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  1. Strewth! DC wasn’t on the pitch when they blew a two goal lead! Change the record for heaven’s sake!!!
  2. We don’t think we will be relegated. The Moore the merrier in my opinion. Not quite a mid table finish, but no problem. Get to it Rhodesy!
  3. But when you think Liverpool paid £37,500 for Ian St John ( RIP Saint- absolute class)..
  4. John Hickton was a little after big Keith but you’re right Dobbo! Ellis was awkward but he couldn’t half head a ball! I’m going off for a little cry in the corner...
  5. Billy Griffin scorer of the second of the Owls two goals when they beat the double winning Spurs team 2-1.
  6. Hmmmm! Fascinating insight. 2-0 half time- will he get the hat trick?
  7. Why would you want to post abuse like that? Hardly the Chairman’s fault that Shaw was sent off!
  8. No, not really. The six point deduction should be spread over the season and not fully deducted at this stage. Bad for morale in my opinion.
  9. As you all know, I’m not one for wild predictions. The Wednesday 8 Birmingham City 0 (and a six point deduction for the Brummies) Rhodes 3 Paterson 2 Bannan 2 (1 pen) Shaw
  10. I forgive you Red Dragon. As for the rest of you, it’s Red Dragon’s fault so stop blaming that nice Mr Chansiri! See, I was right and Owlstalk has been blaming the wrong person all along.
  11. You never saw Chris Woods then...! Count Dracula could handle crosses better than Chris Woods.
  12. I can’t remember Carlos bottling anything - after all, he wasn’t actually playing on either of those days as I remember. Anyway, it makes a change from it being that nice Mr Chansiri’s fault/ Barry Bannan’s fault/ Tom Lees’ fault, (insert any player’s name)’s fault AND Paixo’s fault. AND that bloke who works down the chip shop who thinks he’s Elvis’s fault.
  13. Now THAT was a good bunch of players ( Swanny and Bronco were awaiting their fate at the time of the photograph I think- I have one of the original prints signed by everyone and a couple of junior players including somebody called Howard Wilkinson). Tommy Mac’s eyebrows though!
  14. I doubt if our mate Iorfa would even get into the 60/61 side, certainly not as Centre Half!
  15. He was a colossus, in my opinion a far better centre half than Jack Charlton. In his day, truly world class. RIP Peter Swan.
  16. I was just adding to the injustice part of the complaint! FFP were breached yep- but those parachute payments never did allow any form of level playing field. I’m not surprised that owners “innovate” to try and address the imbalance. I think it holds everyone back apart from the relegated clubs : some of whom, as we know, have broken FFP for the sake of the riches of the Premier League.
  17. It’s only biased because you don’t agree with it! I thought he made some good points ( but then again I’m biased too)
  18. Yep, but the real t*rd in the water pipe is the stance on parachute payments. One law for the relegated and another for the rest. You can’t have a system with different rules for the top tier that still apply when you’re no longer in the top tier! It’s not bloody rocket science!
  19. Heresy! Burn him at Barkers Pool! I’ll bring the logs..
  20. If only he hadn’t pulled his head away we would have stayed up!
  21. There used to be an inlet on the Ground side of the arches- you wouldn’t call it a car park, more of a green lane access to something or another. On match day it was full of cars and motor bikes/ sidecars and there was a programme seller as you came out on to the main road. Rosettes and bobble hats were compulsory, losing at home was never an option. Just a great flood of 40,000 or so, full of expectation and escaping the seriously hard work in the steel mills and mines. Supporters of both sides walking together and never any trouble. Flat caps as far as the eye could see ( not very far when y
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