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  1. I'm not a fan of three at the back at all, but playing Devil's advocate, do we think he's resorted to that because (rightly or wrongly) he only sees us having the one fit CB to play in Dunkley, and playing Palmer alongside him in a four wouldn't offer enough protection?
  2. Well, good to see everyone providing a measured response... We're the better team, should be winning... unfortunately we've got little going forward and a bit of a soft underbelly at the back. One chance for them, one goal... we need 7 or 8 as a minimum. Can't understand going for a high line for a deep free kick against a Steve Evans side though, we know they're going to be lumps that will win the first header... why give them 20 yards to flick the ball on to? Should sit deep and let the goalkeeper claim the first ball, or alternatively provide no room for a flicked header to find an onrushing attacker. The second I saw where we'd parked our line I thought we were in trouble from that free kick.
  3. I'm pretty sure I read a couple of weeks ago that no player in the entire division had won more individual defensive battles than Iorfa... seriously what the flying fiddlyfuck is wrong with you people. @CourteenerOwl especially, you embarrassed yourself when two weeks ago you said Dunkley was no good in the air and not a good player (cue three consecutive top performances AND a headed goal...) and yet you have the audacity to come out with this?? Maybe, just maybe, he hasn't been 100% because of this injury?
  4. From memory of the first 20 minutes alone... Released down the right flank with 10 yards of space... he delayed crossing for so long that the defender blocked it for a corner When they hit the post he merely stuck his leg out to tackle the onrushing attacker... said League Two attacker just ran past him like he wasn't there. Jack Hunt's reaction was to look to the heavens in frustration instead of turning around and sprinting back to defend the box I haven't seen any match stats, but I can't imagine there were many players on the pitch yesterday that gave away the ball much more than him
  5. Wildsmith - 9 - Only reason it wasn't a 10 is because he didn't make a proper worldie, but loads of great stops and he can be proud of that clean sheet Hunt - 3 - Crikey. Brennan - 7- Should be pleased with himself Agbontahoma - 3 - A way off Brown - 3 - Really has faded since his first few performances Shodipo - 4 - I have some sympathy for him because I suspect Oxford played a more direct game last season, which may suit him. I also wonder if he is some way off full match fitness/sharpness from the injury. But on the day... I'm left mystified as to how he made it into League One TOTY last season. Byers - 7.5 - Great performance after an injury and not much football. Looks a proper footballer Luongo - 7 - Ditto to Byers, delighted he got 70 minutes under his belt. Hope he gets another 30 at the weekend to build up match fitness Waldock - 7 - Should be pleased with that performance. Lots of positives he can build on Berahino - 6 - Yes he scored the goal that was laid on a plate for him, but I'm still not sure we will ever see the talent he displayed a few years ago. To his credit, he works harder than I think I might've expected from him Sow - 7 - Took his goal quite well, and I noticed he had a great first touch... not sure if he has enough about him to be any more than a bit-part player in League One Some decent enough performances out there, a good run out for all... but there are a couple of names there that should be top league one talents that were far below the expected standard
  6. Will be watching with some interest. Shodipo, Sow and Berahino have to show something tonight.
  7. Believe it or not, these criteria mean we can pay almost any combination of players we like without breaking the rules.
  8. Plymouth haven't lost in 15 and we were the better team. Kinda feels like you're moaning for the sake of moaning... and I'm a serial moaner.
  9. Wing worked really hard and even snapped back the ball from the 'wrong side' on more than one occasion. In that respect I thought he did well, even really well. But for a supposed midfield playmaker, he is diabolical technically... isn't he? I don't really see what he offers there at all
  10. Thought we edged that game in truth. But my goodness a replay is frustrating
  11. Kamberi is one of those players where every second touch seems to be a tackle. But if we can get over that, he does seem to have something about him
  12. Two very even sides cancelling each other out. Dull, but I've seen a lot of positive things from us. Unfortunately forward fluidity is not one of them... Wing, Paterson and Berahino not been with it.
  13. I'm starting to be of the opinion that Berahino isn't very good
  14. Fun fact... back in 2008 my local team Histon played Leeds in the FA Cup. The Leeds fans managed to get hold of a pitch side mic and chanted "ITV IS F*CK*ING SH**" for a good 5 - 10 seconds before they got around to muting it
  15. And to think, there was an Owlstalker on here 10 days ago saying he was weak in the air
  16. Faded hard in the second half, proper youngster performance in that regard... but my goodness he has talent. Tore their fullback to shreds first half, and didn't fall into the trap of holding on to the ball for too long as he has in previous games. He has to be playing in most games this season. Very impressive.
  17. I've never understood the criticisms of him... stuff like terrible touch and all the rest of it. He's not spectacular, his decision making needs work, but he's a hard worker who makes the sort of runs that stretches defences. He offers something and creates a bit of space. Very good performance today.
  18. Well, if a play-off chasing Championship side is saying he's not worth keeping, then it must mean that he's also too crap for a League One side... Remind me: how did we sign Barry Bannan again?
  19. I'm not sure you've been able to recall players from loans for about a decade The rest, fair point
  20. I would use poorly to describe someone who has the sniffles and a head cold, not hospitalised with Covid and pneumonia and having lost an absolute buttload of weight. ... what?
  21. Actually it was because despite our utter shitstate last season, people could see we were generally improving and we nearly, oh so nearly stayed up. Nowt to do with his health, and this post of yours makes you seem an utter classless berk. Unfortunately this season, after building a bloated squad with a lot of Championship experience, anything other than play-offs I think has to be deemed as a failure. If these were the results we were having with only a few players signed and youngsters on the bench in a clear cost-cutting and stabilising season, I would be right behind him... as it is it's clear he's absolutely lost it and needs to go.
  22. We can't even blame video games for this nonsense. If he tried to stick Marvin Johnson as left centre back on Football Manager, the game would scream at him it was a bad idea and point out he's got a fit and fairly successful League One centre back on the bench. Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas has nothing on the acid trip to Moore likes to take on a Friday night when he finalises the team sheet.
  23. Probably because every time it's pointed out the bloke has 250+ Championship appearances to his name and we're in League One you just repeat he isn't good enough.
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