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  1. What about our lovely neighbours attendance in a play off semi final against Yeovil? fizz off doom you bellend
  2. Wales Online Poll

  3. Derby tho

    Who was that aimed at pal?

    Personally I'd rather play County let's not write em off just yet
  5. Pleased with that

    new signings needed before friday these playboys should be in tomorrow
  6. Bullens short reign.

    bullen needs to go
  7. Laughing stock

    Miss Meire is here now and i'm prepared to give her a chance as that's all we can do at the moment, I hope she has learnt from previous mistakes but there seems very little we can do for or against her other than wait and see. Get behind the team and whoever the new man is because now is the time to stand up and be counted! UTO neg away
  8. Megson

    im guessing we're just not allowed an opinion
  9. Megson

    i'd take that right now, I'm trying to stay positive about our new CEO too in the way thats its a chance for her to put things right with us, hope is all i have at the moment
  10. Megson

    i'm starting to feel like he's the only person who would get us a result at the sty right now
  11. Thank you Carlos Carvalhal

    i wished him well at first,now i retract that i hope you get found out for the fraud that you are carlos you absolute priick
  12. Could the new coach be walking amongst us?

    Aero where are you?
  13. Bullen the early favourite......

    Hell to the naw naw
  14. Thanks Carlos and good luck I'll remember the good times as there were many