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  1. Adeniran took a shot from 20 yards that was as take as owt, the keeper saved it but didn't hold it, just patted it. Was about to calmly claim the second attempt, but Gregory came in and kicked it between the legs of the on-the-floor dived keeper. Really bad keeping
  2. Both Kamberi and Paterson looked so far offside Good start to the half
  3. I would put Bannan left centre midfield to encourage us to play down that side... with Patterson on the right anything over that way will get scrappy, I'd rather see Luongo battling for the second ball than Bannan. Might encourage getting Brown on the ball more too, having Bannan close to him.
  4. Which is amazing, because he's only been offside once
  5. Our much acclaimed midfield is being absolutely bossed right now
  6. This happens every year doesn't it? Are they so tinpot they can't get people inside their stadium?
  7. Adeniran was absolutely blowing on Tuesday... he's not been dropped, he's being managed with the season in mind, I have no doubt about that.
  8. This post suggests I should remind you that we don't kick off at 3pm, and hopefully we will have a better idea come ~2:55
  9. Moore is the first manager since Carlos that I can envisage building something here. I never saw Bruce at Wednesday for more than two years, and the others I never saw lasting 12 months. Upon their appointment, Carlos and Moore are the only ones where I think "yeah, if they were still here in four years, I wouldn't be surprised". I think Moore is a project manager. I hope he gets the chance to build something here.
  10. I would imagine the Slovakian FA have a more liberal criteria than we do
  11. Andre Green Played: 15 Scored: 0 Assist: 1 Dribbles: 8 Dispossessed: 30 "Key passes": 7 Goodbye, Sheffield Wednesday legend
  12. Like I said repeatedly, I just don't see it a footballer in him, and it was pretty lame of Neil to insinuate anyone with that point of view was ganging up on him. We have a plethora of options to play in his position (when fully fit), and there really is no point keeping him to pick up a wage as a bit-part player who seems to make up the numbers more than he grabs the game by the scruff of the neck. If 50% of his wage can be used to entice Iorfa to another couple of years on his contract, and the other half be used to tie down a couple of the more promising youngsters for another couple of years, I'd be reyt happy. Best of luck Andre. Prove me wrong and show us you're more than a conference player.
  13. If you don't look for ways to improve, you go backwards. It is entirely possible to support the team, have a great time doing so, and still identify improvements that could be made to make things even better. They aren't mutually exclusive. Don't pretend they are.
  14. Think we're still figuring ourselves out. Having two wingers that are as hot on it as say Adeniran in midfield or Hunt at right back and we will have sharpness all over the pitch. Once things click we should be fine. Don't think it's a personnel thing. Let's see how things pan out
  15. I stumbled across a pre-season video he did predicting the table. Think he backed us to finish second. I didn't pay any attention to what he was saying about other clubs, but from what he said about us it was clear he'd spent more than two minutes googling us and just saying the most obvious phrases. Fair play to the kid, he's producing top content considering his age and subject matter. "Only sing when we're fishing" though
  16. Lose against Rotherham and it's 7 from 4. Average that out over a season and it's ~80 points. That's the play offs. Meaningless trying to extrapolate at this stage.
  17. Iorfa is probably the fastest player in this division over half a pitch length. I'd imagine there are those that could outpace him over 10 yards, but I can't see many/any that could do so over 30+. That track back and tackle at the edge of the area in the first half was so monstrously better than what an average League One defender could achieve it was frightening. He will get us as many points as Bannan this season, great player
  18. I definitely think declaring us as champions-in-waiting after about 6% of the season has been played and a 1-0 win against Fleetwood is a wee bit premature. We should finish at least in the play-offs, here's hoping we can perform consistently enough to deliver
  19. Also Adeniran potentially out wide... will he swap positions with Bannan during the game as a way to force the wee man to not be on the CB's toes?
  20. Squad is too competitive for people to not be up to speed. The fact he's been dropped completely surprises me though, maybe he's picked up a knock?
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