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  1. No it means, wishing dc out could result in dc cutting his losses we go into admin and end up with a Dave Allan or any other bad scenario which could happen
  2. Happy thoughts? never said that. You sound like an immature chav girl, throwing your hand me down Wednesday top in bin. Boohoo grow up.
  3. I have reasons, can I be arsed to get into another negative thread with you no. But as your persistent getting me to bite so you can just have a rant about dc than I’ll indulge you. I personally believe we would be a lot worse without his backing. Maybe to the point we no longer exist. He’s got us closer than all the other directors in the last 20 years. try supporting, try putting your energy into being positive and maybe it’ll help the club. A lot of people on here have no class and are embarrassing. so realneagativeannie they go another chance for you to rant about dc but
  4. I have to mute he’s awful giddy giddings gets too excited when opposition take an awful 40 yard shot, sounding like he preys it goes in. then when we have a promising attack on goal he talks nonchalantly about something else. example windlass side foot miss.
  5. A 16 yard header and a deflection / poo keeper FFS
  6. So man ures martial has just made a tackle on a Leicester player, exactly the same as Liam shaws against reading and doesn’t even receive a yellow. wee wees me off
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