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  1. DNS

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    I think you're right. Still doesn't go far with our wage bill.
  2. DNS

    FA Cup 3rd Round

    4th Rnd winners prize money wouldn't even cover a week's wages of our injured/frozen out players, crazy.
  3. Anyone else heard this? I don't believe every rumour of course but I can see this happening in January.
  5. At Central Library today, 10.30-2.30 - The FA Cup on display and tons of memorabilia on local football to celebrate the Sheffield FC's birthday yesterday. Jason Dickson (author of SWFC - The Official History) has a stall so go say hi!
  6. I'm looking for 1 adult Birmingham ticket if anyone's selling? I have enough TPP for any away fixture and wont able to get to many games after Xmas so willing to swap/lend my ID if anyone can help. Thanks.
  7. Ironically, if we moved to Weedon Str we'd be next door to IKEA...
  8. Tickets sales make it to 540 TPP and some Wednesdayites still moaning it's a closed shop.
  9. DNS

    Reece Burke

  10. At least one game against decent and realistic PL opposition would be good, someone like Everton or Burnley.
  11. DNS

    Chansiri - Snooker Final

    His he waving one of those TON UP banners?
  12. As long as we start at Alfreton mid week, I don't care where we go.
  13. My ideal pre-season: Alfreton (a) Grimsby Town (a) Training camp in Holland, 2 matches against Eredivisie teams Everton (h)
  14. DNS

    Lee Cattermole

    Cattermole? I'd rather take Paddy McNair off their hands personally...