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  1. Hull have released 8 players Ondrej Mazuch, Callum Burton, Adam Curry, Evandro, Will Keane, James Weir and Liam Ridgewell have been let go.
  2. He didn’t make up five mins but didn’t blow in time.
  3. But he should of blew whistle as he was about to kick for free kick
  4. The foul was in the D five yards forward to goal it would of been harder to get it up and under
  5. My favourite player at the moment. We need to sign him on permanent.
  6. Exactly. But the presenter wouldn’t pull him up on it.
  7. This owl doesn't need to lower to there standard as have nowt to prove to them
  8. another personifying the pigs. Why is he entertaining him though his monotone voice is depressing
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