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  1. Looking forward to the loss against Leeds U21's
  2. I like how Stockdale fits into the GK slot. Allegedly one of the best keepers in the league, but at an age where you would maybe anticipate him starting to wane. Leaves a massive "you can earn this spot" incentive for Dawson. If he kicks on like he apparently did last season, he could find himself as first choice by the end of the year. If not... you can imagine Stockdale has another year or two in him hopefully?
  3. I think he's a good player at this level, but he's one of those egos on the pitch (and off). That's not necessarily a bad thing, it gives them the confidence/arrogance to play with swagger... but so frequently it does seem to be paired with a lack of workrate. I want quality on the pitch, but I trust and hope that Moore can find someone that's just as good on the ball and has that swagger but also works really hard. I think that's the type of football we've been trying to play a lot of the time. NML would be a luxury player of debatable quality, which doesn't seem to fit in to what Moore wants from his squad. Hopefully.
  4. Weird one, first 5/6 games or so he looked like he had something about him. Not necessarily a proper "first teamer", but for a guy in his early 20s there was a lot there that looked positive. Then he went downhill, then he played in that sodding game at Hillsborough against that league two team in the milky painted pizza cup and put up a performance so bad that the phrase "won a raffle to play" wasn't hyperbole. I don't see him having a redemption arc
  5. Look, I'm sure living in the UAE is gonna be an absolutely wonderful experience, but it's hard to imagine he's doing it for anything other than the money
  6. If that's the case, I take it all back! (Well, not the bit about Windass being a top notch English player )
  7. Josh Windass? A top notch English player? Wait wait wait... so you're saying that we should -Sell him if halfway through a good season?... 'cause that will be received well by the fanbase -Sell him for what, £40k and a handy behind the bins? Who's gonna pay top brass for a 29-year-old League One player whose contract expires five months later? Wtf??
  8. Not like you to be confrontational. Well allegedly £1m, and of course I don't know the terms. If this were any other chairman, I would assume this were a negotiation tactic. Hopefully we're not going to be able to fast-forward 12 months and have a player that's sat on his Kadeem Harris for 25 games next season not contributing when we could have been £1m + his wages in the black that could have been reinvested elsewhere. We will see.
  9. Tired of seeing this chairman refusing to sell aged players and having their contracts run out. If true that Windass has "agreed terms", it's clear he doesn't want to be here any more.
  10. And I'm pretty sure even then that was a Liam Palmer chip and all...
  11. One of the most toxic things I've seen in football, no word of a lie.
  12. Can you recall what they are? Passed me by and am quite interested
  13. Can you please explain to us how Parisians look different to Scousers/UK-based Liverpool fans? How does one tell them apart?
  14. It's not just signing a replacement for a £1million fee though, is it? There are plenty of under 24 players who are coming out of contract and are looking for first team football. These are players that, regardless of Windass' salary, we could almost certainly afford to pay (and probably for a similar wedge). But say you have three equivalent contract offers on the table, are you going to be content signing for the club where you know you're behind in the pecking order of both Gregory and Windass, or are you gonna sign for the club where you're a guaranteed second starter? They want football, not bench time. So yeah, I doubt we can get better than a fit Windass in the market at League One level, but I also think we can get a better team if we were to reinvest that money across 2 or 3 different positions. I said the same last pre-season, when fees closer to double the one currently on the table were rumoured to being bandied about. I said we would be better reinvesting it across the squad, because 3 very good league one players are better for the team to have than 1 excellent league one player. And, ya know, it would be hard to argue that Windass was a top contributor last season. A fit Windass would be an incredible asset to any promotion campaign, but he's also not a magic key to it. I hope we do the sensible thing
  15. I think baselessly implying that he wants to switch continents to be with his secret homosexual lover is nowhere near as progressive as you might think it is.
  16. We're not too far off from coming up against a starting XI where not a single player would have been born the last time we were in the Premier League. We're quite small-time these days.
  17. I know that it's a bit harsh to be like "oh he scored loads of goals, but if you take away all the goals I don't want to talk about, he scored very few", so take this with a pinch of salt... but... Of his 8 goals in 31 appearances (not too bad, all things considered), they only fell across 6 games... so straight away you're looking at about one game in every five where he scored. Then look at how many goals he scored in games where it made a difference to the result... I make it two: MK Dons away and Shrewsbury at home. All others he scored in, we won by more than two goals anyway - the only exception being Lincoln City away (loss). So of the six games he scored in, half were games whereby, according to the scoresheet anyway, we won at least semi-comfortably. And that's across a whole season. I said after the Cambridge game that we shouldn't get too excited, because if you look at the trajectory of his career over the last 5/6 years, it's on a downward spiral, and if he finishes the season in league one having only scored a handful of goals - with the highlight being a hattrick against Cambridge United - then it couldn't really be considered the start of a Berahino renaissance. I stand by that. It takes a lot of effort to start turning around a career that's had such negative momentum for so long, and a bang-average season in League One to me doesn't look like someone who has turned that corner. I hope he does, truly, but I can see why we haven't kept him on.
  18. Do we really live in the world where a talented footballer becomes a billionaire on that alone?
  19. 2 goals and 3 assists in 1000ish minutes of football. A goal involvement every 200mins. Johnson (who is class at this level btw...) has 2 goals and 7 assists in 3,300 minutes of football, so a goal involvement every 360ish minutes. I have my foibles with NML, he has some flaws, but let's not invent things
  20. Wouldn't have offered one to Wildsmith, unless we're planning on a campaign with Dawson and Wilsmith here as the two goalkeepers? Not sure how I feel about that... unless Dawson has a move lined up? Wildsmith number 2 again? NML is another one where I'm a bit ambivalent. Other than that, it regrettably makes sense. Hope we bring in lots of players in their early 20s. Have to bring the average age of the squad down
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