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  1. Ironically, if we moved to Weedon Str we'd be next door to IKEA...
  2. Tickets sales make it to 540 TPP and some Wednesdayites still moaning it's a closed shop.
  3. DNS

    Reece Burke

  4. At least one game against decent and realistic PL opposition would be good, someone like Everton or Burnley.
  5. DNS

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

    His he waving one of those TON UP banners?
  6. As long as we start at Alfreton mid week, I don't care where we go.
  7. My ideal pre-season: Alfreton (a) Grimsby Town (a) Training camp in Holland, 2 matches against Eredivisie teams Everton (h)
  8. DNS

    Lee Cattermole

    Cattermole? I'd rather take Paddy McNair off their hands personally...
  9. I'm just asking a question you helmet. The brave life of a keyboard warrior...
  10. Why are people suggesting Dawson over Wildsmith? I am missing something
  11. DNS

    Joey Barton

    A couple of years I wouldn't have minded Barton in our squad - he was pivotal to Burnley's promotion - but not now. Past it, would want huge wages and talks ****.
  12. If I was going I'd go up to Camden. You're spoilt for decent pubs around there and it's easy to get over to Loftus Rd.
  13. Hi mate, No it's still available, do you want it?
  14. Where are people drinking - Newcastle then get the Metro out, or straight to Sunderland?