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  1. Pigs win anyone??

    I called for getting rid of negs but i really think we need them back
  2. Thought Loovens had another year? Pudil I’d keep from those. Think he may upset some and keep Wallace too.
  3. Actor Fans

    Dead mans shoes, the guy that gets shot in the head is seen wearing a Wednesday hat early on in the film
  4. Jos post-match interview

    It will be this year
  5. Jos post-match interview

    Another 10 and it'll be job done
  6. Jos post-match interview

    And Hull would have to take at least a point too but then of course you're forgetting Birmingham, or don't they count? And it's not just 2 wins above 1 team, it is several Not sure if you're genuinely worrying or just being dramatic
  7. The pitch

    Unfortunately for you they don’t manufacture real grass
  8. Stobbs

    I thought he played really well first half, struggled a little in the 2nd
  9. Stobbs has done well tonight, in fact all the youngsters that have played in the first team recently have
  10. What happened to stopping the game? As soon as that boot catches Thorniley the linesman should be flagging and the game stopped Apparently broke his eye socket, wishing the young lad a speedy recovery
  11. RIP Daz, thank you for making me laugh with the bingo story
  12. RIP Georgia Rae

    Sheffield Star have done a brilliant job with that article, literally in tears reading it
  13. The pitch

    3% desso at Villa, that hardly worth it?
  14. The pitch

    That should be all of the information you al need to close the thread. The patchiness is really grass missing and not desso fibres. really grass needs sunlight and the sun doesn't get high enough in the winter on the rare occasions it is out. Our lighting can only do so much space at once, looking at the pitch they need pulling over to the South stand. The excellent drainage and the fact it has been rebuilt mean it is playing ok though, that's the main things right?