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  1. 2 Points worse off than last season and in the same league position.
  2. Same point for same games as last season. If we lose at Birmingham we will be three points worse off than last season. Frankly I can't see us ever winning again but we will it's just a matter of when.
  3. Status Quo Down, Down, Deeper and Down. Don't Go Breakin' my Heart.
  4. usually in the top right hand side of your browser and on your phone just use your fingers.
  5. You can use the zoom function on your phone or PC to make things easier to read
  6. Here you can two seasons of Carlos's, Last season with Jos, Bullen and Bruce & Co., and this season with Bullen and Monk. Make of it what you will. The season before last In Carlos's last season which he shared with Jos there was a spell of just 2 wins in 21 games.
  7. If we lose on Saturday we will be level with where we were at the same point last season. This time though we will be on a downward trend when last season we were on the up. After watching Luton outplay and totally boss the game it will take an almighty effort to get a win out of a Reading, who will see the game as an opportunity to get within two points of us. Tonight's performance lacked any sort of cohesion. We looked like an amateur team thrown together just before the match. it is truly scary how teams just run at us and our players fall like dead leaves in autumn.
  8. if we continue our current form we will start to fall behind where we were last year very soon. We need to start winning games in the league. Obvious of course but I had to say it.
  9. Tough the background is staying. This is not a corporate presentation.
  10. A man two rows behind me that night had a heart attack and died in the South Stand. It was either when Chelsea equalised or went 4-3 ahead the memory grows dimmer as the years go by.
  11. In my post after the Blackburn game link below. I said that leaving at half time was only the second time that I had done so in all my time as a supporter. I also said that the Wigan game was a must win and an indicator of where we are. Well now we know. I don't know why I feel so bad because as many of you have said we have been in much worse positions in the league, financially and in footballing ability. There just seems to be this inevitability that we will fall well short of our goals despite being financially stable and having some good footballers at our disposal. Perhaps it's the groundhog day lack of enthusiasm as the crowd wonder which Wednesday are going to turn up. I can't begin to tell you how much I am dreading sitting through the game against Millwall on Saturday. Another of those teams who we aspire to look down upon from a lofty perch. The truth is they will delight in playing us whilst our players will not want to play them. The championship is all about bottle and competing physically first, second and third. Something radical needs to happen before 17:00 on Friday. There are few players in my eyes that are must keep and I am looking forward to seeing a summers clear out and a rebore with new, enthusiastic and driven players. Much as I admire Barry Bannan I think that our midfield, whilst less creative, is stronger and more effective without him. This is probably due to opponents focussing on stopping him playing. When he isn't in the team there isn't that focus for opponents. Let's hope things change for the better and soon.
  12. Nothing to say here but we are the very bottom of the form table as well dreadful.
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