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  1. Can confirm, though it's probably the highlight of Fen Ditton full stop
  2. Me and my girlfriend are pretty miffed. Season 3 fell well, well below the standard it had set itself from the first two seasons. Not sure I particularly care any more.
  3. Don't agree with that. We had three centre backs on the pitch, and the only one in the box to defend that cross was Liam Palmer. If Brown had beaten his marker it isn't a goal, for sure, but it's mad that with about 5 minutes of normal time left we only have a third of our centre backs looking to defend a cross.
  4. Thought that this thread was a little premature Looked at the league table, and was alarmed to see only three teams had scored fewer goals than us this season. I haven't yet called for Moore out, but we're almost a quarter of the way through the season and that is appalling.
  5. Yikes It might be a results business, but it's hard to see how we can consistently pick up points if we consistently play like that. Still... we go again.
  6. Only caught the second half. Reyt good result, but what the actual heck was that performance??
  7. But what "other people". Unless you're reading the primary sources, any information you take up is prone to bias from those "other people's" biases and interpretation. If these "other people" don't adhere to strict guidance on standards or aren't capable of interpreting the information correctly, aren't you just going to increase the chance of believing B/S? Do you read the primary scientific literature to understand it, or are you relying on alternative news sources like bloggers, YouTube personalities and opinion columnists? What on earth are you basing this on, it's almost quite literally demonstrably false. What are you basing this on, I'd love to see the data?
  8. My Portuguese girlfriend has just been on the phone to her parents. Her dad told her it was very classy that Wednesday fans paid tribute to Jose Semedo/his wife. I have no idea how news of Wednesday fans chanting in the pizza cup has reached Portugal, but it has.
  9. I swore when I saw that it was a female ref that I wouldn't post owt, because it would just be far too easy to be virtue signalling or overly positive because it was a woman, but in all sincerity... she was the best official in a while. I think there was a moment in the first half, maybe around 20/25 minutes, where I think Mansfield won a free kick just inside their half. Our player did the usual thing of standing about 5 yards away to prevent a quick forward free kick. She blew to tell him to step back, the player did not. She started approaching the free kick to have a word about stepping back, but as she did, Mansfield took it somewhat quickly and passed it a little backwards and sideways. Now I know for a fact that without fail the referees we have experienced over the last 2/3 years would have blown again, had Mansfield retake the free kick and have a 3.5 second word with our player. Pointlessly stopping the game. Her on the other hand? "Oh look, Mansfield have got on with it, they're not bothered that the Wednesday player wasn't doing exactly the right thing... well, let's get on with the game". No automatic "No, no, the next 10 seconds are about me and my authority", just "Well if they're happy to get on with it, so am I". I think that lack of concern about her ego really helped the game. And to be honest, my desire is far less driven by her gender and far more by the fact that the bar is so low that a referee more interested in officiating the game rather than having moments being the centre of attention is a talking point.
  10. Can't figure out if he's quite decent or absolutely talentless. At times he seems to fail to do the most basic of link-up play, at others he seems to have some incredibly intelligent movement to attack the box with. I think Gregory is a better player, but weirdly enough I think Kamberi is much more likely to hit 15 goals this season than Gregory would be given the same number of games. Don't know why I have that impression, probably way off, but he just looks like he would be a handful in team that attacked. It would be nice if we aspired to be that sort of team...
  11. Went Corbeanu, but he has to get better at knowing when to release the ball. He's definitely got something about him, but you can see why he's been loaned out to learn how to play against men rather than boys. It was very refreshing to see someone with dribbling ability running at teams for a change.
  12. I'm not going to get carried away with Brown's left back performance after 15 minutes away against Mansfield But I have seen enough of Johnson at left back to know I don't like it. Brown is a young left sided player who looks sharp, is full of running and is apparently a left back. And he did well today. And has done well in most games he's played. I'd really like to see him start a league game at left back.
  13. He's got a good cross on him. That's my positives just about run out
  14. Don't understand why people are getting antsy about not scoring yet. 1990s Milan 2020 Liverpool 2021 Mansfield Everyone knows that's the holy trifecta
  15. Losing this one would result in the biggest ever flounce from me. And that really is saying something
  16. I didn't say he should or shouldn't do anything. You said you had never seen Barry Bannan close the goalkeeper down from the halfway line before. I shared a video which showed him doing just that.
  17. You are so painfully blinkered when it comes to Barry Bannan. Let's look at this at a macro scale. When Barry Bannan was unquestionably our main player and captain, the club got relegated. We will not get promoted with him playing for this club. His current stats for Sheffield Wednesday are: Played 267 Assisted 40 (one every 6.5 ish games... he takes every set piece) Scored 14 (one every 19 games) He barely contributes defensively. You are getting in arguments with fellow Wednesday fans when they point out that this mid-table League One midfielder, with one goal and one assist in 8 games, has flaws that are of detriment to the side. They're not saying he isn't good enough, they're just saying that he has habits that are not great that have been witnessed over 250+ games... and you're having a go at them for it. Take a step back.
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