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  1. However, we have a whole defence waiting in the wings and half a midfield on the treatment table. Wednesday to challenge for the play offs when they get back on the field- or my name’s not Garry Monk! ( Ooops- a bit of a giveaway there!)
  2. George Hirst score the goal that sees Wednesday relegated? Really? Doom mongering on a whole new level. Utter rubbish.
  3. You don’t have to. Go and watch somebody else! I’m sure they will value your version of “support”. For goodness sake, half the side is out through injury!
  4. Maybe that’s why the manager brought them in and the Chairman paid for them? That they all are injured at the same time is just bad luck. Luongo the following week was the killer blow, but that was nothing to do with the Manager or the Chairman! Obviously!
  5. Suggest you go and watch some other team. You’re clearly not happy here.
  6. John Fantham v Leicester ( we lost ) They played in red shirts. Best photo ever- had it on my bedroom wall !
  7. No you can’t. The manager is an integral part of the team.
  8. Suggest you find a new site? Owls hate.com would suit you- or you could just watch tennis.
  9. I’ll support him until he leaves. Then again I’m a lifelong Sheffield Wednesday supporter. Lose three players in one game, one beforehand and a midfield partner for Bannan the following week and then whine on about the Manager? Really? I suggest the haters all go and watch Le*ds or Manure or Dem Blades. Garry Monk will keep us up this season. Why anyone on here pretends to know more about his side than he does is way beyond me! if you can’t stand it anymore I suggest you support somebody else.
  10. Doubters all! 5-0 HOME win. Play up The Wednesday. Trotter(2), Palethorpe, Rimmer, and that new bloke.
  11. That’s a bit positive Hoots! Are you sure you’re in the right forum? Quite right though and well said. WAWAW
  12. For goodness sake! Why not get behind the team? That’s what supporters do (but not on Owlstalk obviously).
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