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  1. Only because they be been automatic contenders for last season and way in front for autos this I’m sure if we was the ground and atmosphere would be better.
  2. Not at hillsborough they get away with it
  3. Did you see that fat chav bird and chavvy fella in corner. Shouting and swearing at bannan when he took corner, then thought they were hilarious coping bannan by putting there hands on there head. Fans like there’s make it all the better when we win.
  4. I’m walkley but didn’t vote but shall against labour. Are the council corrupt heard they take back handers form big organisations that’s why city centre not had any investment before. there is a dodgy construction company that keeps getting contracts. and what about our roads £2 billion pound “Within 3 years they will be the best in Europe” 5 years later have they started? I’ve got a foot deep hole on my road.
  5. Did you go to Hillsborough that night?
  6. Bournemouth (twice), palace, Leicester, Southampton. All of which Except Southampton didn’t get a points deduction. Also derby of which director is on efl board didn’t get a points deduction. Funny that Chelsea would of gone if bates didn’t pay the £2
  7. The irony is they know we are a bigger club than them. So we do seem massive in comparison. When they came to a bouncing full Hillsborough in the playoffs they saw something they can never replicate. What a night that was.
  8. What a horrible web page kept crashing and ads popping up all over. Star desperate to make money. Just avoid hopefully eventually go bust.
  9. I’ve got friends in Wales that are taking the pee out of this
  10. Absolutely iorfa, was disappointed couldn’t keep hector but this find is genius. What a player. Still hope we get hector even Chelsea fans can’t understand why they won’t let him go. We need more finds like iorfa.
  11. Yep down to the players. Inconsistent with the desire and Passion. From top form to bottom there’s a problem with mentality which I’ve said for a while.
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