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  1. Maybe he was just giving Bullen a chance? I think, bearing in mind Bullen’s commitment to us over the years, it was the least he could do. Time to get behind the new manager and give him a chance. WAWAW.
  2. Sorry Folks. I’m a bit old and slow and I’ve just read Snooty’s intro to the OMDT. Without a doubt, the best post I’ve seen on Owlstalk. If the FA passed the those two as Fit and proper people, then they should fund Bury until they find someone competent. How can the same people who insist upon their definition of “fit and proper” then kick a team out of the League for following their advice? Well done Snoots! in other news, and so nobody can complain this post is in the wrong section, have we scored yet?
  3. STOP THE POLL! 17 more candidates have arrived from 10 Downing Street.. Jeremy Hunt is now 2/1 on..
  4. I still haven’t though I’d rather have van Helsing at the moment.
  5. Four Feather Falls was compulsive viewing ( as was Clint Walker as Cheyenne Body) and Highway Patrol with Broderick Crawford. Kids these days just won’t grow up proper without No Hiding Place and Stingray and John Fantham and Bronco Layne and Tommy Mac... Now in my day......(insert very long playing record here)...Ty Hardin was Bronco as I recall..
  6. In fairness, Hughton spellchecks as Houghton on my software. Be careful out there. Abuse awaits the spellchecked! In Chansiri we trust because he has admitted his previous mistakes and is doing his best to put them right. What man could do more? We could do a lot worse than Dejphon- as those in Newcastle and Blackpool (and us old Wednesday fans) can tell you. i’m afraid Big Steve has to make his mind up. We’re too close to kick off to mess about any more. If you’re staying, fine. If you’re going, fine. I trust Dejphon to make the right decision on moral and financial grounds in the best interests of our club.
  7. Fernando might just be the last of the Gentlemen Footballers. What an excellent example to young (and old) people. Back in the day, this would be the default position adopted by the likes of Ron Springett, Don Megson, Tommy McAnearney, John Fantham and the like. “To walk with kings but not lose the common touch” as Kipling might say. I remember it well. Well done that man.
  8. Well no Mycroft! The accused is innocent until guilt is proven, ergo it is the default position and is therefore the basis of the proceedings. Innocence is indeed questioned by evidence and guilt is apportioned on that basis. Clearly, guilt cannot be assumed until innocence has been compromised by evidence to the contrary and formally proven. But it I see where you’re coming from! Top six at the end of the season?
  9. Ah Mycroft! Indeed, but he has been released after the prosecution failed to substantiate allegations. Therefore, the case is unproven and his innocence cannot, and should not be questioned. As our mate Squonk says, a man is innocent unless proven guilty. How is Holmes by the way? WAWAW etc...
  10. Well said Squonk! Clearly a highly intelligent, intuitive and perceptive summary for which you should receive emeritus status. Common sense in a difficult world.
  11. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder...
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