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  1. Surprised too as we were always going to look for another keeper. Guess a back up if we didn’t land a replacement. Good luck to him just not in the 2 games vs us!
  2. Sheffield Wednesday’s Derby County.
  3. Released on Friday I believe, think it’ll be same price (£30) and discounted home tickets.
  4. Most gutted was Hudds semi final, as felt it was end of an era and would take time to have an opportunity like that again. How right I was unfortunately!
  5. Yeah don’t really get the point he was making there.
  6. Moore has had a tough job turning a losing side into a successful one. Took longer than some would like but the team was full of losers who had no fight and stuck in a rut. It is still ongoing but signs were there last season to show it’s a working progress. Signings this summer shows we mean business and I’m confident that next season will be successful.
  7. 4 strikers to choose from being Gregory, Windass, Smith and Wilks looks so strong for league one. Brilliant squad building.
  8. They said the benefits will be same but not revealed price. Will be released next week apparently.
  9. It is a pretty outdated approach, be a great selling tool to say every match at Hillsborough is x amount, fans would get on board immediately.
  10. Good prices but just have 3 tiers if you insist on having them. Glad to see membership deal continue too
  11. What is that based on? The club is in disarray, even a takeover being completed, they will be miles behind other clubs. We are already preparing/signing players for new season whilst they are stuck in limbo.
  12. They have gone to being delighted they are staying, roll on 24 hours, to saying both are horrendous in Championship and not worth it.. who said fans were fickle?
  13. Tough, tasty start to the season but a great way to set the tone for the season. Bring it on!
  14. Has been a cracking read going through Rovrum’s Twitter handle to see the fans reactions!
  15. Shame to see Luongo leave the club. Decent player who unfortunately spent a considerable amount of time injured. When he did play, he was a class act and showed his qualities when he returned to the team last season. All the best Massimo, good luck.
  16. This - we have great balance with our options. Vaulks ticks a lot of boxes.
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