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  1. mark1948

    Wow - what a stupid article

    Whilst this is certainly true, it is because TV money is shared out evenly and this favours teams that are either at the very top, or the ones with the lowest cost bases. The teams with the lowest cost bases are clubs such as Bournemouth, Watford and the like. Clubs like us the Blades, Leeds etc have relatively large support. The large support brings with it much higher costs such as policing stadium maintenance etc. etc. etc. Whilst there is the opportunity for higher merchandising, catering and the like, it is still a struggle to be profitable outside of the Premiership. A rich investor in a low cost-base club gets to spend more money on players. Before TV money gate and Marketing receipts were king. If TV money followed the supporter instead of the even spread as is currently the case, we would return to the order of the well supported clubs being dominant. So lets get back to the money following the supporter, TV companies should have viewers be a registered supporter of a team, one team per Viewer account, and distribute receipts in a better way. I realise that all the armchair viewers will be Manure and the ilk supporters, but, nevertheless we would be in the premiership, its only when there can you start to win armchair supporters.
  2. mark1948

    Hillsborough refurbishment

    From 2009. How time flies.
  3. mark1948


    Not Allowed any more SAG & Health & Safety
  4. mark1948

    Our fire sale

    When did Mr Chansiri last sell a core member of our squad? I don't recall him doing that and I don't see him doing it now. The last time that FF and his agent tried it he ended up staying even though he threw a hissy fit for a while. Cant see any of this coming to pass. Its just the press and / or agents stirring it.
  5. mark1948

    20-1 to win Championship

    got 25/1 and 8/1 on bet 365 I put a tenner on both.
  6. Apparently he was good at getting the fish and chips in for the coach trip home from away games.
  7. I can't find this anywhere on Sky Sports website. Has anyone found a link or is this just a cobbled together list from OP purporting to be Sky Pundits Predictions.
  8. mark1948

    John Terry

    Its a no from me.
  9. We had a similar Thread on Friday.
  10. Yeah. He was miserable. Didn't give me a tip at Christmas either. I guess the Blue & White Scarf didn't help.
  11. Pace? Pace? He used to play for the Blades. He lived on Bishopscourt Road Norton Lees, I used to deliver his Star and Green Un in 1963 /64.
  12. So am I. Half a Crown in 1948 was an absolute mint. More than double the price on the Kop.
  13. mark1948

    What price would you pay?

    Put it to a vote and see what we get. But also bear in mind there will be those who vote for their ideal but when push comes to shove they will accept prem over style. History does show that attendances are better with us pushing for promotion from the second tier than battling relegation from the first tier. We were relegated under Big Ron playing stylish football. The following season was a footie fest as we romped to promotion.
  14. mark1948

    What price would you pay?

    Most would nothing is ever 100% life isn't like that. If we all liked the same things and thought the same things we would be "The Borg". I believe most would accept it. Just look at the Huddersfield supporters who are just thrilled to bits about staying in the Prem playing awful defensive football because they can't compete in an open game. Most are Happy. The same would be true of Owls fans. There will be a section who would want the lovely style me included. I would however sooner be Premiership with a poor style than being a stylish Championship club or worse.
  15. mark1948

    What price would you pay?

    Whilst Jack & Howard had well organised solid defences it was nevertheless attacking football playing,what former Liverpool Manager Bill Shankly called the early ball. Its what its detractors called the long ball or kick and rush. It wasn't pretty but it could be very exciting. This style got us two promotions. It took Wimbledon from the fourth Division to the top division in successive seasons. Nobody moaned.