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  1. It’s not good enough, dire officiating when so much is at stake. You can’t get so many important decisions wrong in any other profession.
  2. I didn’t think we were hopeless first half. I like the way we’re playing and really we should have more points n the board.
  3. Haha Brentford though. Typical delusional southerns. Need to get back in the lower leagues where these teams belong.
  4. How may points have we been docked and how long is the ban ?
  5. Another great performance from us. sour grapes on Mardy southerners forum. They have a lot of players injured, Apparently Wendy’s are a poor side, They have a lot of players injured, the ref sided us, They have a lot of players injured, Not a penalty, They have a lot of players injured, we were lucky, They have a lot of players injured.
  6. Thought yesterday’s set up was fine. 1 up didn’t work in previous games as fletch would be the only one. But yesterday men were getting into the box at times 4-5 men in there box which we never had before. Although it left us exposed on the counter it caused a very good WBA side problems. Weaker sides we shall hammer hopefully.
  7. If it wasn’t for the throwing away of games and all that’s gone on in the last months. I would of been confident and vaguely proud of that performance, albeit the defensive errors. But our luck and results need to change ASAP.
  8. Just seen Man U have a debt of £150M. Are ant of these clubs making a profit ?
  9. Had enough of football. It’s lost it’s soul. Sold it’s self to the devil. Not watched premier for over ten years. The money has spoilt it and the players are divas. Fifa corrupt we should of held the World Cup. What with SAG and now this it’s not worth the heart ache.
  10. We’ll be reet.... if the sale of the ground is not covered for those years, then that income will be used for 19/20 and we shall have poo loads of money to spend next season
  11. 66/1 that’s nuts its efl fault and sags. Nazis
  12. If you serve them pork sausages would that be classed as cannibalism? Enjoy your tea and footy mucka
  13. Exactly how can a chairman of a club on the efl board be impartial or not have an agenda for there own gains when there’s a lot of money at stake for them. Bonkers!
  14. Derby won’t there chairman is on the efl board.
  15. Yes well done taliban money got you out of it.
  16. Elf club representatives Mark Ashton - Championship Director – Bristol City Stephen Pearce - Championship Director – Derby County Nigel Howe - Championship Director – Reading hmmmmm I wonder
  17. Iorfa was immense, World class tackles composed and commanding. When he makes those runs getting inTo opposition territory it often creates chances.
  18. He’s already said hope that’s enough to give Leeds a win
  19. I’ve turned commentary off, don’t think refs that bad but they’re fall over when shielding ball and get a free kick we need to do same fox had opportunity which then lead to them nearly getting a pen
  20. Why doesn’t fox and co go down like a sack of spuds as soon as a player goes into there back. Cheating Leeds conning ref
  21. Boycott stagecoach. Blaming Wednesday for Leeds behaviour. Us fans could have a big influence we all need to stand up against these establishments and make them accountable.
  22. Not sure if you read the op, it gives reasoning to why maybe how after been on top we couldn’t go get a second due to the refs performance, and how a lot of it becomes psychological in the mind set of both teams.
  23. Not saying corrupt, but inept, it’s the human element you can’t take away a persons emotions
  24. I’m still annoyed at lasts night game, more so than other injustices with incurred. I know it’s daft but I’m sure some other of our fans feel the same. It’s ruined my weekend. How many more points are we going to lose due to absolute ridiculous inept officiating. just off the top of my head tomlins deliberate assault on borner, the slicing down of Harris no card but hutch gets one, The fair tackles that are deemed as free kicks one resulting in there goal, then the obvious cheating and interfering with play. Its not not just the decisions that give the opposition an opportunity. But it changes the dynamics of the game. It’s not just chance the we where not as good in the second half, it alters the mindset of both sets of players. Little things that can alter the game, they became aware and go in for challengers harder, appeal for penalties, by the way ridiculous gamesmanship, knowing the ref has sided With them. Why do we seem to get these refs so so peeed off!!!!!!
  25. He always goes too far to one side and never gives himself a chance it’s happened time and time again
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