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  1. Cypriot Owl

    Squad Numbers!!!!!!!

    Guess we wont be seeing 22 much then
  2. Cypriot Owl

    Championship stadiums ranked

    Written by a Weeds fan?
  3. I see doom managed to get his usual dig in "Wednesday majorly underachieved". Don't think he is capable of publishing an article without writing a negative comment.
  4. Living in Cyprus I occasionally use the BBC web site to see whats going on in the Championship. I didn't realise that we had moved to Derbyshire !!!!!!
  5. Cypriot Owl

    Forest Away

    Wonder what its like playing in the cup?
  6. Cypriot Owl

    Forest Away

    Probably the weirdest.......
  7. Don't worry After a season at Hillsborough he will probably be grey anyway.
  8. Cypriot Owl

    Remember when

    Look at the size of this bog roll
  9. Cypriot Owl

    George Hirst reveals new shirt

    Please move to a new thread "don't give a throw"
  10. Cypriot Owl

    Soft launch??

    Usually 4 pints......... Oh! Sorry! Thought you said lunch
  11. Like most people on here I am fed up with the long lasting saga of Hirst the younger. One of the only saving graces in this story is that we would get compensation from whoever signed him. This is just a kick in the nuts if true......... https://www.thestar.co.uk/sport/football/sheffield-wednesday/how-much-or-little-sheffield-wednesday-will-receive-from-george-hirst-s-move-to-belgium-1-9219915