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  1. No he's not. Its just the way football is. Every player in every team, except the ones who bring in the crowds, runs the risk of having to justify regaining their place after being injured. The only player at SWFC who doesn't is probably FF.
  2. you know last week I said that more or less and got downvoted 5 times in the same thread. You today get lots of upvotes just shows how hearts and minds change in a few days. You ge one more from me.
  3. Well we are off the mark it was disappointing not to get the win. Fletch could have had a hat trick. Thornily was the standout performance for me. He looked extremely composed and blocked their right side completely out. With reach running riot down our left with Thornily we should win many more than we lose. Was also pleased with Ash Baker who did little wrong. He got a few crosses in but he needs to run into those spaces behind, which he could have done an a few occasions but didn't, before he makes the position his own. Toughie next Sunday at Brentford lets hope that we continue to improve.
  4. of course not. However if we did get some dosh in we may be able to get loans or free agents UK or foreign in the immediate future. Of course that presupposes that money in would be sufficient for the EFL
  5. Hi edited, You have negged me for politely posting an opinion that you don't agree with. In fact you negged most comments I made in the thread when no-one else did when we were having the discussion. I would never ever consider negging someone for simply posting an opposing view. I might do if their post was aggressive or just rude but just for being different... never.

  6. Many saying he's not injured including himself so I've read. I don't know for sure it's just an opinion. I'm sorry if it differs from your opinion, buts that's the nature of discussion.
  7. How do you know? He hasn't played for months. The manager and the goalkeeping coach seem to disagree with your opinion.
  8. Dawson is the man with the Shirt right now. Dawson and Wildsmith will only get better Westwood will only get worse.
  9. What is so strange. It's clear Jos prefers Dawson and Wildsmith to Westwood. I have to say that before he was injured last season I thought Westwood was average and he cost us some points with thoughtless play. I don't think he is anywhere near the best goalkeeper in the Championship any more. Not playing him is a good move if he is, as I suspect, past his best, as this will not harm his reputation or de-value his transfer fee so much.
  10. mark1948

    Long season.

    What makes you think that, that is likely. I think that it's highly unlikely. One may go but both... not a chance. We are more likely to move out some lesser mortals to free up some wages for incoming loans or free agents.
  11. mark1948

    An Interesting Week Ahead

    Thanks for pointing this out, it may be used. However I rather suspect that if we have outgoings we will want the money in sharpish and not have to wait until January. It's unlikely that any of our major players would be let go on such terms. It might fit for someone like Winnall but as he's still injured it would be a risk for the buying club.
  12. It's going to be an interesting week one way or another. Things get underway at tonight's fan's forum, who knows what may be revealed and how that determines what else happens this week. On Thursday its deadline day so we will know before the weekend whether any contracted players are leaving, who they are and the implications for the season ahead. We will know the squad for Saturdays game at home to Hull City and after that match we will have some idea of how we might perform this season. We already know that Adthe won't be in the squad because he is suspended and we all pretty much assume Westwood will be moving on. Sit back and enjoy the ride and try not to lose your marbles and keep some sense of perspective.
  13. The table compares this season with the 2016/17 season where we finished 4th. The chart has yet to register anything as we lost. What was encouraging yesterday was that we can score. The defensive performance was less than ideal to put it mildly. Stupid passes and generally carelessness with the ball cost us. Let's hope for better next week when the transfer window will be closed and we see who we have to work with.