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  1. I'm enjoying this new flavour of frustrating from us. When they scored I thought it would be a long slog of not creating anything. It's all in all been quite positive, so instead it's just frustrating cause we consistently get things just wrong enough that it doesn't quite work. Thank goodness it isn't just straightforward incompetence. Keeps me on the edge of my seat while not giving me want I want. It's like some PG rated orgasm denial
  2. I guess having him available is a boost, but I was quite keen to see someone else between the sticks. I need a comparison, because I keep having this nagging doubt in my mind that he's not very good. Excellent distribution, but he can sometimes look like a 19 year old making his debut
  3. If weather is crap you can head to South Kensington and visit any of the museums there (my usual haunts are Science and Natural History). Bit basic, but it's all within spitting distance of each other, indoors, and free... so if you have evening plans it's a good way to kill 3/4 hours in the dry. Needless to say, if that's not your vibe then you've still got plenty of other choices as listed above...
  4. Their goalkeeper had to make a worrying lack of saves. Felt a bit lucky to even get a point
  5. Comfortably getting more shots away than the opposites, but again being oh so fragile when the ball is in the air in our box. Just can't deal with it consistently.
  6. Not good, but I never felt we were in real danger of conceding. Think Palmer is a bit too defensive for a wide right role in a game like today, might explain why the balance feels off. We're not getting things to stick, Bannan is having to really drift to get the ball. Doesn't require a lot, but we need to tweak what we're trying to do in the second half. I have faith with Gregory getting 30/40 minutes
  7. Nah, that's fine man management IMO. Paterson is in goalscoring form and Gregory is coming back from two months on the touchline, no need to risk him with 120 minutes in three days. Gregory coming on an hour into the game will be just grand
  8. His most recent league goal for Slovan Bratislava came in an away game against the mighty FK Pohronie. The 570 in attendance saw him score his second league goal of the season.
  9. I heard he was on £62k a week
  10. Hardly post anything, and yet you've decided to bless the forum with the quality content here. Aren't we lucky
  11. @Luke: NoBoDy In ThE tOp 23 GoAlScOrErS iN lEaGuE oNe @Me, seeing that we only have one attacker that's played in >24 games this season (two-thirds of games at this point) due to injuries:
  12. Everyone saying "well what if they're crap for a month and everyone cancels" or "so you get it for the 9 months of footie and cancel over the summer"... I don't know what the stipulations are, but I can think of a very simple policy that removes the chances of anyone emotionally quitting based on a temporary bad run of form or taking advantage of the summer and rejoining. Simply require people to give two months notice for cancellation, and say no one can rejoin within 90 days of cancelling their "subscription". In all but extreme cases like loss of job or sudden change in circumstances, no one will be wanting to cancel anything at short notice. Equally if there's a lag between cancellation and rejoining, it stops people cancelling over the summer. Fans win as customers because they still have greater flexibility than ordinary season tickets, and the clubs still win because it guarantees that fans can't be super reflexive and leave them up sh*it's creek. It's a really good idea
  13. If you had proper conviction behind this conviction, you would have made this thread after one of our (many) recent wins. Bit opportunistic here bucko
  14. Two Manchester derbies, a game against MK Dons, a mid-week trip to the south coast and a good Portsmouth team and 9 fixtures in April (including a cup final), assuming they beat Sutton Utd next week. It's happening.
  15. You. Yeah, you there. Simmer down! Form over the last 10 games: Wednesday: 24 points Wigan: 18 points If that happens over the next 10 games, we will be two points behind with two games left to play. And Wigan have got mad fixture congestion for April. It's gonna happen, mark my words
  16. Wigan are no guarantees of second I made a post in another thread about not just the remaining fixtures but their fixture congestion. Potentially (and indeed - probably) a cup final before the end of the season too. They're looking at potentially 9 games in April. MK Dons are a much better bet for top 2 than Wigan IMO
  17. 10/10 performance Outrageously good game today
  18. Fifth in the live table as things stand, one point behind Oxford with two games in hand........
  19. Yeah I don't really know about him. Sometimes you think he's the real deal, and other times he lets balls into his six yard box and he stands on his goal line... and it's a good strike for the goal through legs but it's so central and you have to feel any goalkeeper at conference level or above should be saving that Overall good team performance though, just have to concentrate a bit more.
  20. Thought we would see Paterson rested and Kamberi start in his place... Not a massive fan, but let's see what happens. Quite worrying that no George Byers even on the bench...
  21. Oxford are the dark horses MK Dons run in is very very tough, they have to play in games including: Rotherham v MK MK v Wigan MK v Wednesday Oxford v MK Plymouth v MK Don't want to get into too many permutations, but taking all fixtures out for the remainder of the season and looking purely at the three fixtures in bold: Rotherham v MK Dons is played the same weekend we play Lincoln away. MK Dons v Wigan happens the same weekend we have Cambridge at home Oxford v MK Dons happens the day before we play Gillingham away. Those three fixtures alone could reasonably see a 4-6 point swing our way. It's getting spicy.
  22. Do not rule Wigan running out of steam. If they beat Sutton in the Pizza Cup, they'll have another fixture and journey down to London in an already packed schedule and a rearranged local derby against Bolton to find a space for in April. Their (current) April fixture list is: Saturday 2nd: Home v Bolton Tuesday 5th: Home v Accrington Saturday 9th: Away v Lincoln Friday 15th: Home v Cambridge Monday 18th: Away v Ipswich Saturday 23rd: Home v Plymouth Tuesday 26th: Away v Portsmouth Saturday 30th: Away v Shrewsbury Two Manchester derbies and a midweek trip to the south coast, with the potential of a cup final making 9 fixtures for the month. I don't care what predicted table says, I actually think I'd fancy MK Dons to take second over Wigan
  23. I must admit, considering 5g has been knocking around for a year now and people have been vaccinated for the best part of 18 months, I'm pleasantly surprised that there haven't been mass deaths of the vaccinated or zombie armies forming like those anti-vaxxers kept saying would happen. Gee, it would look a wee bit silly if it turned out that never happens at all
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