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  1. Thanks for helping clear that up! The only reason I could see for getting it would be for some of the radio coverage then as the extended highlights are normally up within a day or two on YouTube and shortened highlights on the Sky Sports app within a few hours. If you got more live video match coverage it’s something I definitely would invest in and wouldn’t mind paying extra for but at the minute I think I’d just rather get myself to Hillsborough as and when I can can to watch the match rather than a tenner a pop to watch it online.
  2. I’m sure it’s been asked before but as it’s been talked about a fair bit recently I was finding it hard to find, so delete if nesseccery. Thinking about investing in iFollow this season but the packages are a bit confusing. Is the ‘Day Pass’ the only one that offers live video coverage? If so what do you get with the monthly/season pass? Is it just audio coverage? Any help would be appreciated so I don’t start paying for the wrong thing.
  3. I tried to book the entire corner stand out for it last time but they wouldn’t have any of it!
  4. Does anyone know if you can pay on the gate today? I’ve managed to have a impromptu trip home this weekend and wondered if I’d be able to take me and the old man to the match?
  5. I hope we do sign him to be honest, I think he's a cracking player. I'd just heard the rumour about him playing a behind close doors friendly, so I asked and it turned out that part wasn't true. We could still be signing him, who knows.
  6. I was as surprised as you but he was just very friendly and was happy to answer questions I had. As for Djourou all I said is he'd not participated in a behind close doors friendly. Nothing else was said about the likelihood of him signing just that he hadn't participated in no friendlies matches.
  7. I found out this might be the best way forward. I'll have to change up to anecdotal posts, rumours and kit threads instead.
  8. It is a little on the tedious side just having people barking at you when I very much know I'm not lying. Funnily enough I thought people might actually appreciate me trying to relay a conversation I had with a player. I may not have interpreted or even worded some parts perfectly but the conversation was about 4/5 hours before I made the post and I was trying to remember everything that was spoke about and note it down for people on here to have a read. They may have been minor discrepancies but as my memory serves the information I put was as I remember it being said. Said really everything else I've ever put up on here has been received very well but the time I actually something I believe to be really interesting people jump to the conclusion I'm lying.
  9. Honestly don't know anything more than what was said, just without ever hearing about elev8 before a shell could be the perfect way to keep the kit in house and manoeuvre FFP. Just guess work at that point
  10. If you fancy getting off the old high horse for a second. Sorry I've not hit the elite club of 800 posts quite like yourself all I wanted to do was pass on a little information I had gained form a chat I've had. Claimed nothing spectacular, I'd have absolutely nothing to gain from lying and I'm not a 14 year old just trying to wind people up. Yes I have met players at my place of work and funnily enough even though they are professional footballers, they don't look down on 'the wine waiter' quite like you do and are more than happy to have a brief chat with me after their meals. I'll keep myself to myself next if I bump into another player and have a chat, honestly not worth the hassle.
  11. Not going to have a game of Owlstalk guess who as it would be unfair on the player. But there is Scottish players in the squad and team mates are going to talk to each other.
  12. Not exclusively, he just said Sondico stuff was still being used for training. This could mean just the shorts, socks etc or he could have meant maybe the kits where being used in behind close door matches. I'm really unsure as I didn't press the issue as I was just enjoying a friendly chat.
  13. You are very correct there, that why not really much light was shed on any financial situations. As for us still trying to sign Mulgrew I'll not say anymore.
  14. Did they not have have Lacatoni polos and stuff in Portugal but still trained in some sondico stuff like shorts? I wasn't trying to say they didn't have any Lacatoni stuff the player just said they was still using sondico stuff also and I assumed it would be training gear. In all honesty I don't really care for the kit situation so didn't press him too much on it was just mentioned in passing. For your second point, half our team is Scottish, it hardly stretches belief that the players might know something about that particular transfer. He told that he'd not heard anything about other CBs
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