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  1. Dors all that mean you now accept I haven’t wrote him off? 200k btw
  2. I don’t recall but if I did then it’ll have been at your wild prediction based on never seeing him there. i mean I didn’t think you could better it but you have with your PL prediction, all of 1 good game. It certainly doesn’t mean I’ve wrote him off, I think currently he’s better suited to RB but that could change with time
  3. For me Mitrovic is head and shoulder above any other striker in the league. But; Boner likes a battle and could end up frustrating him, hopefully he'll get lose his head and get sent off, think he's due one
  4. Correct and it didn't take team long to work out that positionally he was awfully weak and in one game in particular the ball was constantly sent over at head height and he didn't win a single header against his winger
  5. Sorry didn't realise it was cool to be ITK again
  6. It takes more than that. Too weak and lacking maturity to be our best left back, he's not even close which is why we have let him go to gain experience and hopefully he'll come back a better player for it
  7. Is it that that lead you to the conclusion he’s our best LB?
  8. Hopefully he'll come back and show every f*cker he's still a class act. Unfortunately my head says it'll be more frustrations and he'll leave in the summer without us offering a new contract
  9. Wow, you're still running with that? During the time you've held that opinion he's been out on loan twice and aside from a couple of decent performances looked horribly exposed at LB for us. Not physically or mentally mature enough to be LB in the Championship, I still think he'll go the same way as Reach and end up playing further forward mainly. At what level remains to be seen
  10. Jordan's read your post and decided to tear up his contract
  11. Had a minutes silence for him at his son's game today at Milmoor Juniors when they played us. What a brave lad playing so soon after his fathers passing RIP Dave
  12. Our fans are embarrassingly bad ’but but we took 85k yo Cardiff for league 1 play off final’ I wouldn’t actually mind so much if we didn’t big ourselves up all the time. A real annoyance I when everyone claps the attendance after its read out, cringeworthy
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