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  1. NorthAmericanOwl

    Winnall to the pigs?

  2. NorthAmericanOwl

    Half Season Tickets

    Clearly the bloke can't stand you
  3. NorthAmericanOwl


    I'd rather go down with someone who cares
  4. i'm unable to watch it as i'm stuck in cumbria with no sky but yes has to go for me
  5. part of me celebrates part of me thinks ffs he's bought more time (not that he would have been sacked anyway i'm sure)
  6. cant wait for blackburn,may get that blind drunk i may be refused entry and go and sit on the coach
  7. NorthAmericanOwl

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    fizz me autocorrect knackered that post up
  8. NorthAmericanOwl

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    Fair comment and you're entitled to your opinion but depending on terms if someone plays well and scores goals why wouldn't you do that? Slot of IDs and but I accept that but still if he'd had gone elsewhere and scored goals imagine the uproar if we hadn't
  9. NorthAmericanOwl

    Nuhiu’s Warm Up Today ...

    I don't defend crap performances from anyone but we'd also have been up in arms had he not been given a new deal
  10. NorthAmericanOwl


    Players dropped for footballing reasons,he's an absolute clown he has to go 36 quid for that no thank you
  11. NorthAmericanOwl

    Derby day coming

    i have my ticket and i'll be as nervous as ever as for predictions i'll leave that to the press and pig fans
  12. NorthAmericanOwl

    Sheffield Wednesday vs Ipswich (MDT thingy)

    sadly i'm priced out of going but the sounds of this is even more of a deterrent