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  1. I wouldn't lose sleep if he didn't stay. Started well then went off the boil, a player of his capabilities should be bossing this league but last season it just didn't happen.
  2. An assured keeper, experienced personnel in a key area. A good signing for me, welcome aboard!
  3. An improvement on BPF in my opinion. A good signing.
  4. Agreed, Bywater was that character and I don’t believe Stockdale will make same mistakes BPF did last season. Solid, dependable signing should it get done.
  5. Experienced keeper to get out of league one is what we require right now. Stockdale comes off the back of an impressive season, can’t see why anyone would be upset with this move.
  6. Best route to first team football the pizza cup this season, particularly as PL U23’s are in the competition. Brilliant news that he has signed contract with us.
  7. Great to see the club use common sense and look after potential stars. We are taking note from past mistakes.
  8. It feels that the move will happen, it is now about getting the best deal possible.
  9. Wilks can find form similar that helped Hull get out of the league then definitely sign.
  10. When you can drink for the whole day anyway, there is no need to drink whilst the game is on. Can have a drink at HT if you want one. T20 and Hundred attracts the football fans in the summer which is great for numbers but hopefully incidents like that chap are kept to a minimum.
  11. Ha! I always forget this shirt, mainly removed from memory as it is one of the worst home shirts. Nothing good about it whatsoever.
  12. Dad took oldest brother to Forest but I was too young. Started to enjoy the Owls because they stood out in the top flight for the name at least. Dad then decided to buy me a Wednesday kit aged 5 and the rest is history. Should thank him I suppose.
  13. Be a great signing for this level, my only worry would be the price tag for the player.
  14. I can’t see this happening.
  15. Fair play to him, hopefully gives other people within the game strength to stand up against racism.
  16. Considering the mess we were in the start of last summer. Roll on 12 months and we look more stable, turning the corner. Many would argue but this wasn’t going to be a quick fix. There are signs it is heading in the right direction.
  17. Yeah being around Nottingham city, the place is thriving.
  18. I believe our day will come again. I don't know when and I don't know how but I believe we will return. You have to believe as a fan and aim for the top of the pyramid. I feel last season was encouraging as it felt that we are moving in right direction, next season is crucial for the club.
  19. Great to see a proper club like Forest back in the top tier. Hope they stay up as be great for the city. I just hope we can get our act together and have that moment one day.
  20. Our time will come one day, believe.. it’s all we have!
  21. Amazing day, can’t believe how long ago that was and no playoff success since!
  22. Good interview, looks determined to build on last season. Really have to set a marker down early and show we are front runners from the off. I hope DM can make that happen.
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