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  1. That’s OK then. I thought you were just going to share the recent news that Germany and Japan were co-operating on National defence. As someone suggested, we’ll be OK as long as Italy don’t join in.. Meanwhile, back to the footie! Well done those Wednesday Boys! Time to tear Colin a new one on Saturday before disposing of Wayne Rooney FC in the last game.
  2. We’re too good to go down.... just a single this time barman, I have to go to work..
  3. Can we get Franny Jeffers on loan for tonight’s game? The way he got his head out of the way of the ball still haunts me! I’ve been at the Crystal ball and it’s a 7-1 victory for the Mighty Owls as they move to avoid relegation on the final day.... Play up the Wednesday Boys! More of those crystals please Nurse...
  4. In fairness, the PL have been screwing the lower leagues like this for years. This is Karma. Maybe the relegated teams from the new competition should be allowed a £1Billion parachute payment and the rest of the PL should be subject to FFP?
  5. Coffee spitter that one! Well done Bert’s Lad!
  6. Absolutely THIS. I haven’t criticised him because I don’t think he has done the wrong things deliberately and I still think he would love to see us in the Prem and not just for business reasons. I think he genuinely cares. ( others will have a different view and I respect that) However, as I have stated squillions of times before, the financial balance of this league is so undermined by the parachute payments and ridiculous FFP regulations, that without expert advice he is, and always was bound to fail. I think he is an honourable man whose loyalty to his “advisers” is misplaced. A
  7. But you have to take into consideration that apart from the sunshine, palm trees and hotels without prostitutes, Glasgow is the British equivalent of Beirut anyway. I would strongly suggest to Owlstalkers that if they are going to pick up a car from Glasgow Motorpoint ( not that far from Celtic Park) they should pay extra and get it delivered to somewhere where you are not going to get your COVID jab en route to Intensive Care. You’re wrong by the way- Sheffield is as passionate about footie as anywhere I’ve been. Just do a quick replay of Waddle’s free kick, Bright’s header, Tudgay’s sc
  8. Oh I don’t know....Jeffers took some beating. Joey would be a lot better in a better team that doesn’t lapse into panic mode at the first sign of trouble. He’s certainly not the only potential scapegoat although he gets bad press on here. Then again, so does everybody else!
  9. A little more water with it perhaps? I only drink beer in the afternoons except on Saturdays and when we have a game midweek...
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