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  1. more chance of Evie being involved in a bukakke....oh wait
  2. Like Adrian Durham tries to be controversial to make himself significant
  3. Probably should consider retirement after the team performance there
  4. Michele Di Piedi - scored some great goals (Sunderland, Norwich, Birmingham) but couldn't find any consistency probably to lack of ability rather than effort.
  5. The stir is a propaganda machine for him as well as radio Sheffield. Nice to see the tweet from the pig about Bruce's parents didn't make it on their poxy site, however if it was other way round I'm sure ginger pubes and face like a can of smashed ring pieces shields would be allover it,like a pig on spice
  6. Stop copying my original thread titles
  7. Jus had a kip and woke up to this I better stop boozing ffs
  8. We've conquered all of England we're never going stop with atko and with Francis we've won the flipping lot
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