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  1. Leon Clarke - What's made him what he is?

    Maybe his dad passing too got him focused on his game abit deep but things like that obviously affects a person aswell as a good manager
  2. I thought you weren't supposed to talk about it?
  3. Love Wednesday, like England, hate the band

    Hopefully watching the Rhinos
  4. The Kit

    Is anyone even bothered anymore? The embarrassment is numbing me now
  5. Micah

    The magic of owlstalk
  6. Micah

    Oh its so worth it
  7. Micah

    I've broken my ribs you poopydoo I'm in agony and spat my beer out
  8. Is dumping definitely lucky?

    If it is... Pass me the laxatives or does texture play a role in luck?
  9. Playoff Nerves starting

    Barca B
  10. Beamback

    We could always do a pitch invasion
  11. The credit where it's due

    Save me some
  12. Love for the owls

    Split up with a bird to watch us,risked my job last year streaming us in the office against Brighton first leg of play offs,absolutely hate being in Canada and not being sat at Hillsboro with me dad,good job I'm back in May,in time for the promotion party