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  1. If the EFL can't get us with ffp they will shaft us with poo referees
  2. Mom? Got to be Dawson surely. At least he scored
  3. He could send us Gayle and Jonjo Shelvey bit Bruce will still be a coont
  4. Steve Martin referee? Never liked any off his films but this one sums him up nicely
  5. Is that complete w anker Tim Robinson. We can expect a bucket load of bookings and Nando sent off for getting his leg broken
  6. Probable get a huge fine, 21 points deduction and Fessi banned for the rest of the season
  7. Would prefer West Brom pipped them to second place whilst we were top with an eight points lead.
  8. Yes. It has been confirmed. He is indeed a tailface.
  9. If I remember rightly it was a F.A cup gam, although I can't remember Burnley actually scoring. I also remember us beating them 7-0 but that really is showing my age.
  10. BLOOMING HECK! I was at that game. Thanks for making me feel old.
  11. "and the bloke in the hi-vis jacket said to me, Sorry son, you can't come in this way. You've got to walk around the ground, over bridge then turn left"
  12. Did Snooty's Southern cousin write that article ?
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