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  1. He's gone. He's a too hat. Move on
  2. The weay they had been playing lately I thought they had done that months ago.
  3. Wish Kieran Maguire would just sod off. Annoying scouce t1t
  4. 3 weeks off and we still get paid. Nice.....
  5. Nicely PUTT Sorry. I will leave now..........
  6. Yeah! We would be so much better off with a trustworthy manager like????? Bruce?
  7. FFS stop going on about Bruce. He was a treacherous snake not a flipping God. He let us down, just like the players are doing. Bruce was not or is the answer. he is a Too hat
  8. ......Is keith Stroud, Beacuse "Bad Decisions Don't Make Themselves"
  9. Pelapussy 90 minutes conceded one corner Where was he the rest of the game?
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