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  1. Ash76

    Elev8 done it again

    The attention to detail makes them better quality than your standard templates for me
  2. Ash76

    Jos trimming the squad

    So basically we're getting our house in order Well done all
  3. Ash76

    Elev8 done it again

    Yeah not good this, they should make full kits available rather than making us buy separately Think last season full kit cost like £72 ish as separates when previously a mini kit was around £50 I don’t actually mind paying a bit more but I don’t want to pick up a shirt and then get shorts 3 months later and socks at the end of the season as was the case last year
  4. Ash76

    That survey

    Not sold one single key player
  5. I disagree, he’s always been overrated amongst large sections of our support. Reality biting now
  6. Proper manager? Bit of an insult to Jos that
  7. Ash76

    Away kit 2018/19

    Same shorts as home, save a few kid for kids that want full kits
  8. Ash76

    Away kit 2018/19

    It’s actually Elev8
  9. Ash76

    #SWFC vs Villareal

    But not got as good a team
  10. Ash76

    Feel a bit sorry for Mr Chansiri

    They could always sell up and buy DC out. No? Thought not
  11. Fletcher is not static, very mobile and runs the channels. How he compares to Hugill in that regard I’m not sure as I’ve not seen enough of Hugill but to say Fletcher is immobile is nonsense
  12. Expecting good tithings from Baker. If Hunt keeps getting niggles he’ll get game time ahead of Palmer I think
  13. 4 lads over 4 years old with the kit in pictures in that article. An absolute disgrace
  14. How are people viewing it as a dig? I would wish him well but that will mean @Beholder bumping threads forever. He's a long way to go, a long long way
  15. They're sat reading this and the other 276 kit threads, once they've stopped laughing at grown men losing it they'll get them on sale. If you want one nip down in October, they should have recomposed themselves by then