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  1. If you have a good internet speed its fine. Obviously if you have a poor internet connection then the buffering stuff would be an issue. Its a 4 Camera production with action replays. Also in the top right hand corner you can click on either game stats or scores of the other games. At half time you have first half highlights and full stats. also the same at full time. I connect my PC to my Tele with an HDMI cable and my tele upscales the picture as well so it is really quite good.
  2. Yes, wasn't the early bird renewal price quite a bit less than the £720 price though? I can't remember.
  3. Concession for South Stand last season was £360. (Boomer you see!!). I would be happy to pay that and maybe a little more given that we get home AND away. I can see not everyone would but I don't mind, it isn't a life changing sum.
  4. Are there others like me who would love an iFollow (Video) season ticket for next season. Irrespective of whether supporters are allowed in from the resumption / next season i would like to continue to have access to iFollow and I am quite happy to pat my season ticket for the privelage. A combination of age/physical issues and susceptibility to covid19 will keep me away from the stadium. IFollow will allow me to keep up my support and contribute to the clubs income in the future. If I follow is not available my contribution small though it is will be lost to the club, along with others in the same position.
  5. I think I have gone to my last match at Hillsborough. Not that I don't want to go but its a combination of age and covid19 that will keep me away. The lack of parking means quite long walks which I find difficult and until there's a vaccine for Covid19 I am in danger if I contract it. I would be perfectly happy to pay my season ticket to watch on iFollow. Whilst it could be a little better it's OK. What is annoying though is the delay that they put on it. I get goal notifications before the goal is scored on iFollow.
  6. If we finish in the bottom 3 before any points deduction the points deduction carries over to the next season. This scenario is unlikely as we are almost safe from being in the bottom 3 without a points deduction.
  7. Lets face it the wheels came off 19 games ago. Since then our form has been the worst in the league. Last night Preston must have wondered how they had angered the football gods. Lets face it they should have been out of sight by the time Jacob Murphy scored a goal of rare quality. I dread any points deduction. Anything that takes us below 50 points would see us down with our current inability to compete.
  8. When you consider that we could, and probably should, have been 3-0 down at the break 3-1 isn't that bad.
  9. The tribunal doesn't decide the punishment does it? I thought that they only decide whether the rules have been broken. If they have then its down to the EFL to impose any sanctions. Obviously I am only assuming this. No doubt someone already posted the answer but scrolling through 279 pages..... Can someone clarify this again please. Thanks.
  10. It has just been announced that Wigan Athletic have gone into Administration. A 12 point penalty would put them bottom and see The Owls 11 points clear of the bottom 3.
  11. You have to remember that whenever we win it is always because we were lucky and came up against a team having a rare off day. It was and is always thus, just read the match reports in any newspaper.
  12. Mr Chansiri always had that option before he bought the stadium which he already owned. 🤨
  13. It just says there has been a problem logging you on please try later. Miffed.
  14. The sign up page is now live on the new ticketing web-site. Sign in go to season ticket, the last option is rebate click on there and follow the instructions.
  15. I take it that because you don't or can't point anyone to where you actually do this that you are a WUM.
  16. Has the club announced how we do this? Is the new Ticket Log-In the iFollow Log-In? Does anyone know?????
  17. Why should any team who doesn't have a fan base be given what ammounts to an advantage over clubs who have large fan bases. Our Owls have a large fan base but to support them we have to have a stadium to house them, pay ridiculous amount for policing, health and safety, maintenance and stewarding etc. this doesn't include many costs because of the scale of things. A smaller operation as was Bournemouth and the like benefit from small ground low costs but maximum income from TV whilst they provide relatively few TV subscriptions from their support. Its that that I see as wrong.
  18. Our gates (even now in the second tier) would put us in the prem range for attendances. When we were in the Prem our gates were top ten. Mind you stadium capacities have altered somewhat since we were last up there so I guess some teams who were usually below us could now draw more. Even so we are Prem on supporter base.
  19. Absolutely. And there lies the real answer. Before TV money it was the club's with big support who predominated. The Television money should follow the supporter after all it's the supporters that pay SKY, BT Sport's et Al.
  20. If you did that at a stroke it would leave the teams relegated from the Prem with parachute payments with massive wages budgets and the others such as our Owls forever skint. Not allowing owner investment would lead to dissatisfaction and further reduction in the relevance of clubs such as ours.
  21. I'm sorry I cant agree. He didn't make the team better and I always felt that we could have done better. That said I can't judge whether he was the type of goalie who organises his defenders effectively or not because I wasn't on the pitch with him. When he was exposed one on one pretty poor to be fair.
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