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  1. I thought fasting was only for loan signings. Lent
  2. mark1948


    I get what you are saying and have said so. There is no need to get emotional about it.
  3. mark1948


    There is no guarantee that the language skills that you hire do as you say. If you operate in the way that you say you do, like me you will have been let down by those who represent you. It's a question of mutual trust and comprehension on behalf of the translator of the business and personal tone. I have yet to work with a translator who had any deep understanding of my thought processes of how to accurately represent me in that regard. Having said that your points are valid, which is why, I suspect, Mr C. uses written press releases for the most part and only directly addresses the fans of press directly when he feels there is value in showing his emotions. Football after all is an emotional game / business.
  4. mark1948


    Spot on. I don't doubt DCs passion for the club but he keeps getting hammered for the above reasons. A knowledgable football minded Press Officer/Liason Officer, who dealt with the press and who was also in touch with fan base. Look we all know DCs English isn't the best but its far better than our Thai. If you take the time and effort to understand what he is saying, in most instances you will find that what he says is truthful and acceptable and spot on. He is far more understandable, at times, than Giddings. Especially when Giddings starts asking a rambling nebulous question that he forgets what he's on about. Give Mr C space he'll sort it in the end.
  5. The number of times when we get a throw in the defensive third, a simple throw to our keeper is available only to be renected, frustrates the he'll out of me. Seldom does the alternative throw lead to anything positive and as has been discussed often puts pressure on the defence and conceding a goal. we need a throw in coach.
  6. Hi I am in Madrid today. Does anyone know a bar where I can watch the game today? obviously via iFollow.
  7. De Nada. I'm glad you enjoy the graph thread.
  8. 41 minus 30 is eleven points off where we were fourth not six.
  9. Whats happened? Two 1-0 wins in a row a the sign of a good defence. Five boxing day wind in a row Equal on points with last season. A win at West Brom sends us soaring above where we were this time last year. Crisis, what crisis.
  10. mark1948

    Name the Ex-Wednesday player

    Has there been an FA cup final in Yorkshire????
  11. We needed those three points today. I guess Westwood got the defence organised better than of late, but it was a turgid game not helped by some grotesque play acting by Preson players.
  12. mark1948

    Fans forum match day thread

    He can't sack Jos till Bruce is back from his jollies, if he's bringing Bruce in can he@
  13. mark1948

    Press Conference

    Whilst there is no doubting that what you say is true, is it right and proper to harass a man because of his wages or profession. It isn't, and no matter how you put it, civility, above all else, should prevail otherwise we become uncivilised. The way people treat one another on social media these days leads me to think we are headed that way. It won't be long before we reach that point at the rate that we are going.
  14. mark1948

    Press Conference

    Mr Giddings had asked variations of the same question in previous press conferences He opened Saturdays by posing that question in full knowledge that it would irritate and before even asking about the game. Whilst his manner was gentle the words were harsh. Furthermore Mr Giddings knows full well, as do the majority of us, that the question is only answerable by resigning on the spot, something that most of us wouldn't do. Is it Mr Giddings job to badger a man just trying to do, and keep his Job? I think not. That said in the aggressive, uncaring and abusive social media age perhaps I shouldn't expect common decency to prvail.
  15. mark1948

    Press Conference

    I understand too but it doesn't make it the right thing to do. He got his response and many on here expect Jos to make the apology and maybe he should for actually retaliating, but Giddings threw the first punch if he is half a man he should make the first apology.