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  1. I won't mince my words... I don't think videos like these are a lot of cop, and I don't particularly care whether they're for Wednesday fans or other fans. But these videos are class. Criminally undersubscribed channel.
  2. Seems like we might finally get a ROI on those D-Taxis?
  3. To be fair, I don't think we will have any issue in fulfilling these criteria, even with almost complete squad rotation. We need to play four of: Brown Gibson Iorfa Hutch Hunt Dunkley Palmer Adeniran Bannan Byers Johnson Wing Paterson Corbeanu Sow Gregory Kamberi And I've highlighted 3 players that go towards that total of 4, all of whom have yet to start a game and have <25 minutes of game time so far this season. We only need one more out of the above list to start... every other position can be filled by youngsters. It's fine
  4. Ironically, the whole reason we have to play in it is because the club has declined massively over the last five years!
  5. I like how everyone is skirting around the real issue... If the match ends in a draw, both teams get one point. The match then goes to a penalty shootout. The winner of that penalty shootout gets one more point. We are in a competition where the winner of a tie can be awarded two points.
  6. You must be intelligent enough to realise that just because we lost to a lesser team it doesn't mean we are easy to stop. Tottenham beat Manchester City and prevented them from scoring... by an extension of your logic any Europa League wannabees should be able shut Man City out with some ease, and their quest to be Premier League champions needs to be reassessed and they should be thankful for a top 7 finish. OR, in reality this is a league where anyone can beat anyone, and we metaphorically battered them while lacking the final clinical piece of quality on the day. Your persistence here is a strange mixture of admirable and sad.
  7. I've started 11 threads in 2021. I'm doing a real sh*t job of making threads for likes
  8. Genuine question, is that a red card? Definite penalty but it was a genuine attempt to stop the ball with his leg first wasn't it? It feels harsh, but legit dunno if that's just the rules
  9. Another good game from him, let's not overlook that just from the loss. Naive a couple of times with some heavy touches, but full of energy and really showed that he could be the sort of engine we've been missing since Kieran Lee c. 2018. Positive in what he wants to do too. Really enjoy watching him play football.
  10. Yep, because I'm known for always posting the most popular thing to appeal to the majority
  11. Has every club in League One hit at least one iceberg, as they've all lost at least one game?
  12. That's my only gripe, we didn't really react well to going behind. End of the day, if Byers' shot hits the inside of the post and in rather than the outside, we win that game. It's one of those things.
  13. Not getting the knives out yet, but I thought he was kind of disappointing in his brief cameo. Bit naive. To be expected IMO
  14. With 14 new players. 5 games in. Chill the f*ck out
  15. Agreed, I reckon if we'd ripped into them a bit more we would have won today
  16. We are much, much better than these. The longer we go without scoring, the more they'll believe that can snatch a win. Kamberi for Gregory at the hour mark for me. We've played some good stuff up til now.
  17. Are the commentators eating or something... why aren't they speaking??
  18. Had some crowd noise and music from the PA system... now it's just static/white noise Think someone unplugged something
  19. Must admit, it's a wee bit disappointing to have none of Hutch, Dunkley or Gibson available for selection. Still, hopefully we can get the three points today. Just put a bet on BTTS and Wednesday to win... fingers crossed!
  20. Hutch on the bench is fine We still have 50+ games this season, the last thing we want is any of our players pulling up against Morecambe in August and missing 25... We've got the strength in depth to compensate the loss of pretty much anyone.
  21. Basically, Hutchinson has replaced Loovens and Luongo has replaced Hutchinson...
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