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  1. Didn't we have a connection with them at some point? I remember the flag,thanks for reminding me pal UTO
  2. Anyone one but Tommy! Didn't even know he was here
  3. Did that ginger p Rick Danny Hall have owt to do with it by any chance?
  4. Be careful you may start a new thread
  5. Like he's gonna be paid to give his opinion on us alone,we aren't relevant to the footballing world anymore
  6. Basically from the title have you ever been in a part of the world and randomly met a Wednesday fan? For me 6 years ago at welding company in Barrie,Ontario. Got the job and was introduced to a bloke called Dave who was my mentor at the time from Bradfield who loved Wednesday as much as me. Was a great relief to have a colleague with something to talk about.
  7. Somewhere in the loft is a load no idea about this one in particular but a few in great condition from the 80s
  8. I'm glad someone who gives a s hit about us has the platform to bring attention to our situation rather then nothing at all said about it.
  9. Think it's too early to say whether he is or isn't good enough imo. As Wednesday fans we have a knack of bigging people up to expect way too much and I've been guilty of that in the past.
  10. I get that point and yeah you're right,he does seem to have the knack of getting em back up,I'm not for him nor against him I'm just sick of feeling like this maybe it's just me but I don't see us changing under chansiri and it's not enjoyable to watch surely that we agree on
  11. The way we're going relegation is a real possibility anyway But you clearly know better than everyone simpleton
  12. Based on our current progress yes
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