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  1. Dawson 5.5 - still not convinced by him, needs a clean sheet desperately. Communication also poor Penney 6 Lees 7 thought he was good tonight in 3 or a 4 Hector 6.5 Thorniley 6.5 Baker 5 Little rash at times Pessy 6 Bannan 6 Reach 7 Fessi 6.5 Fletcher 5 not his usual level Palmer 6 Nuhiu - not really enough time Joao - not really enough time, should have been on for Fletcher earlier
  2. Didn’t think he really did enough last night Fletcher. By no means poor, but normally does a bit more. If that had been Nuhiu he’d be slaughtered on here. i though the change last night should have been Fletcher for Joao down the middle early and play a bit longer as we were under pressure second half. still a point from that game is a great point.
  3. I have one spare ticket as my Dad can’t now come if anyone can get there for about 6:15
  4. He as ok today, just not quite as effective as he can be. If we don’t have a really dominant CM it’s a tough day for him. should he be left of the front 3? Think we’ll see a lot of chopping and changing this season till Jos finds the best combinations. think he’ll play the Bannan role on Tuesday with B.B. rested and then Hutch or Fessi will come in for Reach next sat. think our front 4 when all fit will be Reach. Hooper. Fessi Joao
  5. Tough call as but whichever one it is needs to have pace. i think some of the young CB’s might fill the void do maybe a midfielder would allow Sam H to be a CB option. i though Joey P played very well in Wedneday however.
  6. Why are so many such big Fletcher fans but hammer Nuhiu. He has an ok game, but isn’t some great savour. Based on Nuhiu’s form he should be first pick. When did Fletcher last score! If it was Nuhiu with his record he’d have been hounded out of Sheffield.
  7. What were you watching. Hardly jumped half the time. Agree he had an ok game, but missed a good chance and also had a chance to put players in a couple of times and didn’t get it right.
  8. Dawson 7 - not much to do, calmed it down in last 10 apart from his goal kicking. Palmer 8 - why can’t he do that every game Lees 6 - still needs to be more commanding and look where he is passing Thorniley 7 - did well in the air and seemed assured at times Penny 7 Steady enough but for a couple of clearances up in the air Bannan 9.5 - markedly better than any player on the pitch tonight, our star man Joey P 8.5 - probably his best game for us Reach 7 - Busy and willing as usual, little bit clumsy with ball at times Matias 9 - tracking back and full of running Fletcher 6.5 - didn’t win enough in the air, missed an early chance, but did some good stuff Preston 6.5 - tried but looks a little out of his depth, have good hopes for the future with him though. subs: Nuhiu 7 - did what he does Fessi 7.5 - Busy, but a little head down gready at times Boyd 6.5 - didn’t have much time to make an impression
  9. Can’t be anyone other than Bannan really. honourable mentions though to Palmer, Joey P and Matias, also after Sunday Thorneley looked better
  10. Why is everyone putting Fletcher ahead of Nuhiu. Nuhiu is in form, although he was poor Saturday. When did Fletcher last have a good game and he missed sitters against Hull. Got to play Westwood to give defence confidence for me too
  11. Yep me too. He is the only one really in our budget who would be good. We ain’t getting a Big Sam or even Mick Mc or Dowie I’m one for giving mangers time and Wednesday night will be my first game of season, so keeping my powder dry, but it doesn’t appear to be working at moment
  12. Simply NO. both ok at this level but not consistent enough. I hoped Fletcher would leave this summer, not because I don’t like him, but think Nuhiu did enough last season to show that we don’t need Fletcher if we could have got some money in and wages off the books. i think it’ll be Hooper Joao and Fessi when all fit anyhow. Although I’d have Hooper Nuhiu and Fessi
  13. In Jos’ preferred formation his best position in this team is LWB. He has a good engine, can defend and will provide the necessary attacking threat. We need Lee back to play RWB really.
  14. For me I have commitments on a Saturday so can’t get to too many games. Make between 6 - 10 a season so membership is the best option. its not about the £5 off every game, although it’s nice! It’s really hoping that we might get into the playoffs or a final possibly and that bump up the priority list. i bulked at the ‘Gold’ membership increase because it would still be costing me £50ish quid, but I’ll be having a silver and the £20-£30 it costs me after match savings is fine.
  15. But that’ll mean he’s Cup tied in Europe............ oh no wait
  16. Think it’s that’ll be the choice when fit and likely Reach as LWB I’d think. Be happy with that me. think RWB might be Boyd on sat
  17. Ben Marshall to provide the service for Rhodes to fire Norwich to the title! 1 Norwich 2 Stoke 3 Boro 4 West Brom 5 Wednesday (if all fit) 6 Swansea 7 Derby 8 Villa 9 Bristol City 10 Hull 11 Brentford 12 Forest 13 Blades 14 Leeds 15 Preston 16 Blackburn 17 Millwall 18 Reading 19 QPR 20 Birmingham 21 Wigan 22 Ipswich 23 Rotherham 24 Bolton If we don’t lose too many. Let Westwood go to protect keeping Bannan and Fessi if we have to and a couple of decent loans (with pace!!) I have confidence
  18. It’s tough. if it’s what we have now. got to play Kieran Lee at RWB if fit. I can however see a lot of young lads playing. Ash Baker and Thornley Maybe. id go Westwood Lees. Van Arken Pudil Lee. Joey. Bannan. Reach Fessi Nuhiu. Rhodes as I don’t think Hooper will be fit. know people will scoff at Rhodes, but if he stays, in that side he’ll score.
  19. I’ve said the same Nuhiu and Rhodes with FF behind. If FF goes then Reach fills that spot. think we have to sell someone and I think if it’s Bannan, maybe Adbi can Actually be the player we thought and full that roll? Hooper is another option for the link role if he can get fit. id like 3 at the back and Reach and Lee as wing backs in a perfect world.
  20. If they want them both and the offer is North of £12M I think we’ll sell. Hope not, but FFP May dictate. I’d hope of £18M+ if we have to sell
  21. Perm: Man Utd Champ: Middlesborough L1: Charlton L2: MK Dons
  22. Waddle was amazing, but Hirst was more exciting for me, especially in the 90-91 promotion season. very very close though
  23. I think that within reason fees won’t matter, it’ll be reducing the wage I’ll if we are that close to FFP. If it was me I’d let the following go for any fees we can get: FLETCHER - on big wages and Nuhiu has proved we don’t need him - c£500k JONES - not right for us - c£250k ABDI - never worked out - £500-1M MATIAS - too injury prone - £350k FOX - not good enough if we push for promotion - £250k Winnal - won’t be back, Derby for c2-3M BOYD - like him but he’ll be an expensive sub. £300k + then the tough ones. One of the keepers £2-4M HOOPER or JOAO £5M+ only We really only need someone with pace and bring in a CB, possibly Fred. Jos will be playing 3 4 3 by the looks of it so without signings we’d be Any of our keepers lees. Van Arken/ Venancio Pudil lee. Bannan. Pelupessy. Reach Fessi Hooper/Joao/Rhodes. Nuhiu. Subs: keeper hunt one of the CB’s hutch 2 strikers young lad(s)
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