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  1. No striker can score having no service. Lone striker. I thought he looked promising with ball coming over the shoulder it just escaped him. if we are going to set out like this then use Jordan He’ll start to latch on to them. I think he just needs more aggression and constant hounding down the back line.
  2. He didn’t drop kick him in the head, he went to flick the ball over his head with no intention to hurt the player. Part of the game you could say. whilst that muppet intentionally went and harassed Patterson. Wether it was shithousery or because he’s a sexual predator. Either way he And one need reprimanding.
  3. Absolute thick Neanderthals on that site “ it’s ok as he didn’t complain” “he turned to the ref because he blocked his run not because he grabbed his genitalia”it’s blown up media rubbish” some right pigology Going on
  4. Today’s modern football players are embarrassing
  5. So if ref saw that sexual assault would he of got red carded? Typical a clumsy high foot there player goes down like he’s been shot so red card, our player gets groped and his nuts man handled in there area and nothing.
  6. I’m afraid it’s time for him to be moved on. It was exciting having fresh faces and a new plan that would inject some energetic direct football different from rubbish of previous years. Started well but it’s now even worse. we need a good keeper a commanding midfielder and proper striker
  7. Last 3 seasons I’ve said he’s no good. He looks the part prancing about but is absolutely garbage and costs us lots of games. Getting lobbed in six yard box wow, can’t kick can’t catch doesn’t know when or when not to come out I could go on. please please please get a decent keeper
  8. Why wouldn’t anyone try to help the club they “support” Plus you get the colours of your team at a reduced price. Going to buy 2. Always send one to a lad Man U supporter in Spain that love em.
  9. Never disliked a Wednesday player but Dawson is summer else. Please please stop playing him!!
  10. Welly bottom, fat cat, stew n oyster ship inn then tram across road
  11. Quality bants. Just don’t get bored seeing that gif on here.
  12. He’s stated he’s trying to sell us on, I’m sure he’ll of been proactively trying so I must disagree
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