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  1. Had a Girlfriend who lived on Filbert Street at the time, Hazel Knutt... honest officer.
  2. An ROI is very difficult outside of the Prem, more so with COVID as a factor.
  3. Please don't characterise me as some supine subservient toady. If you knew me you wouldn't.
  4. Of course I have. See my posts in the Graph Thread. Tell me one thing that aids the club if you withdraw your support. Remember you can criticise the club all you like. Its the withdrawing support that I find negative.
  5. I vote in elections and listen very carefully to the debates and yes a little with the heart but I always know what I am voting for. The on-field situation is awful right now. I can criticise that as I've watched it. But I can't criticise the management too much as I have no idea whatis going on within the club. Sure from the outside with little or no information it doesn't look ideal but I don't know sufficient to form any conclusive view.
  6. You have every right to criticise your club and I haven't said that i disagree. All I have said is that supporters support financially and with their hearts withdrawing support is negative. Criticise all you like but keep supporting. By the way. I reckon the vast majority of Fans and supporters, like me, know absolutely nothing of what is, has, or will happen in the management of the club. People in my position can't criticise because they know nothing.
  7. Not really. What does withdrawing your support do to improve your club...... Nothing. It can only do harm.
  8. Precisely. I reckon that most supporters are like me. They love the Wednesday pay their dues and leave the running of the club to those who do.
  9. I don't know I don't look behind the scenes. I am not ITK now nor ever was, so I like most Fans and Supporters know only that that becomes public knowledge. I therefore can't make any comparison between eras. I can do nothing else but support whoever owns the club to do anything else can only hasten the club's demise.
  10. What he said is that there are some supporters who don't act as supporters but as customers. He was having a dig at those who accuse him of treating supporters as customers. He was saying if you are a supporter support the club. But of course you know that.
  11. Now more than ever in the clubs history does the club need its fans to become supporters and, where possible, give your financial and emotional support to the clu. Clearly if your finances are such that you cant provide financial support you should try to be positive about the club Negativity breeds Negativity. Get behind the Club and put aside your beefs.
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