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  1. Neither can some of todays millionaire players. Lots of them spend their fortunes on, bookies, booze, fast women, and lavish holidays, then squander the rest.
  2. Bavette & Skirt are the same cut of meat. Butchers will charge nearly twice as much when they call it Bavette as when they call it skirt even when its on the same shelf as it often is at Morrisons. Its a very tasty cheap cut of meat. I know a lot of you on here would just love a cheap piece of skirt.
  3. We were playing Liverpool in a cup game at Hillsborough. Three minutes in off the ball, Graeme Souness Runs over to Mick Lyons and rakes his studs down Mick's shin from knee to ankle. Of course neither the ref nor lino see a thing. Mick goes off has it stitched back up and is back on 5 minutes later. The game ended up 2-2 I think. Even to this day when I see Souness on TV I remember that and what a complete thug he was, and how tough Mick Lyons was to just get on with it.
  4. You need to factor out all midweek games that Sky subscribers get on the red button for no additional cost. iFollow becomes more expensive per game for Sky subscribers as once you deduct the "Free" games they get with their SKY subscription. Then take out all the pals who go to watch at their pals house/pub etc.
  5. Is this St Pauli Hamburg? The Red Light District?
  6. Helicopter, drones and I saw two police vans from Durham, overtime plus traveling for outside police forces, expensive.
  7. No. Warnock has a great sense of Humour. Wilder doesn't do funny.
  8. You can't get it because its not a Cup game. You can get the Super Bowl and the Cheltenham Cup.
  9. When we beat the Blades in 1979 that became known as the boxing day massacre, the Blades were going strong at the top of the league. After that game they sank like a stone, their confidence shattered and found out by the rest of the keague. A repeat would do the trick.
  10. How can you down vote a neutral post? Baffled me old chum.

  11. Give me your address and i'll have 50p on that. Mind you I reckon you would scam me for the 50p if it came up.
  12. I must have been there I had a season ticket at the time. It must have been rubbish and instantly forgettable.
  13. Where did I say we would? Just pointing out some stats that's all.
  14. It is all about the points. If we get 83 points we will overtake others and get to the playoffs,. I don't think we will but it is all about the points, if we are taking points others are not.
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