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  1. We didn’t have a manager last season when we took Hector and Onomah, unless you mean Jos? Seriously though, Chelsea and Spurs did not look at Jos to influence their decision on loaning those 2 to us. If they had they wouldn’t have bothered
  2. No chance will DC go for him after he shat on Derby to join Stoke
  3. So it is Hughton then. Well done DC, an excellent appointment
  4. Fair point, possibly a new sponsor in the works then?
  5. I’m guessing no sponsor is because we had to waste a load of shirts that originally had it on but also carried ‘WAWAW’ somewhere on them.
  6. I’ve seen him enough to form an opinion yes. Reminds me of Calvert Lewin but no where near same standard
  7. Or more likely it'll all be finalised once the other 2 Steve's deals have been sorted
  8. Bruce left because he's a cu nt On Joao I think £8m is achievable, I'd certainly not be happy if he went for less than the £6m pigs just paid Preston for Robinson Personally, Joao would be at the top of my list to retain.
  9. The dutch source looked at the betting odds to discover we are linked with him
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