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  1. Can only agree with others here... Brown ahead of Johnson in the LB role for me, but it us what it is...
  2. Nah, Syd's old house has a bigger front garden
  3. No Wednesday player completed more passes than Wing yesterday?
  4. Only incredibly handsome posters know the truth.
  5. The first three or four games were a really enjoyable watch. The last five or so have been a real chore. Think that sums it up.
  6. Moore is making me question my faith in him on an ever more regular basis.
  7. This won't work. We used to offer heavily discounted tickets to students for individual games... what's wrong with that approach? No student that's interested in following a local Sheffield team will pick up a season ticket ffs.
  8. I would have still been fuming at the performance mate, we weren't at the races. The stat of something like 8/9 shots on target in 4 league games is an early symptom of a side that can't play attacking football. And supposedly that's what Moore is all about, and somewhat supposedly we have a lot of players that you would expect to see playing for clubs at the top end of this league. It must must must improve. I'm increasingly feeling that we have too many players in and it dilutes the sort of tight-knit group feeling you need to consistently win football matches. If you're going to have a big squad, you need a football manager that can handle that. Moore strikes me as the type of character that could lead a small tight-knit group to playing well above their station. You need to be a big big personality to keep so many players focussed and feeling together, especially when many are new and/or here on loan.
  9. "Match report supplied by PA Media." Whoever at PA Media wrote it is wrong.
  10. Wasn't contact made a yard outside the area?
  11. Regardless of whether BPF was trying to play from the back in that passage of play (he wasn't), Moore is not getting the best out of this side. In fact he's making a team of supposedly good individuals look increasingly like strangers who don't know how to compete. It has to improve. Quickly. And I'm very "pro Moore".
  12. Correct me if I'm wrong (I'm not ), but didn't BPF kick it long to Paterson almost every time he got the ball once the big guy got subbed on?
  13. He dropped the ball to kick it long. It was nothing to do with playing it out from the back. Westwood used to do it all the time. If BPF had wanted to play it short, he would have bowled it out to Iorfa, not dropped it and allowed the attacker to close Iorfa down by a couple of yards to then subsequently pass to him.
  14. This is the biggest thing for me We have a striker who is meant to be quite good at League One level. We supposedly have the best creative midfielder in the league. We have a player who Rotherham fans salivated over last season at the level above. It is unacceptable that we cannot create decent chances consistently. One or two games, fair enough, it happens... but this is consistent.
  15. No maybe about it mate The whole back line was pushed up, there was no one to pass it short to. Westwood used to do it all the time. The only difference is that he did that pirouette to make sure no one was behind him first. When you watch it again, you'll see he has no intention to play it short.
  16. Nowt to do with playing it out from the back Darra. He's dropped it to feet to launch it long.
  17. BPF - 1. Maybe I'm being reactionary, he would have been a 6 otherwise. But you can't roll the result away and have it ignored. Single most embarrassing mistake by a Wednesday player I've seen in my 7ish years gawking at this car crash of a club Palmer - 4. Looks better than Hunt whenever he plays left back. Looks inept and wasteful at right back. An enigma. Iorfa - 6. Did fine. No longer looking like a Championship CB though. Hutch - 6. Does the last ditch defending really well, but some of his decision making is really odd at times. Johnson - 6. Still prefer Brown to him, but it's nice having a left footer at left back. Wing - 7. His best game for us. Adeniran - 7. Good goal. We'll do well to keep him past this season. Tends to have patches in games, but took his goal well and had some good energy. Bannan - 4. Dunno if he was carrying that knock for a while, but he looked really off it. Shodipo - 6.5. Proper winger. Looks better on the left. I like him Gregory - 6. Made a nuisance of himself and worked hard, but never really looked likely to score. Berahino - 4. Anonymous. Wasted out wide. Does not suit a 4-3-3 with Gregory at all. I think we've got a decently carved square peg for a round hole. It's a familiar pattern to the last few years.
  18. You'll see videos of it for years mate
  19. You're not wrong, but Iorfa was looking at him for a good five seconds and you could just see he was going to drop the ball. Utterly pathetic from everyone. We are awful.
  20. Could see that coming a mile away Why didn't anyone tell him??
  21. I've been saying for years that Bannan does not work in a midfield 2. You can't possibly have a midfield two when your CMs are Bannan, Adeniran, Wing and Byers. All (save maybe Adeniran) are made for a midfield 3 in some form. Equally Shodipo is not a 4-4-2 wide player. Feels like the Carlos over-bloated squads again, where you've got a midfield that would suit one kind of shape and a strikeforce that would suit another shape. It's daft I'm getting quite as incensed as I currently am by it all, but it's such a pain.
  22. Thought that was an awful half from us. Very lucky to be in front. Palmer shocking in the opponent's half, Bannan anonymous, Berahino looks a wee bit wasted out wide... whole team struggling to do much save from that 10 minute spell where we scored. I think our squad is over-bloated.
  23. Looks a much better team selection than last game. Hope that's reflected in the performance.
  24. We're missing Calum Paterson and the Plan B he offers. Genuinely. Compare results when he plays vs when he doesn't.
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