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  1. I’ll never understand why fans of other teams post on rival boards. Whitey, JV and a few DRWAB’s are regular posters on here, I’m sure it works the other way too but why?
  2. Right, I've cracked

    Awful performance, so lethargic. Ive called for Carlos to go once, that was after the Birmingham game but since hoped he’d get us going again. After that tonight there’s no coming back for him I feel. If we do make the change then we shouldn’t just replace coach for coach, we need a proper football manager that is given the freedom to build his own team within an agreed budget
  3. Flint

    Nowadays it’s not a case of just comparing fees, you have to consider how deals are structured too
  4. More the chairman And everyone pulling in the same direction including fans rather than spitting the dummy
  5. So this new dawn

    I quite liked @steveger suggestion
  6. So this new dawn

    If you continually allow your members to post unsubstantiated rumours then you and they are opening themselves up to personal criticism. Maybe discuss facts not b0llox going forward?
  7. So this new dawn

    That’d be way more entertaining than the current half time offerings. There’s a few more than just i that negged it, I’ve also highlighted my issue with it. It’s not balanced, just a list of grievances and with unsubstantiated claims in
  8. So this new dawn

    Thought you were done with us? Or are you still hanging around just for just for the purpose of poo stirring and spreading lies? If I was DC I’d make an example of one of you FUD’s
  9. Technically he’s actually decent, his problems are shooting, speed and jumping
  10. Just for starters he was boo’d when he came on at Ipswich
  11. Agree, everyone in ground singing his name Saturday when a large amount will have abused him previously. The 2 faced w4nkers should be ashamed
  12. Makes sense now, getting worried yet? Gap to play offs is shortening and now 6 points off top 2 pace
  13. Hutch is not injured

    Another reason for not coming, too serious, lighten up
  14. Hutch is not injured

    Yeah, you’re not allowed though as you won’t get the jokes.