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  1. Got to be white to compliment the amount of leads we've surrendered.
  2. We missed out on automatic promotion because of poor team selection and tactics. What"s to say we wont have more of the same next season
  3. Having an incompetant ref didn't do them any harm either
  4. We should have had more. How many games did we give up a lead to draw or lose. 85 points means nothing at the end of the day, we are still a division one team
  5. Defenders are supposed to defend and striker to score. In our case neither are capable of filling their role
  6. Post match interview: Brown to reporter, "The gaffer wants me to add goals to my game. It's nice to get on the scoresheet."
  7. https://footballleagueworld.co.uk/sheffield-wednesday-hoping-to-finalise-ambitious-transfer-swoop-for-24-y-o-premier-league-player/ Sheffield Wednesday are looking to sign Bailey Peacock-Farrell on loan, although they may face competition for the Burnley keeper. Would love to see this happen
  8. To late....... power switched off 'cos we can't pay the bill
  9. Is it Madness supporting Wednesday? I thought It must be love..........
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