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  1. Alot better off than me and many others for doing a crap job and will get another I can't feel sorry but at the same time wish him no ill will he was just pure shybo
  2. He's an advanced Warnock can't dangerous with dough,they need to keep him though imo I hope they fizz him off
  3. Ffs,hardly fills the defence with confidence then,I thought he was sound and no errors but obviously not
  4. What did he do pal? I missed that serious question for owlstalk purposes
  5. Change our our blue trim to sky blue and I love it on the away
  6. Our lass had a rant at me earlier and stood in dog sh@t soon after in her new shoes that'll teach the pig fan to start on my day off
  7. Hindsight is a wonderful thing sometimes people just fit at other clubs
  8. Playing a drinking game every time I hear "come on rotherham" I drink it's fecking excellent
  9. Enjoy your cup final you scruffy tw@ I couldn't give a **** about your team you're irrelevant to us get a derby with someone like maltby
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