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  1. The day is finally here, a beautiful morning surely calls for a good day! COME ON WEDNESDAY!!! ️
  2. Start Berahino, Windass to come on for game time.
  3. Crowd should make a huge difference tomorrow. Sing your hearts out!
  4. Braga to Reading seems like a drop down. Don't do it Carlos!
  5. Old girl will be rocking on Saturday, can’t bloody wait!
  6. 12 is a bit low thinking about it..
  7. It is a team effort and squad has done brilliantly. However, if we can have Dean, Gregory and Windass available for potential playoffs, would be huge. Gregory has had a brilliant season, surely make it 20 goals soon enough
  8. Extremely helpful, sending my tickets 1st class for Saturday due to mix-up on confirmation email. Good service
  9. Wycombe would bring the worse out of us. Rather avoid them.
  10. Gregory is a hero! Bannan and Paterson I felt had a good game as well. Disappointed in Storey, Johnson and Byers who I think struggled last night. Subs had a great impact, NML causing all sorts of problems, Windass spreading ball round well and Dunkley cleaning up the long balls into the box. Great win considering the circumstances and can't wait for Saturday!
  11. BPF Palmer Storey Hutchinson Hunt Bannan Luongo Byers Johnson Gregory Berahino Subs: Wildsmith, Dean (Gibson if Dean isn't fit), Dunkley, Adeniran, NML, Windass, Paterson
  12. Cracking post, great record taking the derby game out!
  13. MOAN, MOAN, MOAN! Even after a great comeback win last night and important end of season game, fans STILL can't stop moaning and actually look to back the team. Embarrassing.
  14. From my memory (not accurate) I think the following bee on Sky this season: Charlton (A) - 0-0 Portsmouth (A) - 0-0 Toytown (H) - 0-2 MK Dons - 2-3
  15. The whole sequence was embarrassing, BPF pass to Storey, Storey's first touch to turn the player and then the slow reaction from keeper to get down for the save.
  16. Should we finish 4th, 1st leg is Friday night and I have tickets for Alan Partridge live! Can I laugh at a legend and be nervous watching game on my phone?
  17. Good on Moore. Team needed a telling off, we were in complete control and then allowed 2 stupid goals. We fully deserved to win.
  18. Pato starts, great to see Windass on the bench and available.
  19. Wouldn't be a total shock to see Paterson alongside Gregory tonight.
  20. Be following on ifollow not wanting to look! I am confident that the boys will get the job done. I don't care how just secure the 3 points and put us into the driving seat and mount the pressure on the rest. COME ON WEDNESDAY!!!
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