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  1. Micah

    The magic of owlstalk
  2. Micah

    Oh its so worth it
  3. Micah

    I've broken my ribs you poopydoo I'm in agony and spat my beer out
  4. Is dumping definitely lucky?

    If it is... Pass me the laxatives or does texture play a role in luck?
  5. Playoff Nerves starting

    Barca B
  6. Beamback

    We could always do a pitch invasion
  7. The credit where it's due

    Save me some
  8. Love for the owls

    Split up with a bird to watch us,risked my job last year streaming us in the office against Brighton first leg of play offs,absolutely hate being in Canada and not being sat at Hillsboro with me dad,good job I'm back in May,in time for the promotion party
  9. Hi you from sheffield? 

    1. Show previous comments  6 more
    2. wednesdayok


      Good days will be back dont worry

    3. NorthAmericanOwl


      I believe it my friend UTO have a fantastic weekend

    4. wednesdayok


      Same to you. ROSS

  10. Blue and white romania

    I work with a few in Toronto,great lads and great grafters maybe if some of the youth back home or even here in Canada took a leaf out of their book the economy would be a little better off
  11. A Positive Thread - Memorable Moments

    Cardiff play off final,time seemed to stand still as talbot rounded the keeper
  12. Carlos needs to find his plan B quick.

    The guy that didn't even play?
  13. New Wednesday Fans

    I'm too young to know Peter Feely Sham but if you're raising I'm folding!
  14. New Wednesday Fans

    I witnessed Jon Beswetherwick times are good right now,keep the faith