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  1. Excellent news, thanks for clarifying
  2. I thought all our staff left because they couldn't work for him?
  3. The attacks on the players are a little out of line in my opinion. If they've not been asked to take a pay cut then why would they? Had they been asked and refused then i'd be joining in but we don't know what conversations, if any, have been had at S6 in regards to this I'm with @TrickyTrev. Not bothered for this season but if we miss games next season then either a refund or discount on following years for games missed
  4. It does but that's the clothing industry for you, a fitted Nike medium will differ from a fitted Adidas medium for example or Next will differ to Topshop
  5. Pit to pit measurement to supplement the normal sizing structure would be good. Have you tried appealing directly though?
  6. I’m not sure he can say it’s stronger, he’s no idea how strong either case is. He, like everyone else, only knows of the charge and of what the charge relates to
  7. He was interested in taking a player to Newcastle during his time there, problem was he was already n their books and out on loan
  8. Apparently interested in another club https://www.nufcblog.co.uk/2020/04/26/mike-ashley-now-planning-to-buy-another-football-club-once-saudis-seal-300m-takeover-report/ A random Geordie in a telegram group I’m in is saying he’s heard from a number of people it’s rumoured to be us. How would people feel? It’s a no from me
  9. No. Although i'd be interested in proposals for next season for those that have already purchased season tickets if that sarts behind closed doors
  10. The winners were Blackburn Olympic and not Blackburn Rovers
  11. The fact the individual charges were dropped suggests to me that a deal was done at arbitration with little reference to any evidence.
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