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  1. I could foresee someone paying around £750k for Gregory. That and the sell on clause for Joao would actually leave us with enough to get someone like Jack Rudoni in for instance. The start of Moore's moneyball
  2. I mean objectively it's a little bit petty, but we would do absolutely the same thing... amazed there's even a thread about it tbh
  3. Like him as a bloke, love the patterns of play we make and how we seem to make lots of chances and he recruits really well. You can argue he maybe lacks some tactical nous, but it's also easy to forget that he's been managing for 'only' four years. If he can learn from his own mistakes then he could be a very good manager... it's clear that his tactical vision can bring about a good style of football, it's just ensuring it translates directly to results. The season to prove he can do that is probably this one. He's steadied the ship, he's built a paper that is (on paper) formidable at this level... now's the time to deliver. A top 3 finish and ultimately promotion must be the goal, so pressure is on. Fingers very crossed Moore can deliver, because I really really want him to succeed.
  4. Agreed, but if (aware it is a big if) we were to get someone in their early 20s in that is positionally the same as Hutchinson and decent at league one level, I'd argue it was worth it. They probably wouldn't be as influential as Hutchinson, but we don't need them to be... we just need them to be able to slot in for 15/20 games and give us another option from the bench. Which is also coincidentally exactly the sort of role Hutchinson had in his first couple of seasons here (probably dictated in part to injuries and suspensions). I'd rather have an early-20s Hutchinson-type player to act as backup because they could potentially develop into a Hutchinson-type not-backup over the next couple of years. But I say why others would rather have the short-term actual Hutchinson if the goal is to get promoted ASAP... which it obviously is
  5. Also probably whoever ratifies these things at the EFL - every chance that it's taking them a couple of days to clear things their end.
  6. If you could link the account we could check the source and help inform a judgement call as to how credible it is?
  7. If we can reinvest his wages into a young backup defender then that would be an incredibly astute bit of business. No hard feelings to the bloke, it's just obvious he won't get gametime
  8. It's honestly fantastic to see the passion that these young lads have for their local teams and the ins and outs of the league at this level.
  9. As negative as it is, thinking in this way is a fantastic thought exercise. It helps you identify where you need to improve, or at least where things could improve. Work on your weaknesses as much as you can. For me it's the age of the squad. Let's get a few younger faces in as foil to the core we have. Then we're golden.
  10. Maybe the player and agent back him to do the business. That way he can bargain for a better extension... gamble on the next deal with either Wednesday or someone at a higher level. Not getting tied down and being available on a free means the next contract has to go in higher, sooner. On paper, he's exactly the sort of signing we should be getting in though now we have the core... if we have to jump through certain hoops to get him through the door then sobeit.
  11. Purely based on the fact he hasn't played more than 15 league games in four consecutive seasons... I'm going to say this tracks
  12. Look, you were clearly itk, but you don't need to be a twatnugget about it. You're currently the bloke windmilling around the pub 'cause he beat his mate at pool. Fair play to ya and all that, but your member is putting me right off my pint and you're quickly losing any kudos you might have gained by sinking the 8 ball.
  13. Can we all agree that this is one of the most laughable OPs in a while?
  14. Regrettably agreed, unless we start targeting younger signings for the remainder of the window, it's clear we will be going for another sh*t or bust strategy...
  15. I too prefer Storey, I too think Iorfa can be erratic, but I think if he lines up on the right side of a back three alongside someone dominant in the air he can more than do a job at this level. His pace can get him out of a lot of trouble in as part of a three has some license to use that moving forward too. In a back 4 though? Yeah, right behind you, not for me at all in the middle
  16. Genuinely had to go check out last season's league table as I thought I'd suffered some sort of brain injury. It turns out we were joint fourth top scorers in the league, having scored a massive four fewer than joint top scorers Wigan and Oxford. So no, it turns out you've just been smoking something.
  17. That's a very good signing at this level
  18. Vaulks and one of the bizarre/obscure Serie B defender or the Rotherham lad that was due to go to Derby then. Grand.
  19. This is so random that I'm almost begrudgingly forced to believe it. Looks like Paxo's got his tombola out
  20. When he looks across the training pitches, there's the same look in his eye as when characters from Lord of the Rings get when they see Mordor. Will he break on there like so many others?
  21. Can you offer positions... even just as broad as defence, attack, winger etc...
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