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  1. Freedom of speech. It’s a sad state of affairs if you can’t question establishments
  2. I’ve just copied and paste what somebody else put on here, feel free to draft one and I’ll add it.
  3. https://www.change.org/p/17181539/preview
  4. Lots of online petitions change.org most popular. Let’s not just sit back even if it doesn’t effect the decision.
  5. He had a very good trial run before tash it made no difference
  6. I believe we should adopted (not primarily) a system of bringing players in then selling for a larger fee. If we can get a large fee then good business. But not sure if we should stay for long haul as naturally gifted
  7. Birmingham and Brighton appealed to him, but the Wednesday job doesn’t what a 2hat foook him hope he drifts into football oblivion and is never seen again rocking in his chair whilst we are premier and loaded
  8. It isn’t the norm for a large number of Asians to watch us at Hillsborough, and maybe there was no malice in the question just a genuine query. I would also like to know, maybe dc being Thai has attracted them. As you rightly say more the merrier.
  9. He has quite a few different outlets boycott them all
  10. Good on him too about time we stoped getting bent over. Wasnt keen when he was first appointed but did seem to get us going. lost any respect for dinner lady, after the good will dc gave him this is how he’s repaid. Put us right in poo just start of the season. Hope we get a top loyal manager Hope it goes poo for him
  11. Hector is the one player I desperately want us to sign, I’d be really disappointed if we don’t its vital we get him. Steadied the back was solid.
  12. They can’t prove he said anything, so it will remain an allegation from a so called professional in what will be his biggest claim to fame. Total loser !!
  13. Can’t remember him winning anything at the southern parasites
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