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  1. Whilst I see your point I rather think that Mr C will have seen the Man U example and see parallels to our current situation and follow that model. Of course this is pure conjecture on my part.
  2. If Mr C is going to appoint a new permanent Manager then the International Break would be the ideal time to do it. By then Lee Bullen will have had plenty of time to stake his claim, and if he has impressed could be confirmed. If results have been mixed or start to deteriorate it's the ideal time to bring the new man in with a couple of weeks to work with the squad before his first game. So far Lee has been OK but some of his substitutions on Saturday had me perplexed. I would have thought that Adthe would have been an ideal foil against a packed defence, but I'm no expert. I have absolutely no insight into football at all and even less knowledge of the current fitness situation or the internal politics at S6.
  3. First loss today but still 5 points better than last term.
  4. No? Big side, Big defenders an absolute must for Adthe to be in there. The answer was on the bench but he puts Rhodes in. Unbelievable Geoff.
  5. The match would have been cancelled due to Bury's financial position.
  6. This season the comparison graph is between this season and last season. I will just post the graph most weeks and I will also show the match by match comparisons at the end of each month. So here is the first graph showing that we are 5 points to the good over last season at this stage. It will be interesting to see how the team evolves over the next few weeks and what our overall style will be. I must say I like the positive attitude shown so far and tellingly our luck has been in too. All too often in the past few seasons we seem to have been on the end of some harsh decisions and unlucky events, lets hope that our new positive attitude brings good luck and a fair slice of fortune with it. A good season in prospect I think!
  7. Can someone paste the video please.
  8. Paperwork has to be done by 19:00
  9. Strikers are largley reliant on the service that they receive from the midfield, wingers and overlapping full backs/wingbacks or in the case of the Blunts overlapping Centre Backs. Our problems have really stemmed from our lack of pace and ability to create sufficient chances for the strikers to put away. We have been saved at times by the ability of some of our players to score worldies out of nothing situations. Our strikers will be better this term as the supply line is starting to look better.
  10. I don't know that's all that was said. I am assuming, therefore could be entirely wrong, that it is a temporary issue and not connected with it being the Barnsley game.
  11. This was on Football heaven last night. Apparently it is because of issues with the turnstiles for the North Stand.
  12. We already are discussing that in this thread.
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