine that there is a strong trend of increase. Let's actually look at the graph for Year 12 - 24 year olds. Now I'm not going to be disingenuous and say there isn't a recent trend of increased rate of positive tests in this age group, but I'm also not going to be disingenuous and pretend that there is, generally speaking, a trend of increased +ve test %. It goes in at ~3.2% and give weeks later at ~3.5%. To me, that looks like statistical noise, but fluctuating by much more than ~10% of its total value. And then again for the 50 to 69 year olds Well, I could repeat myself almost verbatim with what I said about the younger age bracket, so I'll save us all some time. Basically, we know the vaccine isn't 100% efficable, however we know it's pretty darn efficable, and the gnats fart increases in positive of % tests that fall well within the bounds of statistical noise is no argument at all against their efficacy.
  10. Why are they all wearing England training gear if this was scored in training today?
  11. Hard to tell properly as others have said, because I reckon even I would have looked half-decent surrounded by the quality he was surrounded by that was just so much better than the opposition... That said, he did look good. Tentatively I'd say he really does have the potential to break through this season and make regular appearances from the bench... IMO
  12. That's funny, one of my most spectacular crosses was a shot
  13. Easily a 9 or 9.5 Only gripe is we weren't able to make any of these signings earlier in the window. The quality of our business this summer has been, theoretically, the best that I can remember. If we have managed to stop the rot I will be beyond delighted.
  14. Palmer is the better player, Hunt is the better attacking fullback. Then again, Palmer pulled off that class run and finish... Hunt hasn't impressed me the last 2.5 games.
  15. Genuinely great news. I hope he can fight back to some form of fitness... seems a crying shame that he's gone from a near omnipresent Championship player for QPR to a the latest patient to visit Dr Crock. A fit Luongo would be very good in this division.
  16. Very difficult to tell against the opposition we played against. Couple of lapses in concentration but looked assured most of the time. Tentatively agree with the OP, I think he could fill in and he's maybe not too far away from a regular spot on the bench? Hope he starts against Mansfield and Harrogate, that should give us a better indication of where he's at
  17. I don't know how you can tell that after one game against quite poor opponents? He's direct with his running to the point of being quite one dimensional, but if he's as efficable against "better" opposition than the fullback he was against today, he's going to pen most left backs back and create space for others. I think it's either very brave or very foolish to be so definitive after a decent enough 90 minutes like that
  18. A point A draw gives both teams one point. The winner of the penalty shootout gets a bonus point. What fun!
  19. Wait til you hear how many points you get if you win the penalty shootout
  20. Difficult to have both Wing and Bannan in a playmaker role in the same team potentially? I know it's lesser opposition, but it seems Wing is best played as a deep lying playmaker. Certainly seeing something of what Rotherham fans liked about him today where previously he's been a bit amiss.
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