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  1. Bexy1977

    Team for 18/19

    It’s tough. if it’s what we have now. got to play Kieran Lee at RWB if fit. I can however see a lot of young lads playing. Ash Baker and Thornley Maybe. id go Westwood Lees. Van Arken Pudil Lee. Joey. Bannan. Reach Fessi Nuhiu. Rhodes as I don’t think Hooper will be fit. know people will scoff at Rhodes, but if he stays, in that side he’ll score.
  2. I’ve said the same Nuhiu and Rhodes with FF behind. If FF goes then Reach fills that spot. think we have to sell someone and I think if it’s Bannan, maybe Adbi can Actually be the player we thought and full that roll? Hooper is another option for the link role if he can get fit. id like 3 at the back and Reach and Lee as wing backs in a perfect world.
  3. If they want them both and the offer is North of £12M I think we’ll sell. Hope not, but FFP May dictate. I’d hope of £18M+ if we have to sell
  4. Bexy1977

    Best free kick

    Shez v Kaiserslautern for me
  5. Bexy1977

    Who is your prediction

    Perm: Man Utd Champ: Middlesborough L1: Charlton L2: MK Dons
  6. Bexy1977

    If you HAD to choose...

    Waddle was amazing, but Hirst was more exciting for me, especially in the 90-91 promotion season. very very close though
  7. Bexy1977

    Summer transfers :- the outgoings

    I think that within reason fees won’t matter, it’ll be reducing the wage I’ll if we are that close to FFP. If it was me I’d let the following go for any fees we can get: FLETCHER - on big wages and Nuhiu has proved we don’t need him - c£500k JONES - not right for us - c£250k ABDI - never worked out - £500-1M MATIAS - too injury prone - £350k FOX - not good enough if we push for promotion - £250k Winnal - won’t be back, Derby for c2-3M BOYD - like him but he’ll be an expensive sub. £300k + then the tough ones. One of the keepers £2-4M HOOPER or JOAO £5M+ only We really only need someone with pace and bring in a CB, possibly Fred. Jos will be playing 3 4 3 by the looks of it so without signings we’d be Any of our keepers lees. Van Arken/ Venancio Pudil lee. Bannan. Pelupessy. Reach Fessi Hooper/Joao/Rhodes. Nuhiu. Subs: keeper hunt one of the CB’s hutch 2 strikers young lad(s)
  8. Bexy1977

    What a player he was

    Mine 2! absolute legend. Got one of his shirts from 91.
  9. Bexy1977


    It’s difficult really. There are some we’d probably like to move on (i.e. Jones, Fox) and there are those who maybe should move (i.e. Abdi, Matias) but it’s who’s gonna take them unless we set realistic to low fees. i think we’ve got to look at who we can cope without and we might get a fee for, although most of these we’d want to keep. Westwood Palmer Joao Hutch + sure Winnall will go. we have to raise funds and cut squad. id like to see us sell in an ideal situation to free up money and squad space. Fox one of Hunt or Palmer Jones Abdi Matias Boyd Fletcher Winnall and Butterfield will go back to Derby, and Venancio to where ever hear from (though I’d keep him at the right price) shame for some, but think with FFP we have to ruthless. only other player is Rhodes. I’d like him to stay and be a main man, but I can see a sale at a reasonable offer. we need enough money and space for a dominant CB a really ball winner in CM and some pace if we play 3 4 1 2 next season that could be enough.
  10. I think the only players likely to go in January would be Reach or Hoope, simply because they’ve had decent seasons and will attract interest. if Hooper went I wouldn’t be too gutted. I like him, but with him in, unless we change formation, we can’t play our most productive team. agree with other posts, if we can get rid of some I would. Wallace, Jones, Fletcher would be the 3 for me, but if they stay fair enough.
  11. First match was about 82/83 I think. So 34/35 years.
  12. Either we have to go 3 - 4 - 3 or 4 - 3 - 3 and Hutch has to be in the side. Need to get balance around 5 key players: Lees, Hutch, Lee, Hooper and Rhodes (plus Fessi if he ever plays for us again). also need to sell release or loan some dead wood.
  13. Bexy1977

    Set pieces

    To be fair to Hunt yesterday, he whipped in 2 decent crosses yesterday. To back post! first half - 3 player in box all made same front post run 2nd half - 1 player front post, othere didnt even make runs
  14. Bexy1977


    That may be true as individuals, but the OP has a point. It's a team game and our team ain't firing at the moment. We score more goals and have picked up more points in the last 2 seasons when Nuhiu has played. Rhodes is also better with a big man strike partner. (Whether that be Fletcher or Nuhiu, not fussed) but Rhodes and one of them should be our front 2. Hooper or Fessi can then be the link man behind. And change to a back3!!!