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  1. We're getting a Desso pitch boys My limited French knowledge (I dated a French girl, learnt all sorts) tells me that Parc Des Princes is a Desso pitch ... Not unless the bloke surveying got the sack and now works for B&Q
  2. All this talk of signing new strikers has got me a thinking about our current ones! How long is Sergiu Bus meant to be out for? Haven't heard much recently- anyone know how his injury is going and when he's expected to be back? Would love to see whether we've got an unpolished gem or just a polished stone... and only way we're going to tell is when he's back getting game time! Would love to see a Keane/Bus partnership as well which may or may not be our strikeforce next season, would be interesting to see if that's up to scratch or if our search for other stiking personnel really is a necessity.
  3. We'll have enough "promising" strikers under the age of 24 to field a whole team of them...
  4. Bloke is 22, scored 1 goal every 5 games while having awful supply to him throughout all of the season. Add on to that that he's adapting to a more difficult league as a result of moving from Scotland, and cost relatively cheaply for a 21 year old making appearances for his National Team... I think he's done pretty much exactly as would be (or should have been) expected at the start of the season. Next season will tell whether he was a bad signing or not
  5. As much as I loved Connor Wickham up here last season, I don't think he has the right attitude to warrant a place in our side. He opened contract negotiations with Sunderland wanting a massive wage hike up to £60k per week... while it remains to be seen whether these are the wages he's on now, what is clear is that his agent is extremely aggressive and demanding. He's a class player, but there's no way he's worth anywhere near those sorts of wages- and its clear that being played somewhat out of position at Sunderland has stunted his development massively. Coupled with the wages, it seems like it's all too much too soon. He SHOULD drop down a level and get regular football scoring goals regularly- and what better place to do that than at a club he's said he loves to play for and done well at in the past... now with the money to realise ambitions of the Premier League. But the reality is judging by his past actions is that he and/or his agent is more motivated by the money than by long term success. No doubt he'd be our top goalscorer next season if he came here, no doubt him in the side would result in us finishing at least 2 places higher in the league than us without him- and he'd probably help fire us to promotion. He could become something of a Wednesday legend. But I doubt he's motivated to become an icon or legend at any club- he seems more interested in the cash in hand. And yes, I hate the fact I'm saying this, but I'm just going on his/ his agents' previous actions at Sunderland. I would of course love to be proved wrong, but until he proves otherwise I think this is the mentality we have to look at the Wickham situation with With that being said, of these two players Jordan Rhodes has to be the way forward. I'm not saying it HAS to be either Connor or Jordan- it could be both or neither... but one of these two would certainly stamp our authority as a play-off and promotion chasing club for next term. Of course there may/will be other players who could do the same job of scoring goals- but they'll be much harder to find than an already established name.
  6. I suspect we already are mathematically safe- it's just incredibly difficult to figure out!
  7. Reckon there could be something to this- I'd disagree that he'd walk into most prem teams. Would be an excellent squad player but a prem team, but if he wants guaranteed first team football then he may need to take a step down... and we'd certainly be able to meet wage demands I'm sure while guaranteeing him a major role within the club. Invaluable experience and good ability plus no transfer fee... make it happen Stuart! What a spine we'd have in the team: Westwood, Lees, Loovens, Semedo, Whelan, McGugan... I can dream can't I?
  8. Checking out Att's instagram it looks like we may have just got a fan for life here...
  9. I'm hoping I'm not the only one genuinely excited about a chairman who according to that article "admits he had little interest in the beautiful game until Wednesday came up and his young football-loving son got him excited about it". It might mean that words like "loyalty" won't seem like a foreign concept to him, and to have someone who seems both genuine and resource rich, coupled with someone who is capable from thinking outside of the box and as a successful businessman... it seems really interesting and I'm dead keen to see how this turns out (hopefully for the better!)
