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  1. Why wouldn’t anyone try to help the club they “support” Plus you get the colours of your team at a reduced price. Going to buy 2. Always send one to a lad Man U supporter in Spain that love em.
  2. Never disliked a Wednesday player but Dawson is summer else. Please please stop playing him!!
  3. Welly bottom, fat cat, stew n oyster ship inn then tram across road
  4. Quality bants. Just don’t get bored seeing that gif on here.
  5. He’s stated he’s trying to sell us on, I’m sure he’ll of been proactively trying so I must disagree
  6. Too many pessimists giving off there bad energy
  7. 1. Ok but why, yes we may get a sanction from efl but he will have to take any financial implications and I’m sure with a points deduction we shall still stay up. 2. what if he did ? Where does that leave us know body will be willing to invest on us.
  8. If it wasn’t for the new pitch he put in I’m sure with this storm Dennis it would be a mess. also thanks for all your other investment I’m sure we would of been in a worse position currently if things stayed the same. Saying that we would be promoted in 2 seasons raised peoples expectations, and frustrations are being vented. But the majority of the fans are realists. Let’s not give up let’s stick together we shall be where we belong.
  9. I literally gave up after hull and that bad run, could see it coming. So consistent being inconsistent these players. Or are they just poor. Like others have said just be more energetic passionate show fight and determination don’t be stupid giving balls away. It’s simple. Oh first game I missed this season last night. Like them couldn’t be arsed.
  10. Well done to them. Even though we were poor, they contributed to making us so. Quickly Cutting us down when we had the ball, doubling up putting pressure on us. we find it hard against this style, same against Blackburn and Wigan who did the same.
  11. Something is a miss. But Barnsley didn’t let us play they seem to want the 3 points more
  12. Why does he decide to punch rather than catch he seems like a show off keeper just do the basics
  13. I don’t like Dawson worst kicker of a football to ever play he game
  14. Feeling Wickham be frustrated today. Hope I’m wrong I don’t mind being wrong mr snoots.
  15. Only because they be been automatic contenders for last season and way in front for autos this I’m sure if we was the ground and atmosphere would be better.
  16. Not at hillsborough they get away with it
  17. Did you see that fat chav bird and chavvy fella in corner. Shouting and swearing at bannan when he took corner, then thought they were hilarious coping bannan by putting there hands on there head. Fans like there’s make it all the better when we win.
  18. I’m walkley but didn’t vote but shall against labour. Are the council corrupt heard they take back handers form big organisations that’s why city centre not had any investment before. there is a dodgy construction company that keeps getting contracts. and what about our roads £2 billion pound “Within 3 years they will be the best in Europe” 5 years later have they started? I’ve got a foot deep hole on my road.
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