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  1. Just read the report from the Under 18's game and I think a few senior players could learn from them 'And from there, Wednesday were content to keep possession, winning a string of corners on the far side to run down the clock,
  2. Over the last three seasons we have shown that we are not good enough and it has been pretty much the same squad during this time. We seem to sign injury prone, temperamental, inconsistent players who can't handle the big games. For me they can all go, (thanks for your service but bye). and look at bringing in some younger, fitter, hungrier players that want to succeed.
  3. Foul, if it was one was inside the D, The ref allowed the free kick to be taken further away to give them a better chance of hitting the target.If it had been taken from where the offence took place he would never have got the height to beat Hector. The referees this season have been nothing short of shyte.
  4. We just can't handle the big games, shown it time after time in the last few seasons As for this ref he has given us very little in the games he has officiated this season, (was a complete W#####r against Wigan).
  5. A lot depends on what embargo we will incur with ffp Hopefully we will rid ourselves of a lot of waste but will we be able to replace them?
  6. Breaking news: 250 Blunt supporters detained outside Hillsborough for been in possession of flares, apparently they are the same flares they wore the last time they were in the top flight
  7. Would it make any difference? Not the player he used to be.
  8. He is a pile of pants. just saying
  9. VAR and penalties been discussed in other threads it wasn't a pen and Hutch was hutch again ( any refs on here explain why our 'pen' wasn't a corner after review?) Agnew said: “I think the penalty decisions are correct and that’s why VAR is in place. “But I thought we should have had a corner once the penalty is overturned. I am told the referee couldn’t have given the corner, though, because once he gives the penalty, he can’t give the corner as the ball wasn’t out of play.
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