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  1. Well now we can concentrate on the cup !!
  2. Thanks. That's what I was after. No evidence for the green . Stripes still have it.
  3. Pretty sure we started in green with away win at Reading unless this is in reverse order.
  4. Someone on here yesterday mentioned the fact that we play better in the green away kit. We do seem to play better or could it be teams can't see us against a green background. Joking aside has anyone got the stats for home v away kits.
  5. Lost in next round at Birmingham. Typical Wednesday.
  6. Can anyone put a date and location to this picture. Looks like my dad far left on back row. Is it a Lancaster or a Halifax?
  7. According to statistics, which can be manipulated to suit, on current form we and the red half of the city are identical. Looking at the run in for both teams they both play the majority against teams in the top half pressing for a top six finish. United play two fighting to avoid relegation as do we. They are on the box seat as we speak but with everything to lose. Drop points in the next two games and it's a playoff scenario. We have an outside chance of the playoffs with no realistic belief. However if we could gain ground in our next two games then the pressure will start to build. Who will it effect the most. United have been there all season on merit despite what some on here think of them and their manager. We on the other hand have come from nowhere. Indeed up to Xmas the main aim was to avoid relegation. So hypothetically if the next two games go to plan who will handle the pressure. I fancy the calm professional attitude is S.B over the my way at all costs C.W. ( got panicked into strange team selection on Monday through didn't he )
  8. It's not that long ago that a lot on here were desperate for the club to offload both Palmer and Fox. Under Bruce's management both have improved but more noticeably Palmer to the point that we are nominating him for player of the month. Full marks to the manager and his man management skills for instilling confidence throughout the team. It's amazing what a little self belief can achieve.
  9. Lot of water passed under the bridge since then. Remind me who COG and JOC were please.
  10. What's wrong with dreaming whilst it's still possible. Give the team confidence and belief and something to aim for and who knows where it will take us. Every team in the championship is there for the taking if we play to our potential.
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