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  1. grandpaowl

    Megson - worse than Jos

    Lot of water passed under the bridge since then. Remind me who COG and JOC were please.
  2. grandpaowl

    Play-off push

    Parachutes come down not up.
  3. grandpaowl

    Play-off push

    What's wrong with dreaming whilst it's still possible. Give the team confidence and belief and something to aim for and who knows where it will take us. Every team in the championship is there for the taking if we play to our potential.
  4. grandpaowl

    Good odds?

    Posted this in another thread but "Rescue bet" is an anagram of Steve Bruce (minus the "v") I got 11/1 on promotion. It's written in the stars!!
  5. grandpaowl

    Manager unveiling

    I think with the euphoria surrounding the Brewster appointment and following three years of frustration the club should cash in pre match and get Hillsborough buzzing again. Make it fortress Hillsborough once again UTO.
  6. grandpaowl

    Sam Winnall & Gary Hooper

    What about on the pitch ?
  7. grandpaowl


    We are in the honeymoon period which every new manager gets with the fans. I for one won't get carried away. It's not that long ago that Villa fans were calling for his head after we beat them. A narrow away win over the divisions bottom club is hardly earth shattering. Hopefully this is the start of a new successful era. I like him but results are what he will be judged by. Let's see where we are a month from now.
  8. grandpaowl


    All Rhodes lead to home.
  9. grandpaowl

    Steve Bruce in one word

    I had a flutter on us for promotion at the beginning of season. So it's RESCUE BET for me. Don't know what to do with the V though. Any ideas ?
  10. grandpaowl

    Season defining month??

    You sound like a football manager.
  11. grandpaowl

    FA Cup Semi Final v Brighton 1983

    Was there that day too. My lads birthday but not old enough to go. Remember pitch being dry and dusty and thinking we would go on and win it after Mirosevic equalised but once again it was not to be (the story of a Wednesdayites life )
  12. grandpaowl

    Lets batter Brum!

    Played them boxing day a couple of seasons ago when Fessi scored a worldie and we ended up winning 3-0. Repeat performance please and Happy new year to all you sane owls fans.
  13. grandpaowl

    p#ssing about with ball

    It's a game of football not chess and everything is easier with hindsight. Leeds and Norwich have come back from the dead in injury time recently so we are not the only championship side who don't know how to run down time when leading late into a game.
  14. grandpaowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    It never rains !