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  1. I contacted the Megastore on this point. They replied that I should buy the pre-order Kit and when it arrives take it UNOPENED to the Megastore and they will do the Numbers Names etc. I am going to wait till the kits are in the store though as this is too much of a faff.
  2. So you don't like football on TV period that's a good reason, I have no problem with that.
  3. There is always the Leicester factor. Sooner or later in a reduces league one of the Nine will get relegated making room for for another to join the top nine. I have seen Liverpool, Man U and Man City in the second division in my lifetime so don't think that theses teams will prosper come what may.
  4. Why would you wish this? I want to see Wednesday in the premier League as one of the big clubs not an also ran or, as you are proposing, irrelevant.
  5. The defence is procedural. The EFL should have brought the case in the season that the alleged transgression occured and applied any punishment in that season. This because it is that seasons competition that would have been compromised. We are now talking about comprising a competition two years later. Also bear in mind that during the 18/19 season there were no published penalties, it seems obtuse to apply punishments that were not part of the rules at that time.
  6. Thought she was a new signing for Wednesday Ladies.
  7. Giving foul throws enables us to get the defence in order. Lets face our throw ins are seldom an advantage to us, so we might just as well let the opposition have the lot and be prepared.
  8. You've obviously not watched. Its not one camera it's 4. The price is nothing to do with it either. Just getting some income into the club is the point. There are even instant replays and half time highlights.
  9. I welcome any chance to support my team with money. It is most important that we do so now in these very difficult circumstances. Clubs cannot survive on thin air. Look I get that not everyone has a tenner that they can chuck at the club but for those who can, you should.
  10. No its not. Go to Next Match tab where you will find buy video match pass on the right hand side of the screen. Log in and pay your whack. Its so easy that even a technophobe like me can do it.
  11. Sorry the title should read comparison of 2020/21 with 2019/20
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