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  1. Is this St Pauli Hamburg? The Red Light District?
  2. Helicopter, drones and I saw two police vans from Durham, overtime plus traveling for outside police forces, expensive.
  3. No. Warnock has a great sense of Humour. Wilder doesn't do funny.
  4. You can't get it because its not a Cup game. You can get the Super Bowl and the Cheltenham Cup.
  5. When we beat the Blades in 1979 that became known as the boxing day massacre, the Blades were going strong at the top of the league. After that game they sank like a stone, their confidence shattered and found out by the rest of the keague. A repeat would do the trick.
  6. How can you down vote a neutral post? Baffled me old chum.

  7. Give me your address and i'll have 50p on that. Mind you I reckon you would scam me for the 50p if it came up.
  8. I must have been there I had a season ticket at the time. It must have been rubbish and instantly forgettable.
  9. Where did I say we would? Just pointing out some stats that's all.
  10. It is all about the points. If we get 83 points we will overtake others and get to the playoffs,. I don't think we will but it is all about the points, if we are taking points others are not.
  11. It is possible, by winning all our remaining games to finish with 83 points, two points more than when we finished 4th under Carlos. That year we had an exceptional run of form towards the end of the season of six straight wins, it would have been seven were it not for Carlos resting players for the final game of the season. With the prospect of having Hooper back and the promise shown by SBs trio of signings could we make the playoffs? In a word no, though I would love to be wrong. I don't have confidence that we can win the next one let alone the next 13. Our ability to give the ball away cheaply is still there, there were more than a couple of times we should have been punished on Saturday when we slipped, overplayed the ball and made really rubbish passes. I can't see us fixing these errors in short order. Nevertheless whilst it's possible I won't give up hope. After all its only my rational mind that tells me no, and football is irrational at times. Here are the stats below.
  12. I thought fasting was only for loan signings. Lent
  13. I get what you are saying and have said so. There is no need to get emotional about it.
  14. There is no guarantee that the language skills that you hire do as you say. If you operate in the way that you say you do, like me you will have been let down by those who represent you. It's a question of mutual trust and comprehension on behalf of the translator of the business and personal tone. I have yet to work with a translator who had any deep understanding of my thought processes of how to accurately represent me in that regard. Having said that your points are valid, which is why, I suspect, Mr C. uses written press releases for the most part and only directly addresses the fans of press directly when he feels there is value in showing his emotions. Football after all is an emotional game / business.
  15. Spot on. I don't doubt DCs passion for the club but he keeps getting hammered for the above reasons. A knowledgable football minded Press Officer/Liason Officer, who dealt with the press and who was also in touch with fan base. Look we all know DCs English isn't the best but its far better than our Thai. If you take the time and effort to understand what he is saying, in most instances you will find that what he says is truthful and acceptable and spot on. He is far more understandable, at times, than Giddings. Especially when Giddings starts asking a rambling nebulous question that he forgets what he's on about. Give Mr C space he'll sort it in the end.
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