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  1. grandpaowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    It never rains !
  2. grandpaowl

    Chansiri kicking off

    Every cloud !
  3. Have reserved and paid for ticket. Do I collect from club shop ?
  4. Thought it was about 2 mins from the end. Definitely late 2nd half.
  5. Thanks I'm obviously not " down with the the kid's"
  6. grandpaowl

    What Team would YOU play ?

    Agree JP plays the break up play role as did hutch but without the Kamikaze tendencies. Not appreciated by many on here but most successful teams have a spoiler. Think recent criticism harsh as definitely makes a big difference when he plays.
  7. May be bit dim but who was BFR?
  8. grandpaowl

    Level playing field

    Thanks for this. In other words no set rules, depends which teams and what kind of mood the powers that be are in.
  9. I don't profess to know anything about how the EFL operate the fair play system but in my ignorance it seems to me that there are inconsistencies. There have been rumblings on here that ourselves and Birminham City may be deducted points later on this season,presumably for overspending. Can anyone out there explain the difference between a team relegated from the PL with the parachute payments they receive spending money on players and wages. Or indeed club's such as Villa , Forest, Norwich etc spending copious amounts on team rebuilding without seemingly any penalties. Answers on a postcard please.
  10. We have two players in the Championship team of the week. Adam Reach and Marco Matias. Both players who have received stick recently here on OT. I know it's only someone else's opinion but I have always said you don't suddenly become a bad player. It is all down to confidence. Pleased for Matias who is starting to show his full potential. Let's hope this isn't a flash in the pan and that these two and the rest of the team can build on Villa result and carry us onwards and upwards. Just hope they can repeat the team performance on Friday night. I had a flutter on them to beat Villa. Just knew they would bounce back
  11. Score at least one more than them. Job done
  12. grandpaowl

    Leeds or Sheffield United

    My feelings exactly. Don't like them but being of the older generation can but up with most of their supporters except on match days. One exception is Brian the blade of radio Sheffield infamy. I would really like to Twatt him and I'm in my 70's.