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  1. Is it Madness supporting Wednesday? I thought It must be love..........
  2. I think we need Harry Houdini to get us out of this mess
  3. Just in time for a nice Christmas break.....
  4. Someone like Bruce who will fizz off the second another club comes sniffing?
  5. We are Sheffield Wednesday. We don't care who we lose to.....
  6. The weay they had been playing lately I thought they had done that months ago.
  7. Wish Kieran Maguire would just sod off. Annoying scouce t1t
  8. 3 weeks off and we still get paid. Nice.....
  9. Yeah! We would be so much better off with a trustworthy manager like????? Bruce?
  10. FFS stop going on about Bruce. He was a treacherous snake not a flipping God. He let us down, just like the players are doing. Bruce was not or is the answer. he is a Too hat
  11. ......Is keith Stroud, Beacuse "Bad Decisions Don't Make Themselves"
  12. Pelapussy 90 minutes conceded one corner Where was he the rest of the game?
  13. But Reach has been poor all season. If FF is fit I would start with him and use Harris as sub
  14. Can't see what the fus is about myself............... Oh! Troy Parrot. My bad...........
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