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  1. I don't think we are allowed 14 players on the pitch though.
  2. We were still woeful at corners and set plays. The fact that Sunderland didn't score was a mixture of pure luck and Sunderland's errors. If Sunderland had scored from their first corner which we cleared through good fortune I don't think we would have won. For some reason our good start ended after 20 minutes and we went back into our old ways, it was after getting away with that corner that our pressing game returned. From that point on we were as good as we have been this season. Even so we still looked dodgy at defending set plays.
  3. When teams get good they always play with a bit of swank about them.
  4. Is this a myth put about by opposition managers to ensure that he always plays. Our opponents always seem to know how to nullify him. (Said with Tongue firmly in Cheek)
  5. Its about keeping the concentration up and people doing their jobs. too many sleepy Joes at times,
  6. Not anti- Bannan per se. Its just that we seem to lack the urgency at times, It's that element that a strong captain can influence.
  7. All too often we are conceding goals following stoppages and set pieces. The lack of concentration of our players at these times it outrageously poor. This is the captain's responsibility to sort out. We need a proper organiser and strong respected voice. Is BB that man? I have my doubts.
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