  10. Can't believe some of you lot are knocking him for not speaking English during the press conference. Multi-millionaire or not, you're going to be sheeting bricks when you have to address a room full of people you're ultimately trying to impress- why add the added burden of it not being in his first language? Bloke seems solid and sincere, that's good enough for me... the fact he's given the bonus of not just relaying the pitch but by the sounds of it hiring a personal gardener for each blade of grass with the amount of money he's throwing at the surface... canna complain one bit. The English will get better, I'm personally relieved that he can actually speak English (apparently) relatively well because it does make him seem more approachable instead of some rich foreigner unable to communicate with anyone. Hoping for many happy years with Mr. Chansiri at the helm!
  11. Nene is out of contract at the end of the season having come to England and joined West Ham in February. Don't know what wages he'd command or be after, but I'd fancy some experienced Brazilian magic
  12. In fairness mate, Reda probably HAS done something bad- but not because he's Muslim, because he has the same deficit that players like him, Dielna, Helan, Ince, and others like them have. I meant they're all left footed. I know what you guys were thinking, you cheeky devils
  13. Could it be that he actually doesn't want to be our chairman? Milan's found a rich Thai guy who doesn't speak English and bribed his translator to tell him differing things to what's really going on? He never wanted to buy a football club in the first place DC: This doesn't look like the Best Marigold Hotel? Translator: Don't worry sir, this is just the front of house- you'll see the rooms soon enough
  14. I find the Soviet Union National Anthem pretty damn catchy, Pink Floyd excellent to listen to and Meat Loaf freakin' fantastic Doesn't mean I'm a communist, a lefty anarchist or an American Republican respectively
  15. Is he actually? Done a quick google search and found no evidence for it other than quite liking a tune that's by an IRA affiliated band or something similar. Not fishing here, genuinely curious now: Is that you making assumptions or is it a known fact?
  16. "You're allowed to believe what you like, but if it's against what I believe you can f00k off"
  17. At £160k per week I don't think he'll be within our wage budget, and that's before any appearance or goal bonuses!
  18. Still can't see us sneaking into the play-offs, but the higher up the league we finish with only minor investment the more attractive we're going to appear to players who may be on our radar come summer.Top 8 and we should have no problems attracting the type of players required to comfortably finish in the play-offs next year
  19. Still not 100% ready IMO- better to assess him pre-season and go from there. Assuming that all loanees return to their respective clubs, our striking options would be. Nuhiu, May, Bus, Lavery, Madine. I think all could do a job in the Championship, just whether they're going to step up to the next level. Nuhiu we've seen boss the best defences in this league, but he doesn't do it frequently enough... he does that he'll be a certainty to start up front... if not he should be confined to the bench. May is sitting on a tonne of potential, it's just whether he can do that here. Bus remains to be seen... he looked sharp but it's too early to tell either way. Lavery... again bags of potential and don't feel he's been given the right chance, but does he possess the necessary all-round-game? Madine... he's gone. All four of those seem gambles in one way or another, but I would be absolutely gutted if any of them left in the summer. BUT, that said I think we need one more striker (a proper proven lad) to ensure we have a decent strikeforce. Could we keep 5 strikers happy?
  20. Would probably be the sorta shrewd(ish) signing we'd make 12 months ago. Now methinks we can look to get someone of similar ability with maybe 6 fewer years through his legs which would be a better move Edit: I know his name gets mentioned a lot, but Ben Marshall really would be a GREAT signing. Will still only be 24 at the end of the season, is proven at this level and probably would be within our wage structure to allow for it. Two years left on the contract would probably be the possible stumbling block, but never say never
  21. Fair enough, I get your point: But when 90% of the population who choose to wear a poppy think nothing of conflicts throughout the world for the other 364 days per year, don't bother giving anything to charities involved with war veterans or casualties etc. it's hard not to describe it as I did- because to a lot of people that's all it really is (When it shouldn't be the case). My opinion is that choosing not to wear the poppy while still saying he has sympathy for those lost in both world wars isn't as bad as choosing to rape someone Anyway, that's my piece said on the matter-probably best to get back on the topic of possible Wigan players!
  22. Like it or not, those people died for our freedoms. And one of those freedoms is to choose not to wear a poppy-whether we agree with that decision or not
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