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  1. so are they actually a breed of water dog then? I am amazed at the breadth of knowledge on Owlstalk. The next thing we’ll be seeing is a pig dressed as a Blunt...
  2. 4-0 to those Wednesday Wizards! Play up The Owls!
  3. I’ll be there.. bit of Motown on a Saturday. Excellent!
  4. I think DC will have more need for David Nixon than Richard Nixon Nev! Just think, 90% of Owlstalkers haven’t got a clue about your excellent post!
  5. or a Fessi gnome that you can’t get on the bus ..
  6. I’m happy to support your right to your view Billy! You have a great day mate! WAWAW
  7. but Billy, you either want it to be “a platform to tackle racism and homophobia” As you stated in your previous reply, or you don’t! I agree with Highworth Owl ( and others) that we have a moral duty, but I want to watch a football match not a party political broadcast. Keep Hillsborough politics free! By the way I’ve taken my mate Nev’s advice and cancelled my Sky contract. It didn’t hurt at all.
  8. Thanks Nero. Well I concede that you’re nearly right! My position is none of those you describe, so there must be a fourth ( if you accept neutral as a position). Most people I think can be classified as “normal” ( Gaussian curves or “ bell curves” tell us that 95% of people fit “ the norm” and 2.5% on each side are extremes). I sort of see it that way in that most people don’t see “other races“ or “ religions” or “sexual orientation” as divisive elements. He’s a good bloke or he’s not is the “usual” marker- I don’t give a rats past that point. If you see colour as a barrier you really need to get help! Equally, i don’t see racists on the rise ( depends how you classify racists of course, and whether you accept that racists occupy both sides of the line and within particular groups and hierarchies.) because there have always been racists ( Hitler, Moseley, Amin, the Manchester bomber etc). I do realise the need to oppose their views and indeed have done so many times, so it does “happen here”As you quite properly suggest. I am concerned that divisions within our society are exploited for political advantage, and sweeping generalisations are promoted to that end. If we find specific evidence of hate crime then individuals should feel, as you suggest, the full weight of the law. The danger is of course that when free speech and opinion is swallowed up by outrage and hyperbole, then we create more of the fascists we despise. You have a great day too! WAWAW
  9. It’s a bit early in the morning Nero, but what do you suggest? i suggest there’s a time and place for everything. There is football to satisfy our gregarious instincts and complain or cheer as the situation demands. It’s a substitute for the real world, not a place for political shenanigans where we act out societal divisions or embrace anarchy. Frankly, any Wednesday fan of any race, colour, inclination or creed would be out if their seat to celebrate a Wednesday goal. How much more inclusive can you get? I note my mate Nev’s post earlier, but for me politics has no place in sport. At Hillsborough ( and in my view outside Hillsborough too) we’re all equal.
  10. Trevor Francis wanting to see Cantona play on grass.. ( sorry I forgot that one!)
  11. You’re right! It’s on my list too and you got the correct date too!! Well done that man! That penalty though...I think Tony Coleman scored a screamer to give us hope ( it’s the hope that kills you)
  12. Fergie time to let Man U win.. Villa winning at Hillsborough under Big Ron Leon Clarke’s performance against Palace (- actually just Leon Clarke really) and Jeffers pulling his head away from the easiest chance of the game. 0-0 at home to Dagenham and Redbridge after driving from Inverness for the game and driving back afterwards. Bloody AWFUL performance! Grant Holt was garbage. The relegation game against Man City in (was it) 1972? losing on penalties at home to Wolves it’s been tough over the last 61 years... (but Harkes against Derby though...)
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