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  1. 1 hour ago, Wednesday_Jack said:

    Really not impressed with this…shows zero intent to improve over the next 3/4 transfer windows. 

    Palmer isn’t good enough…we go round in circles with this debate

    Probably because every time it's pointed out the bloke has 250+ Championship appearances to his name and we're in League One you just repeat he isn't good enough.

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  2. 22 hours ago, Night King said:

    Just be careful with long beta saves. My main save last season got ruined and I never got back into it. 


    18 hours ago, neo hippy said:


    Yeah I've seen that mentioned elsewhere too


    Going to play with Wednesday for the beta then a long term save once it's fully released 

    Glad I read this c. 10 hours into my beta save with Brackley and not 110 hours lol 

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  3. 9 hours ago, CourteenerOwl said:

    He may win them, but not convincingly imo.


    They never go very far out of danger. Stats can be misleading.

    I agree, but so can people's biases and faulty memories. I must admit, I've never seen Dunkley play and thought "he's not very good at heading it", and indeed the fact he's the tenth best player in the league at winning aerial battles corroborates with that.


    Maybe you're right, maybe this dominant force in the air has poor technique/an exceptionally soft head that means the headers he wins don't travel that far... but it's not something I've ever noticed before and I'm not sure many others on here have either.

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  4. 25 minutes ago, CourteenerOwl said:

    It’s not just that Dunkley is bad on the ball he is so so slow!!!!!! He moves like a snail. The guy is useless. He’s not even that great in the air which many say is his best quality. 

    What the actual hell?


    Accorseing to WhoScored, Dunkley wins on average 6.2 aerial duals per 90 minutes. The next best in the squad is Iorfa with 4.1, then Sam Hutchinson with 3.5. Taking a step back, 'only' 9 players in the division win more aerial duals than Dunkley per 90 minutes of football played.


    You're allowed to not rate a player, but don't just make stuff up.

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  5. 40 minutes ago, Holmowl said:


    Pathetic use of our wage budget.

    I'm now very concerned about it.

    Remember at the back end of summer when we had bought in 8 or 9 fresh faces, and it looked like we were going to have a strong XI, supplemented by a few smart loans and a few youngsters ready to step up to the plate? It seemed like a pragmatic, tight-knit squad approach that would allow some integration for our eldest academy prospects to step up to the plate and show us what they were made of for 10/15 appearances this season... as well as fighting the fire in our bank balance.


    Now we just look like a bloated, disorganised rabble... where the youngsters see the door to first team football close just a little bit more and we dig another couple of shovels worth of dirt deeper into the financial mire. 

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  6. I understand why he may not be an automatic starter if he doesn't contribute defensively. It's a big part of the game and we know that managers really value that side of things in the 'modern game".


    But for goodness sake we were at home to Lincoln... if we want to be promoted from League One we want to be taking the initiative at home against most teams outside the Premier League... show the right mentality ffs.

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  7.                                     BPF


    Palmer          Iorfa              Dunkley             Brown



                Adeniran                       Bannan 


     Corbeanu                                           Berahino





    I have absolutely no doubt many would disagree with the above personnel and/or shape... I have absolutely no doubt that we are all in agreement that the above would be far more likely to win a game of football than a 5-3-2 in which Marvin Johnson is the left f*cking centre back. 

  8. Look

    0-0 at half time is nothing to boo. Not good, but hardly panic stations.




    It is f*cking inexcusable that we have gone in at half time having only had 3 shots. At home. They have had 60% possession. Brown has a pass % of 46, Berahino 50. They are literally giving the ball away more often than retaining it. There are huge pockets of space all over the pitch where our players are absent. The second Lincoln get past the defensive monolith that is Barry Bannan, they are in 3v3. 


    This is appalling.

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  9. I mean, I know I lauded our summer recruitment and maybe I was just really wrong about that... I can hold my hands up if that's the case... but I don't understand how after bringing in 14 new players the manager can possibly decide lining up with such a (on paper) unbalanced XI is in any way justifiable and not a damning indictment on who he bought in? 

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  10. 2 hours ago, Mike Hunt said:

    I didn’t know that , is it just reds ?

    Unfortunately yes... you also can't appeal a second yellow card despite the fact it leads to a red. Which is why when Forestieri got sent off vs Hull for diving, and even Michael Dawson after the game said it was a foul and booking for him, we couldn't do anything about the fact he had a suspension due to the dismissal.

  11. 29 minutes ago, Holmowl said:

    It’s odd.


    Wing is getting into fantastic positions time and time again, like a proper box to box. But, it’s got to the stage where I sigh when I see it’s Wing on the end of a cross. His finishing has been dire.


    Could it be confidence? If he puts one away will he go on a great scoring run?


    2 seasons ago he was barren then scored 6 in 12 starts for Boro.

    To me he just looks like his head and heart isn't in the game.


    It's clear he knows what to do in certain situations by the way he tries to move both the ball and himself with the ball, but he always seems to a. Have a sloppy touch so he has to change plans midway through receiving possession or b. Wants so much time on the ball that by the time he gets round to actually actioning his idea, the chance has gone.


    Increasingly reminding me of Lewis McGugan.

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  12. That was grim.

    Stood in the home end Cambridge fans thought we were clearly the better players but offered very little going forward. This was said on the hour mark... final 20 or so we improved, but it was infuriating to see the number of times Johnson was 30 yards further back than in a good attacking position... nothing to do with him doing anything wrong, it's just the shape. 5 at the back just provides no attacking impetus out wide.


    I just feel like had we been better tactically we would have won that game. It's no good showing up for 25 minutes.

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  13. 39 minutes ago, casbahowl said:

    The field’s still there mate …… Behind the away end ……… Talking to a couple of locals who told us they’ve applied for planning permission for a new 12k seater stadium near the A14 …… Another soulless ground miles from anywhere 🙄

    What they haven't told you is that's been in the pipeline for 15 years and still no further forward lol


  14. 4 minutes ago, Lowieowl said:

    For those going early I'm told The Plough at Fen Ditton, sitting on The River Cam is worth a visit for food and drink.....a 5 min drive to the ground.

    Can confirm, though it's probably the highlight of Fen Ditton full stop :ph34r:

  15. Me and my girlfriend are pretty miffed. Season 3 fell well, well below the standard it had set itself from the first two seasons. Not sure I particularly care any more. 

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