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  1. Dawson Palmer Iorfa Leea Fox Murphy Hutch Luongo Bannan Reach Nuhiiu
  2. They said Dementia is rife in past footballers
  3. A proven ticket policy vs Arsenal and you lot think he'll make it cheaper? Mental, lot of ya
  4. Career going exactly how I thought it would with us. A well deserved new contract
  5. Nixon peddling nonsense for someone Say it is true though, so what, let them pay it. There'll be others
  6. Arsenal sold out at £30 https://www.swfc.co.uk/news/2015/september/owls-v-arsenal-ticket-details/ So why would it be £10 - £20?
  7. Chance to fill the ground and make some much needed money and the fans want it for a tenner It'll be around £30 and will sell out, it'd probably sell out nearly twice over. The big question is how many SAG will let us sell
  8. You might be, I’m not though, bring whoever on
  9. I’ll leave it, give you something to do
  10. No effort at all, my memory helped me out If
  11. OT - I just wish Chansiri would run the club in a sustainable way Also OT - Just accept whatever for Rhodes and give Palace whatever they want for Wickham
  12. It basically amounts to 20-25k a week. Assuming he’s on 35k a week that leaves us picking up 10-15k a week, think we’d be relying on Palace accepting similar for Wickham to maintain our balance sheet
  13. Staton is an arrogant bell end. Listening to a bit of him yesterday reminded me he’s not as good as he seems to think or as some of you seem to think
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