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  1. Indeed, that's the problem Trev. We can't get our way out of sticky situations because we CANT score. This is one of the most toothless Wednesday teams I remember.
  2. What will Gray provide us long term? There's been zero evidence of him helping us get promoted.
  3. That and other teams recent form. How were still mid-table I've no idea.
  4. I don't think so. Our early season heroics were largely down to Westwoods antics. Our performances have not suggested were a mid-table side at all. Can't remember the last time we played well actually.
  5. OUR CURRENT FORM. OUR LACK OF GOALS. It's perfectly obvious. You can't excuse clear flaws that he's doing seemingly nothing to remedy just because we've fluked our way to a OK position in the table.
  6. McGugan flatters to deceive? Hes our best player.
  7. So our performance is dictated by how other teams do around us? Because our form has been f*cking poo for several weeks now.
  8. Yep. And no doubt he'll still get berated tonight for his 'attitude' and not being a goal scorer. Absolute farce.
  9. Seems a good line up to me. Only change I'd make in an ideal world is Loovens in but obviously he's injured. Both Vermilj and Bucko struggled mid week. Palmer has been pretty much ever present. Semedo is a leader and a warrior and that's what we need. Don't see who else we could pick apart from Zayatte myself.
  10. And being released in the summer, according to this guy on Twitter. "Just spoke to Lewis Buxton on way in he's going out on loan and not getting a new contract seems pissed off!!! #swfc @robstaton"
  11. It's not so much the standard of them, its the positions for me. Everybody could see what we were crying out for but he signed these lads instead? Strange. I can see in the big picture the thinking behind them. But short term? Surely the more pressing matters are more important?
  12. True. But that's not universally correct about his additions. There have been some which are bizarre, frankly. Baker, Keane, Vermilj are the latest ones.
  13. Tactically naive. No desire to score goals. Strange signings Number of slow starts which cost us games Inability to change games Focuses on certain aspects of the game without actually excelling at them Just a handful of reasons.
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