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  1. It won’t, the real problem lies with PL bloated squads. Too many players on PL wages end up on the scrap heap that aren’t prepared to take a wage cut relative to the championship 2 things would help, first is limiting squad sizes and 2nd the championship get a fairer share of TV revenue
  2. F*ck him too the poo stirring c*nt
  3. Easy, election. The country is f*cked and needs drastic and radical change, only one party capable of delivering that
  4. Doing their jobs? Last 4 conceded in 2 games are all individual mistakes
  5. Don't think a vvank constitutes breeding mate
  6. Bet the £80 for a gram didn't put them off though, idiots
  7. Agreed but forgiveness doesn’t have to involve selecting him
  8. Did he? The cheek, I’d have told him where to go
  9. Had the spotlight taken off him by Westwood but why wait to be closed down before clearing your lines? The ball he tried to play down the pitch that hit their player put us under immediate pressure that we were unable to recover from before conceding the 2nd. Generally i thought he was a little better today than in recent weeks but has looked well short since being switched back to the right. Just before Odubajo's omission I thought he was starting to settle in. I'd be tempted to bring him back in to give Palmer a bit of a kick up the backside, especially as Palmer is going away with Scotland
  10. Murphy for me, showed what he is capable of and was surprised it was he that got pulled
  11. And Luton, fortunately it didn't cost us a goal People on this thread talking like he made 1 mistake today. There were 3
  12. As has Dawson, the letters only questionable moment however came at Cardiff when he was drafted in late in awful conditions. Westwood's performance today is indefensible, had it been Dawson then half of the ground would have been foaming at the mouth. People around me were looking to blame anyone they could for not clearing the ball after he dropped the ball for their first. Too sentimental
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