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  1. Not sure on what you like but if you’re a fan of traditional colour tattoos I would highly recommend the guy I use. Located in Barnsley so not far away. His Instagram (if you use that much) is @padz13 and the shop if called Lucky 13. Worth a look if that’s what you like.
  2. I like to keep my eye on Lincoln as that’s where I went to uni. The Crowley brothers are doing a cracking job there.
  3. Thought we was hearing about new signings already, Brucie knows how to wheel and deal with the best of them after all
  4. Like I said I only played a couple of times with him when we were younger (think he was with Donny at the time) so no idea what he’s like now but I do remember him seeming like a good footballer back then. Nice lad as well.
  5. Really? Played footy a few times with this lad when I was younger. He was a cracking player then, however the differences between championship footballers and spotty teenagers is quite vast so not sure how he’d hold up for us these days.
  6. Good lad. I hope to Christ we get this man signed up. A fantastic footballer that will fit straight back into our team, no adjustment period. Maybe we’d actually be able to have a strong start to the season rather than waiting till we are 6 matches deep to start playing football.
  7. For a season that has contained both bottom 3 and top 6 form. We really have had some shining lights (and cracking goals). There is plenty of players that put a good case forward for player of the season. Westwood and Hutch have showed how important they are after being reinstated into the first team (pure madness they were ever out of it). Adam Reach tried to run his own goal of the year competition and remained a bright spark in the dark times. Bannan just makes our team tick and we struggle without him. Plus he’s added a few goals to his game. Fletch has had immense second half of the season and proved integral to Bruce since he arrived. However for me it’s Hector. Had a little shake at the start be since then he’s been consistently fantastic. You can see by the amount of fans that think our number 1 priority over summer should be to bring him back how good he’s really been.
  8. I remember when he was still pretty new at the club and appearing at RB. Thought he was god awful. Then when he got pushed to CM turned into one of my favourite players. We’ve missed him dearly and is the type of box to box player this team has been crying out for. Would love to see him back playing for us.
  9. For such a rollercoaster of a season we really have had a few stand out players that deserve credit. Hector has been immense, Fletch a warrior leading that front line, Bannan spaying passes as always, Westwood best keeper in the league, Reach and his moments of magic and a massive step up in performance levels and consistency for Palmer. Really is a difficult choice, Hector edged it for me though.
  10. I think that’s the key if this signing happens, cheap. In our financial constraints you don’t want to spending a big chunk of the budget on a player who could disappear into obscurity al a Abdi. But with the players with Penny and Palmer both being able to play that position we won’t be in that famous creek without a paddle if he does pick up an injury. Its very risky and could work or massively backfire so spending a couple of million would be mind boggling. But if Bruce thinks he will be an asset then I have full faith and if he doesn’t, well I’ll have probably forgotten all about him in a couple of seasons.
  11. He really does look like he has quality, as mentioned it’s a question of fitness. With the likes of Palmer (contract pending) and Penny though if he does get a injury we do have great back up. Worth the risk? Maybe. Only if it’s a deal that works us. If we could pull a deal like we did with big Dom and get the fee in that 350-750k mark with 10k pw and a 1-2 year contract I think could be a good bit of business. With Pudil on his way out as well surely that would be the wages covered and then some at that price. But what do I know eh? Brucie gets paid to sort all this out and I’ve never had more confidence in a manager at this club to make all the right decisions.
  12. Thanks for helping clear that up! The only reason I could see for getting it would be for some of the radio coverage then as the extended highlights are normally up within a day or two on YouTube and shortened highlights on the Sky Sports app within a few hours. If you got more live video match coverage it’s something I definitely would invest in and wouldn’t mind paying extra for but at the minute I think I’d just rather get myself to Hillsborough as and when I can can to watch the match rather than a tenner a pop to watch it online.
  13. I’m sure it’s been asked before but as it’s been talked about a fair bit recently I was finding it hard to find, so delete if nesseccery. Thinking about investing in iFollow this season but the packages are a bit confusing. Is the ‘Day Pass’ the only one that offers live video coverage? If so what do you get with the monthly/season pass? Is it just audio coverage? Any help would be appreciated so I don’t start paying for the wrong thing.
  14. I tried to book the entire corner stand out for it last time but they wouldn’t have any of it!
  15. Does anyone know if you can pay on the gate today? I’ve managed to have a impromptu trip home this weekend and wondered if I’d be able to take me and the old man to the match?
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