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  1. As part of the partnership, 50 tickets for each Owls home game will be gifted to the community and underprivileged areas of Sheffield as part of Host & Stay’s commitment to local values. A great gesture, well done to the club...again!
  2. LOVE IT! Well done to all involved, fantastic kits - they look the part for a promotion push. I hope the club have enough stock in as this will be best selling kit for many years surely?!
  3. Does ring a bell now why his name sounds familiar. I can't think of a player in our own youth setup ready for first team currently.
  4. Wish Wildsmith all the best, I am sure he will do well.
  5. Windass playing most of the season will be so crucial.
  6. Couldn’t care less what mistakes he’s done previous, it’s about how he performs in a Wednesday shirt. Some fans must be so bored during pre-season.
  7. Don’t get me wrong, people will pay it. Still doesn’t make it right.
  8. Sore throat apparently. This will develop into a broken leg and out for the season.
  9. No, I think that is outrageous. Most would pay to see a top 4 club perhaps but Fulham? Who do they think they are?!
  10. Boris Johnson to be the new CEO?
  11. I don’t believe we are. Derby are signing household names but are they up for challenge of league one? They still have to complete squad as it’s thin. We have signed players proven at this level. Rather have our squad.
  12. I can’t say I know much but judging what fans have said, there’s a player there. Hopefully DM can bring the best out of him.
  13. Haha that is great - "GAFFER 1" who wouldn't want to join seeing that day in, day out.
  14. Surprised too as we were always going to look for another keeper. Guess a back up if we didn’t land a replacement. Good luck to him just not in the 2 games vs us!
  15. Sheffield Wednesday’s Derby County.
  16. Released on Friday I believe, think it’ll be same price (£30) and discounted home tickets.
  17. Most gutted was Hudds semi final, as felt it was end of an era and would take time to have an opportunity like that again. How right I was unfortunately!
  18. Yeah don’t really get the point he was making there.
  19. Moore has had a tough job turning a losing side into a successful one. Took longer than some would like but the team was full of losers who had no fight and stuck in a rut. It is still ongoing but signs were there last season to show it’s a working progress. Signings this summer shows we mean business and I’m confident that next season will be successful.
  20. 4 strikers to choose from being Gregory, Windass, Smith and Wilks looks so strong for league one. Brilliant squad building.
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