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  1. For years Wednesday fans demanded Rhodes comes in, whatever the cost. Now they want him gone and are angry we're asking what they think is too much even though it's less than what we paid Morons
  2. It’s true Weir had booked a room at the Copthorne. Was one of those booking by the hour things they do though to give people a place to f4ck His other guest was...
  3. Assuming it’s an old interview? Aside form that think they do good podcasts but they need to poo the others up in there unless they’re talking in to a mic
  4. Nah, not gunna bother, I know I can be a bit of a bell at times but you’re next level I’m glad you’ve used the SB emoji it means I can reference your nose being of a similar state to his if this is how you are outside of the internet too Have a good day
  5. That’s what all this boils down to, people can’t get in for a tenner anymore
  6. Theres an argument for the risk being smaller than with external 3rd parties involved though. We’ve always had to be aware of FFP, if this rumour is true then that’s is addressing it. I’m sure DC would have preferred we’d gone up by now though Anyway, just wanted to make the point. Luckily DC came in or no idea where we’d be now in terms of league status, ground ownership and club ownership with the path Milan had us on
  7. You crack on wasting your time @2roland2 my rating is already negative
  8. All this criticism of DC for a rumour he’s sold the ground, the rumour is that at worst it’s within the Chansiri family so in effect is a accountancy trick to satisfy P&S. MM on the other hand, praised several times in this thread, put ground ownership at greater risk by taking 3rd party loans and putting the ground up as security when he told us there’d never be any 3rd party loans Hypocrites
  9. Look forwards As for the banker analogy, that actually did happen
  10. I’ve not said you was wrong about anything, I inferred you were being overly critical.
  11. Easy running a football club, you should give it a go I think you’d be great
  12. In this thread Chansiri has been called stupid for not selling players and now an asset stripper. Someone help me out, which is it?
  13. Isn't this the part where someone is suppose to say 'f4ck off Bez'?
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