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  1. It doesn't always but I do wonder why we never develop any of our own young strikers, hopefully Lavery will prove me wrong. I wonder what our chances are of making McGugan and Drenthe permanent. Now that would really be building a team in my eyes
  2. Startng by saying I'm not Anti Adhti Nuhui but I think he is currently really struggling for form and to me simply doesn't look fit enough to be part of build up play and then get into the box. We haven't got a lot of money, it's better to support these players than moan and it isn't an atmosphere that helps develop young players. I think May looks like a prospect but you can already hear people moaning he hasn't bagged us a shed load of goals. You're a supporter, so support! If somebody is out of form they either need dropping or sticking by. If we drop Nuhui, because I think May is more likely to get goals (although could be dropped for Lavery if he continues to struggle or just needs a break) we will need a physical presence to replace him. We are a little thin on physical players and sometimes you need to win ugly. I think that Gray knows what he is doing so if he doesn't recall Madine I would assume we are selling him. In the mean time I wonder if this Mani Dieservuwe could get on the bench and get a run out. He has pace, presence and seems to know where the back of the net is. I'm trying to understand the purpose of a development squad if we don't use it very often. Right now seems a good time to try some players up front - Lavery or Dieservuwe but fans have to support the team and the best manager we have had in ages instead of rant and rave that we aren't plucking ready made players out of the free market If Gray is bad please explain Kieran Westwood and Tom Lees. Class signings. The man has the team on board and is doing an amazing job
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