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  1. That wasn't the question though: can kids provide that informed consent? Not the kid's parents, the kid.
  2. I understand why this works with adults, and even agree with it, as they can sensibly provide informed consent... do you think children can make that informed decision?
  3. We half do... I think with Bannan in the '1' and his tendency to drop deep it maybe isn't a 'true' 1. Windass would drag everyone forward and cement that as the formation (not that I advocate starting Windass ahead of Bannan)
  4. Only caught the first 70ish minutes, but it's worth noting that the opposites are much better than us...
  5. Yes Stick the game on pal, it's on YouTube!
  6. Do we know what sort of side Rayo Vallecano have put out by the way? Strong side, second string?
  7. His tweets and that video of him not knowing that a chicken a rooster were the same animal may have influenced my language
  8. He's a braindead player with excellent technique at striking a ball and some pace. Give him no time to think or an open shot on goal from <20 yards and he's dynamite, give him a second to process what's going on around him and he struggles to buffer.
  9. He is. Really smart signing by the looks of things
  10. SWFC Youtube channel looks to be streaming!
  11. Really, really hope this is streamed. I need my Wednesday fix!
  12. This is pretty much it mate. To be honest, the thread can be a really helpful vehicle for communicating what the evidence is and why the change has been proposed. Being able to share the body of research is helpful because it means people can see the data and understand why this is happening, rather than not really knowing it and instead feeling understandably defensive that the game they grew up watching is being "tarnished". If you'd started your OP with "I disagree with this, can people explain what evidence there is? Because if there is none, I think this is wrong and very "nanny state" like" then I don't think people would have a problem. It would give a nice platform for discussion while showing that you're reasonable enough to hear the evidence before damning it. As is, the OP is just the wrong tone. It's always worth taking that step back and assessing the evidence before reacting emotionally
  13. Zero disagreement here, but Iorfa has played so little football over the last couple of years that I can only assume he will be a bit of a shadow of what he was. Hopefully not, we shall see, but a bit worried about it. The bonus he will always have is that his natural pace will help him to recover any times he's caught a bit short.
  14. I mean this is the other thing. I've been so conditioned by watching the patented Tom Lees sand wedge forward that anyone even remotely competent at passing looks like a relative godlike CB on the ball. Dean came here with no reputation of being a good distributor, but I was pleasantly surprised. Maybe all who we've bought in are just as "good" as him and it'll be OK. But God knows if we have three CBs as good on the ball as Tom Lees, we will be a strugglin
  15. Storey was good but lacked pace... a lot of goals we conceded came down his side when he was exposed by Hunt or NML bombing forward. I think Storey is a better defender than Iorfa, but I think Iorfa's pace will be more advantageous in those sorts of scenarios.
  16. Actually in agreement here. Smith up top will allow us to be more direct, and that flexibility can only be a good thing, but players like Hutchinson, Storey, and to my pleasant surprise even Dean, could put their foot on the ball and distribute fairly accurately. From the sounds of things that isn't really the wheelhouse of our current two new CB signings. Fear we really need to bring in a "ball playing" CB so that we can transition 'between the lines' with a bit more fluidity... else, as you say, our CMs will start going on walkabouts...
  17. Must admit, my usual gripes are starting to be raised a bit... would love to get a couple of younger legs through the door over the next week so that they have some time to bed in before the season starts. (In no way a gripe against the window, which as a whole so far has seemed pretty good!)
  18. He's 21 and before last season he had started two adult league games? Neither of those things lead to consistency...
  19. Even the GK shirts are class Whoever selected the kits this year did a fantastic job. Love them
  20. He is exactly the type of player that a team would take a punt on for £500k ish. Low risk, could be worth 2 or 3 times that in 3 years, even if he only kicks on as an average Championship player. Very easy to forget that he's not 22 until next year. He's raw, but he only needs to improve but %s here or there and his natural power will make him a real difficult midfielder to handle
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