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  1. 1 minute ago, BIG D said:

    Not worth it for us to sell him. Would make no sense whatsoever 

    I dunno, there are scenarios where it does. E.g., the next Scott Twine becomes available on a free, then Gregory's salary can be used to get that player to us, and then the fee for Gregory gets reinvested in a midfield replacement for Luongo. 


    Don't get me wrong, I would be pretty disheartened if we sold Gregory, but there are ways we can make pretty much any possible transfer out work for us... except maybe a Bannan transfer.


    Do I trust us to make that sort of savvy move if our hand was forced? No, probably not... but yeah. I'd like to think/hope we can maneuver a little in the market if the opportunity presents itself.

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  2. 1 hour ago, Tewkesbury said:

    It's more that he was inflexible with his tactics and his favoured players, he tinkered with the rest of the squad to try and make it work when it was the tactics and core players that were the issue.

    Hence winning more during times when he couldn't pick his favoured side.

    Who were his favoured players that probably didn't warrant a start? I never really got the impression there were undeserving starters on any sort of consistent basis, but maybe I'm just blinkered?

  3. 56 minutes ago, Owlabroad2001 said:

    A decent manager who doesn’t tinker would have got us up. Moore isn’t the man!

    I love the Moore critics


    About half say he is inflexible and stubborn

    The other half say he over tinkers 


    I think this is quite evident that they just dislike the bloke. I appreciate that you are not all the same person and so will have suffering opinions, so I don't really wish to put you all in the same 'box', but one would assume that valid critiques would be consistent. The fact they're not suggest there's a degree of irrationality to it.


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  4. 16 minutes ago, TheGaffer said:

    Several of the first team did yes. I'll look later for the articles


    Admitted my brain didn't quite remember the "try" part but here's the chairmans clearly stating the aim is promotion. What I want to know is what is going to be different next year as we failed in his stated aim. 



    May 2021I can pledge that as chairman, I will give everything I can and offer as much support as possible to everyone as we try and achieve promotion at the first attempt. There are issues we must address in the short and long term and some things will not happen overnight.


    I can only marvel at your creativity to turn that into: anything less [than] automatic is failure in mid-September


    But it's admirable, I'll give you that.



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  5. Just now, Luke said:

    Can you show us the one where Hutchinson cost us the playoffs too 


    Before the rope comes out for palmer 

    Actually, I think if rope should go anywhere, Harlee Dean has to be high up this list. Yeah, Palmer shouldn't let Roberts have the run on him, but there is a huge gap between him and Storey with Dean five yards too high up the pitch. He's come out wide to cover the short pass when the winger first receives the ball, but then not filled into the hole once that threat has gone. Which is why centre-midfielder Loungo ends up closer to the goal than him once the cross gets delivered.


    It just looks like a very tired back line.

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  6. 5 minutes ago, bigthinrob said:

    Just another manager who thinks he has all the answers and sticks dogmatically to his preferred format regardless of how things unfold and what the player’s strengths are!

    He sticks so dramatically to "his system" that he changed it entirely about 15 games in.


    Honestly I think some people just say words hoping no-one notices the sentence constructed makes no sense.

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  7. 5 minutes ago, FreshOwl said:

    It’s not a god given right, but they were easily more competitive than us across both legs. So I was asking, what went wrong 

    Look, I appreciate 'shots' is not the best stat to throw out there, as it does nothing to indicate how those 50/50s go, or anything else... but over the two legs it's 24 shots to 20 in Sunderland'w favour. It also equal on corners and I think pretty much bang on equal in possession. 


    Football is a game of fine margins. Sunderland absolutely edged it over the two legs, but that's what it was... an edge. 


    Darren Moore's tactics

    Poor mentality

    An aged squad

    Lack of quality

    Sam Hutchinson's howler


    All of the above are fair reasons to spit out as to why we lost over two legs. The reality is it is incredibly reductionist to try and distill it down to one single reason. It's maybe/probably a bit of all the above.

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  8. Average guy, maybe slightly higher than average phone usage.


    Always been on Android and my Samsung S8 is on its last legs. I would say that the most important features for me are a good camera and a high def screen, but my guess is anything north of £400 will have it as standard anyway.


    I would welcome any suggestions for a mid-tier phone of average cost thrown my way. Took one look at the S22 price and figure I should seek any recommended alternatives.

  9. 33 minutes ago, NorthernOwl said:


    I think your point is somewhat undermined by removing all the clubs that didn't get promotion because for some reason they don't count.

    Also takes great pains to point out when clubs with financial issues and points deductions were unlikely to bounce straight back.


    Didn't we get a points deduction last season for financial issues?

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  10. 1 hour ago, Django said:

    Danny Cowley says we’ve got the best team in the division 


    4 under par for Mr Moore 

    I mean no one with a brain cell would suggest we had the best team available in the first six months. This is a really daft comment. Where we are now is not indicative of where we were 3/6/9 months ago... at different times over the season we have been differently competent. The January transfer window was a big help.


    I mean, take the form table over the first 23 games vs second. Second half of the season... third, behind MK Dons and Bolton. First half of the season... 8th. Are you really trying to claim we had the best available side in the division then? It's clear to anyone with a brain cell there's been a transformative effect over the league season.


    And finally... Cowley has just seen his side absolutely spanked by us. Is it at all possible that he's doing the thing that managers tend to do when they've had a tough time of it and big up the opposites to try and deflect from over criticism? Possible at all? No? Maybe?


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  11. 2 minutes ago, Kevin Pressmans Pen said:

    How big are most of these clubs though.. I seem to remember Yeovil, Doncaster, Stockport, Grimsby etc etc all being relegated from the championship. Should we compare to those or to other big clubs like Wolves, Sunderland, Leicester, Leeds, Forest, Sheffield Utd.


    Two thoughts 

    1. Doesn't matter how "big" you are. You're relegated to that division, you're there on merit (even arguably with a points deduction). You're still a league one club for at least 12 months, you've done things just as 'wrong' as those other clubs to end up there in the first place (sometimes even moreso, considering the relative increase of resources that makes you a 'big club'


    2. Of those you've mentioned that got relegated to this level in the last 20 years, I've highlighted in bold those that took more than one season to bounce back. Four out of the six, two-thirds of those big clubs, took more than one season to bounce back. A very similar ratio to the aforementioned ratio that you've quoted from. Cheers for making my point for me.

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  12. 8 minutes ago, JemmoJemoJemmo said:

    In the past 10 seasons, 10 clubs have returned instantly, hopefully we’ll make it 11 - which would make it 37%.


    Grand, thank you... so just to be clear your minimum expectation is that we achieve something that twice the number of clubs fail to achieve as manage to achieve?



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  13. 16 minutes ago, JemmoJemoJemmo said:


    If he gets us up this year, he’s achieved the minimum acceptable result.


    Genuine question, how many Championship clubs get relegated to League One and get back up at the first attempt? Over the last decade say, what % of those 30 relegated clubs manage it? My guess, based on absolutely nothing but instinct, is <20%. Maybe around 10%. Happy to be proven wrong.


    If I'm even in the right ballpark in the above... how  chuffing entitled and arrogant are you are that promotion after a relegation is the minimum requirement?? 

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