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  1. Absinthe makes the heart grow fonder...
  2. He didn’t indeed, but I saw him at Highbury in 62 when Arsenal won 2-0. Jack McClelland stopped a Bronco Layne piledriver while suspended horizontally when it was 1-0 by somehow pushing it on to the right hand post. For years it was the best save I had ever seen! You’ve stirred a couple of memories here Dunsby! Well done Mate!
  3. I was there Dunsby. I think we won 4-2. My old Dad and me stood at the front of the South Stand so we could watch the game with the North stand as a backdrop. Great night! RIP Dad. Proper Owl.
  4. Just imagine if Mr Chansiri hadn’t arrived with his millions.We are fortunate and the majority of posts criticising the Chairman are ignorant and disrespectful. How many of you have managed a multimillion pound business and accumulated such investment potential? He’s doing the best he can. Carlos was a one trick pony who took all of us for a ride. Rhodes didn’t work for us, but the Chairman put the money on the table. You have very short memories. I would be inclined to write a grovelling apology before he leaves and takes his cash with him.
  5. Didn’t Brian Usher score the winning goal v Huddersfield (away) in the fifth round of the 1966 cup run? Doesn’t that make him a legend? He was only two yards out but ... All the games were away from home as I remember. Reading, Newcastle, udders, Blackburn, Chelsea in the semi and Everton in the final. Had it not been for Brian Usher this post would have never existed...
  6. I think i’m In love with Katrien Meire! She is doing a fantastic job behind the scenes. Well done Girl!
  7. That was better than the anti- Greek rant on Father Ted! Priceless! A bit like listening to all the wasters on Owlstalk who last week wanted Dave and Jos and everybody else to be shot at dawn! WAWAW
  8. Just looked it up! Third Lanark was derived from the Third Lanarkshire Volunteers in 1872! Fascinating history on Wikipedia...
  9. Short crew cut maybe? I was small at the time! Didn’t we get him from Third Lanark ? Stretching the old brain cells a bit there. Is Third Lanark the weirdest name for a football club?
  10. As I remember (and I'm getting old) Bobby Craig was a little Scot with a bald head unlike Gerry Young (the bloke on the photo who scored 3 against Manchester United after converting from left half to centre forward). I saw Tommy Mac (scored against Blanchflower's Spurs) and Alan Finney, Tony Kay (is that Keith Ellis behind Ron Springett? Didn't he score 3 against Man Utd when Wednesday beat them 7-2 at Old Trafford 62 or '63?), Red Froggatt, Tommy Craig (wonderful player). Is that Ron Shiner (after whom I was named) and I had the cigarette cards of Jimmy Seed and Walter Millership. Some cracking memories in that lot! Many thanks!
  11. Ron Springett was a figurehead. Don Megson was a figurehead. Keith Ellis was a good centre forward but Ritchie’s header at the Lane off the underside of the bar from Ford’s cross ... I can still see McCalliog making sure by heading past Hodgy, I never cared that he lived in Stoke...
  12. It’s a long road without a turn in it (or so they say in Scotland). Happy Birthday JR ! Bang in a couple this weekend and you will be a God once again! Get to it Jordan!
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