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  1. Ash76

    Must read

    Jos arrives in the canteen on his first day
  2. And then he came back to it at the end of the call
  3. Ash76

    Some analysis

    I posted it, they’re not surprising
  4. Ash76

    Some analysis

    Did I say it was the most annoying or infuriating thing? Did I say it angers me the most? No, I didn’t, nor did I say it worries me
  5. Ash76

    Some analysis

    Bit childish referrring to the manager as Loss or Dross, in fact it’s very f*cking childish Also I’m fed up of posters posting their opinion as if they’re talking for the entire fan base Let’s hipe the players have more belief than some of you lot, Friday could be the platform they need. Just look at Bannan with Dawson after the pen save for evidence Also those charts tell us nothing we didn’t already know. It’s about how we progress from here now
  6. Alan Knill is the brains, Wilder just delivers the foot up the arse
  7. Ash76

    RELEGATION under Luhukay

    The assessment has been done already by JL, the rest is to come
  8. He's told people he's off to QPR in January? How the f*ck does that work with them being under a transfer embargo then?
  9. If Jos sticks with the 3 he played at the back on Friday he can tinker with the rest until his heart is content. I'd be prepared to let hm see the job through if so
  10. Ash76


    You might have been embarrassed but I felt some pride for the first time in weeks
  11. We're in the same place as 12 months ago, in need of a rebuild. 2 windows gone since then but we've been a little hamstrung, this January though we look like having to sell just to keep FFP sanctions at bay. That means Jos may have a little more room to bring 1 or 2 in that meet his philosophy, the real rebuild will come in the summer though Need to be patient
  12. Ash76

    All the Dawson haters

    I said last season whilst Westwood was injured that based on what I saw of the 2 keepers that Dawson was the much better of the 2 young uns. He’s proving that this season. If Westwood was playing could he rediscover the form of 2-3 years ago? I’m. It so sure, certainly not based on what we did see of him last season For me Cammy is rightfully number 1 and doing very well too in difficult circumstances. The lad clearly has unbelievably good mental strength, well done lad. We’ve a good one on our hands
  13. Basically repeating speculation but because it was said by a former pro on Sky then it has to be true F*ck me, our fans