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  1. A lady friend of my wife has a Wednesday shirt from that era that belonged to Joe Ryalls. Joe only played a couple of games around the turn of the 19th and 20th century. The blue on the shirt was similar to the light blue on old fashioned striped pyjamas. The shirt itself was a thick wool mixture and the blue colour had no vibrancy whatsoever. The lady who is a decendant of Joe, showed me programs, that she was handed down, from that era, along with simple team sheets that were handed out at games gratis. All very fascinating.
  2. Sarcasm is awful, maybe my memory on Mellors goal isn't spot on but the Marching Jazz band is. Someone will confirm that I am 100% sure.
  3. They were Marching in front of the stand before kick off and at half time. They didn't go on the pitch just up and down in front of the stand. I remember Ian Mellor's goal, it was similar to the one he scored in the Boxing Day Massacre.
  4. That night away at Blackburn with the New Orleans style marching Jazz band a la James Bond film "Live and Let Die" will never erase from my memory. We just knew we were going up after defeating a promotion rival away.
  5. It has a great deal to do with the rules and the fact that the earnings of the Premier League are so far out of Kilter with the other leagues. In any other business as you say, you would go bust. The Championship is so investable to extremely wealthy individuals because of the potential to get promoted to the riches of the Premier League. These wealthy people can have a few shots at it. If they succeed either cash in and sell for big money or enjoy the ride. If you fail sell up to another extremely wealthy individual or consortium accept your losses and move on. In this regard it is not like a normal business it is more like the football club is your poker chip and the league the poker table for which there is a steep buy in to play the game.
  6. Not entirely true. Clubs are getting into difficulty because of the rules in some cases. Our own club is in difficulties entirely because of the EFL rules. If we were any other kind of business the owner would be able to invest whatever he likes. The restriction of the amount that an owner can lose per season is at the core of our problems. Our owner has plenty of money, for now at least, to cover any losses. We are not looking at administration or any business ending issues.
  7. It depends where you are in the league structure. Even the best footballing sides in the Championship are not that good when compared to The Premier League. So getting to the Premier League has to be objective one. If you have to play percentage football to get there then fine. Once in the Prem you can develop the football but you have to stay there to pay the bills. Playing good football and staying in the Prem is the goal.
  8. if you call 0333 100 0333 and follow the instructions you will get through. It does say waiting time 1 hour but I was answered within 2 minutes and all sorted five minutes later.
  9. I have not renewed my season ticket and it is unlikely that I will attend any of the remaining games on my current season ticket. In all probability I have already attended the last football match of my life. I can no longer bear the discomfort of the seating or the discomfort of watching a team bereft of inspiration. So it's goodbye to Hillsborough for me. That said, I will be Wednesday till I die.
  10. 4 Points and 5 places below where we were last season. Our away form is now matching our poor home form.
  11. Those old uns amongst us used to look forward to watching "No Hiding Place" on Tele.
  12. I'll be doing that but only when Wednesday are playing. I didn't mean that I have corona virus old bean.
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