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  1. Fair comments from a man that clearly cares about the club
  2. It was. A legends game is the next event there, 45k i think will be the capacity for that
  3. If we take the blue and white specs off there’s little between the 2.
  4. Brick found it funny then came up with a solution, he’s eat one
  5. Just drove past and wondered what was going on. Looks like there’ll be a good few thousand there
  6. First, why do you care? Next, I don’t, I didn’t ‘neg’ the previous poster. I did you because you offered nothing new. Finally, it’s not a neg, it’s a disagree button for members to use how they see fit
  7. Just as culpable is what I said. When they reviewed the video his role will have been highlighted If you actually freeze the video before the the pass from their defender then we have a flat midfield 4, problem is the gap between them and the defence is too big, that’s a collective responsibility.
  8. Oh mummy the nasty man used a swear word in the internet. It was used to display exasperation not aggression, yet you’ve the cheek to call me delicate. Back on topic, he doesn’t let him go at all, he never had him in the first place.
  9. If you find challenging your opinion as confrontational then maybe this is not the place for you. Still not watched it have you? Or just as likely you have but won’t ackknowlwdge the point. Easier to save face
  10. Here you go from 8.10, watch again. You’ll see Joey has just pressed their defender and can’t get back in in time. Yoy’d All be moaning if he was say too deep. Anyway then watch Aaron’s, should have been alert to the danger when Palmer covers CB and drop in, he had the time but went then stopped. Stop the f*cking ostracising, he’s part of the squad
  11. Rather than watching Westwood why don’t you watch it again and watch Aaron’s. It clear Palmer has to come across and he should drop in for him. He starts to go, then stops before going again, by which time is too late
  12. Hutch is clearly the better option but f*ck me players at all levels get caught out the wrong side every week. If you're really looking for the someone to blame then watch Aarons role in their first goal, he's as culpable as JP
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