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  1. I look forward to every Sheffield Wednesday game- much the same as I have done for the last 63 years. We have ups and downs but we’re all Wednesday aren’t we?
  2. Christ! She was bad enough as Prime Minister! That’s not an image I want in my head this close to bed time!!
  3. I thought that was the reason that Garry Mink was appointed- clear out the old school and build a side over three or four transfer windows. Luckily, the fan base gave him one transfer window in the middle of a pandemic and the EFL gave him a twelve point deduction to motivate the players. Seems fair to me that we now have a new manager with the same problems!
  4. My first ever shirt and a pair of Pentagon Pocock Sharpshooter boots for Christmas! Around 1959.. I still wore them two years later when I became Peter Swan and therefore invincible.
  5. Well, well, we didn’t win so it has to be DC’s fault. AGAIN Pathetic.
  6. The Mighty Owls will win 3-0 and that nice Mr Rhodes will score all three... Fact- get your money on!
  7. I never understood what was wrong with 2-3-5 and a mobile WM. it worked for Herbert Chapman with Arsenal ( and Huddersfield) in the late 20’s and 30’s. Until Wednesday stuffed them en route to victory in the final in 1935 ... Play up The Wednesday!
  8. Tsk tsk! You young ‘uns need t’get t’pub for a pint! Young Tony Pulis will see us reyt.
  9. I don’t think we should employ TP - I wouldn’t! Eddie Howe yes, Ryan Lowe yes, but not TP. However we should support the manager whoever he is until he moves on to greener pastures- mainly because we can do little else! At this stage anyone is a gamble, it’s just a matter of the size of the odds..
  10. RIP Albert. I saw him play for Manchester Utd - I thought Johnny Fantham was better but I was always biased. In the picture on the thread, is it the England under 23 team...and is that Alan Finney on the left on the front row? I’m fairly sure Alan had under 23 honours for England but no full England cap. He used to wear boots with red soles ( very fancy when I was 9 years old). Somebody on here will know.
  11. Yep! That’s why he’s the Chairman and we’re not. It’s his club we watch, and in fairness, he knows a lot more about managing a multi million pound business than most on here! Go for it DC!
  12. Yay! That’s two of us! 35,000 more to convince then..
  13. Is it still orbiting? Cracking pen though- probably one of my favourites!
  14. You’re not Silkstone Owl- you’re Owlin Wolf. I saw the Blues Brothers.
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