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  1. We're gonna lose games I don't know what some people expect ffs
  2. Reading fans seem to think joao is the answer to their problems,not a good riddance as he gave us some great memories but I feel if it was fletch instead there'd be less outcry!joao at the moment could only dream to have an impact like SF! He didn't want to be here,good luck and move on UTO
  3. Remember the Burton Albion game though? (Thanks pal nearly forgot)
  4. 10 men and they thought double figures
  5. Was Wigan last season pal im still in therapy because of it
  6. Yes yes yes yes Have that ya double digit horse face W ankers
  7. No upset here pal Merely wanted an opinion on it and thanks for giving yours, I like to see how others view things. UTO
  8. @Dronfield Blue thanks for the neg Is that not what happened?
  9. Which leaves other managers to come in and finish the job*
  10. Worth the wait though,could never understand why stoke fans hate Aaron Ramsey,hopefully this is shawcross finished
  11. Appreciation for the money and effort put in,Not really much to ask to show thanks
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