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  1. Obvious weak point is the LB position. However, who would have thought we would have this squad going into the first half of the season? A successful transfer window should give fans a real boost and reasons to be optimistic. No reason why we can't give this league a real go this season.
  2. We will win 2-0 I even have a feeling Rhodes will score
  3. I think these past few weeks had given me everything I need to know!
  4. I came to Owlstalk for the ITK chat. So far, not disappointed
  5. There is a good feel to this squad now.
  6. Scott Carson probably can’t believe his luck with the pension at City!
  7. I have to agree. Solid player but the hysteria was unnecessary. Wish him all the best but time to move on.
  8. From the little research, seemed a key player for Hamburg before the injury. Hopefully he can be a solid player for us, Hector who?
  9. No excuses now. Will be first choice off the bench and will start some games. Wingers aplenty, has to perform.
  10. Onomah at Fulham is just bizarre. Be interesting to see how much he features.
  11. Well said. The biggest positive is our frontline now have players capable of creating chances from crosses. Not just waiting on some brilliance from Bannan.
  12. 9/10 the fact we have (finally) learnt from past mistakes, signed younger, hungry players AND sold a player for, in time significant money. DC has done good!
  13. Hector deal has to be dead in the water. Price tag is ludicrous! Bates looks like an interesting prospect.
  14. £5M is a ridiculous price considering Hair bear can go to Arsenal for £8M! Move on if they won't budge.
  15. £1M for an experienced midfielder is good business.
  16. I know it is crazy talk but we all just need to stay calm!
  17. Couldn't agree more. Imagine 2 wingers in the squad? MADNESS!
  18. Aarons or Murphy would be decent, adds to the squad of area we are lacking.
  19. I would be delighted with 3 or 4 IN, 2 OUT. However, this is Sheffield Wednesday... Enjoy the ride everyone!
  20. Sounds like the type of player we haven’t had since Semedo. Plus they have the same song.
  21. This is incredibly harsh on Joey. He is a solid player who puts a shift in, this is an over reaction.
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