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  1. Let fingernails grow in time for the Boro game
  2. Cypriot Owl

    Is the transfer embargo back on?

    Doesn't help when these young players go for next to nothing. i.e. Hirst and Clare
  3. Cypriot Owl

    I'm still feeling positive

    Our subs bench looked like an under 23's match. We have nothing in reserve and Jo thinks kids can do a job for us. Mediocre here we come
  4. Cypriot Owl


    My childhood hero. Used to love watching him play
  5. Cypriot Owl


    Perhaps we should make this offer to Wallace. may not manage 90 minutes regularly, but, at the moment he is better than anything else we have
  6. Cypriot Owl

    Danny Batth on loan

    Yes, Yes, Yes
  7. Cypriot Owl


    Did he answer a question? When the Doomster asked about the feeling and mood in the team he replied what wonderful fans we have. Sounded like a politician the way he avoided the questions
  8. Think we are that even with Nando unfortunately.
  9. Cypriot Owl

    The pen incident

    Saw worst against Fletcher on Thursday night but, different ref and poor defending, and once again we are in the brown stuff
  10. Cypriot Owl

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    You had better believe it............
  11. Cypriot Owl

    SWFC Crop Circle !

    And it is now my new pc background
  12. This doesn't ring true to me. If Jos wanted to see how the best keeper in the Championship performed he could have included him in some of the pre-season friendlies. I agree about building a young team for the future but experience is also important. Fletcher was out for seven months but was included in the squad immediately.
  13. Cypriot Owl

    Here's how #SWFC lineup today..

    Seen Hulls line up and I think one of their subs must be popular with the ladies........... TEAMS Wednesday: Dawson, Fox, Pelupessy, Fletcher, Bannan, Lees, Reach, Hutchinson, Baker, Pudil, Forestieri Substitutes: Wildsmith, Thorniley, Matias, Boyd, Hunt, Preston, Lee Hull: Marshall, Lichaj, de Wijs, Burke, Evandro, Kane, Batty, Bowen, Henriksen, Kingsley, Campbell, Substitutes: Long Dicko, Toral, Milinkovic, MacDonald, Irvine, Keane
  14. Cypriot Owl

    Anyone up for this one?

    I positively refuse to be negative. Wish I was in the UK would love to enter the above. WAWAW