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  1. Serena would crush ya head with her thighs,for that reason alone I'm in!
  2. Had us and pigs to lose just over evens,easy money
  3. How much for a POTG next year? We've been mugged off big time!
  4. Sat on the bus with 2 of the scrubbers,one says they play tonight and 1 scruffetta thinks they beat Watford 3-0 last night
  5. Exactly this,right place right time that's what we have lacked for so long
  6. Gives it all and is scoring goals don't care about anything else you can't say he doesn't try
  7. No thanks hate derbies and the anxiety they give me,best thing ever to win and there's no feeling like it but losing is unbearable if you live and work amongst the great unwashed
  8. Alot better off than me and many others for doing a crap job and will get another I can't feel sorry but at the same time wish him no ill will he was just pure shybo
  9. He's an advanced Warnock can't dangerous with dough,they need to keep him though imo I hope they fizz him off
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