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  1. Playing both semi finals at Wembley have killed it for me
  2. Monk said yesterday only ones who are out were Palmer and FF so take from.that what you will
  3. He's done his time his heart is no longer in it,time to go for me as much as I like him
  4. So if the efl had any brains,why would ya not send someone out to evaluate what the grounds are worth instead of letting us and dcfc do it? Obviously this is where they fecked up
  5. Infectious smile I couldn't stop smiling watching it well done lad!
  6. He wouldn't get stuck in like we need especially if others aren't pulling their weight,but defo needed replacing
  7. I could write people within the game believe the club could be automatically relegated,without any actual quotes as to who these "people" are
  8. Some people just don't want him to succeed it's as simple as that
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