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  1. IF

    It’s difficult really. There are some we’d probably like to move on (i.e. Jones, Fox) and there are those who maybe should move (i.e. Abdi, Matias) but it’s who’s gonna take them unless we set realistic to low fees. i think we’ve got to look at who we can cope without and we might get a fee for, although most of these we’d want to keep. Westwood Palmer Joao Hutch + sure Winnall will go. we have to raise funds and cut squad. id like to see us sell in an ideal situation to free up money and squad space. Fox one of Hunt or Palmer Jones Abdi Matias Boyd Fletcher Winnall and Butterfield will go back to Derby, and Venancio to where ever hear from (though I’d keep him at the right price) shame for some, but think with FFP we have to ruthless. only other player is Rhodes. I’d like him to stay and be a main man, but I can see a sale at a reasonable offer. we need enough money and space for a dominant CB a really ball winner in CM and some pace if we play 3 4 1 2 next season that could be enough.
  2. I think the only players likely to go in January would be Reach or Hoope, simply because they’ve had decent seasons and will attract interest. if Hooper went I wouldn’t be too gutted. I like him, but with him in, unless we change formation, we can’t play our most productive team. agree with other posts, if we can get rid of some I would. Wallace, Jones, Fletcher would be the 3 for me, but if they stay fair enough.
  3. First match was about 82/83 I think. So 34/35 years.
  4. Either we have to go 3 - 4 - 3 or 4 - 3 - 3 and Hutch has to be in the side. Need to get balance around 5 key players: Lees, Hutch, Lee, Hooper and Rhodes (plus Fessi if he ever plays for us again). also need to sell release or loan some dead wood.
  5. Set pieces

    To be fair to Hunt yesterday, he whipped in 2 decent crosses yesterday. To back post! first half - 3 player in box all made same front post run 2nd half - 1 player front post, othere didnt even make runs
  6. Nuhiu

    That may be true as individuals, but the OP has a point. It's a team game and our team ain't firing at the moment. We score more goals and have picked up more points in the last 2 seasons when Nuhiu has played. Rhodes is also better with a big man strike partner. (Whether that be Fletcher or Nuhiu, not fussed) but Rhodes and one of them should be our front 2. Hooper or Fessi can then be the link man behind. And change to a back3!!!
  7. I agree with a lot of the OP and have said before, Rhodes best scoring form has been with big strike partners. Alan lee at Huddersfield and Gastede at Blackburn. We need to play him with Fletcher for me, if that means leaving Hooper out so be it for me. id like to play Hooper at the point of a 5 man midfield (or Fessi if he stays) and then play 3 at the back. Reach as LWB and maybe Bannan as RWB? lees Hutch and one of the 2new lads in a back 3 Bannan. Lee. Abdi. Reach Hooper or Fessi Fletcher. Rhodes still lacks pace though!
  8. Tempo Helped

    If we went to a back 3 with hutch sitting in front then maybe Pudil is a good choice for the left CB. As it looks like we are loosing Fessi, it makes moving to 3 at the back even easier as we are not trying to shoehorn him in. I'd like to see westwood lees. New guy. Pudil Hutch Lee. Bannan. Wallace Hooper Rhodes. Fletcher
  9. 4 1 2 3

    I've been saying 3 at the back for 2 seasons. 3 needs to be Lees, Hutch Loovens / new CB. the front 2 need to be Rhodes and Hooper. the options off the bench need to include Winnall

    Quanar is not a pacy forward he's we a big lump like Nuhiu. i agree with the comment though. Much as I've defended Nuhiu I don't think we need him anymore as we have Fletcher to play that role and we are desperate for pace somewhere in the team!
  11. Adam reach

    Reach at LWB, Fox as back up and Pudil as 4th Choice CB is think Westwood Hunt Lees Hutch Reach Boyd Lee Bannan Fessi Hooper Rhodes think that's what he'll go with, not my choices
  12. International XI

  13. 3-5-2

    3-1-4-2 is better. have an extra defensive mid so you don't need defensive wingbacks. lees. hutch. New New New or Bannan. Lee. Abdi. Fessi hooper. Rhodes
  14. Defence

    I keep saying 3 1 4 2 is what we need to go with Westwood Lees. hutch. new (I like Harley Dean at Brentford, but would take Hanley or Ayala) new def Mid (Williams at Reading would be nice) new RW with pace (or Matias if he can stay fit) Lee abdi or Bannan fessi Rhodes Hooper subs wildsmith reach/Pudil/Jones/Hunt bannan or Abdi wallace winnall fletcher Loovens / Fox
  15. 2 CENTRE BACKS?!

    That Dean at Brentford looks solid for me, or a young Prem lad maybe