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  1. I'm just asking a question you helmet. The brave life of a keyboard warrior...
  2. Why are people suggesting Dawson over Wildsmith? I am missing something
  3. Joey Barton

    A couple of years I wouldn't have minded Barton in our squad - he was pivotal to Burnley's promotion - but not now. Past it, would want huge wages and talks ****.
  4. If I was going I'd go up to Camden. You're spoilt for decent pubs around there and it's easy to get over to Loftus Rd.
  5. Hi mate, No it's still available, do you want it?
  6. Where are people drinking - Newcastle then get the Metro out, or straight to Sunderland?
  7. Looks like we're going now Runcorn. Been busy with work and not had a chance to DM you back.
  8. I can buy on the first day. DM me which block you want and contact details.
  9. Kieran Lee

    Where'd you hear that? I'm hoping Holland or Germany.
  10. Upper tier, unrestricted, £10.
  11. Sunderland (A) Travel

    16 miles apart, bit of a trek.
  12. Sunderland (A) Travel

    £35.64 rtn to Newcastle through Trainsplititing.co.uk, then use the Metro to get out to Sunderland which costs about a fiver.
  13. Train to QPR .

    I'm thinking of going and will need to get back to SHF. According to google maps you can get from Lotfus Rd to St. Panc in 30 mins.