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  1. Ash76

    Chelsea Away

    I'm driving and taking my 7 year old boy, he'll be buzzing when he wakes in morning and I tell him we made it, he went to bed at half time
  2. I know it's on BBC1 and 6pm on a Sunday but let's show the football world we are still a big club and sell this out You in?
  3. Ash76

    Morgan Fox

    Another good display from Fox tonight, well done
  4. Ash76

    John Marquis

    Think you need to lower your expectations a bit.
  5. Good interview this. Fair play to RS asking difficult questions. Backed Fox since day 1, hopefully can maintain his recent consistency. Potentially our next Lewis Buxton Like anyone he had his strengths and weaknesses but has more chance of improving both with the support of the fan base https://www.bbc.co.uk/sounds/play/p06y1psc
  6. Ash76

    Adbi playing for U23's

    Just been looking at our squad on the OS. Got to Abdi's picture and thought to myself 'god i'd like to punch him in the face' One thing I noticed looking at the squad is it's weak and thin on the ground with lots of youngsters making up the numbers
  7. Ash76

    No one coming in....

  8. Ash76

    Stop the blame game.

    Not really understood the point of the thread have you?
  9. Ash76

    Why the urgency?

    Yay another reactionary hindsight thread, where were you 2 weeks ago? We’d have got hammered yesterday no matter who was in charge
  10. Ash76

    Stop the blame game.

    Wow is that really you Beholder?
  11. Ash76


    He can't do it all himself FFS
  12. Ash76

    Man of the Match - Player ratings

    It was an excellent save but his positioning was awful, left loads over to his left hand side. Thankfully he made it across
  13. Ash76

    Better Bullen till Bruce

    This thread Aside from our formation i'm not sure how anyone can determine exactly what our tactics were in that game. They went out of the window within the first minute because that's how quickly Hull got on the front foot. That defeat was systematic of our recruitment strategy in the last 2-3 years. Hull were simply faster, stronger and better equipped mentally than us, we were destroyed and we do not have the personal to deal with it. Someone mentioned West Brom being better than them but us putting in a decent performance there, generally i'd agree but the West Brom team we faced would have been turned over by Hull today. Sometimes you have to give credit to the opposition. I'm not sure what's happened there in the last few months but the issues in the boardroom are no longer having an effect. Also I don;t recall anyone moaning when the decision was taken to relieve Bullen of caretaker responsibility, if it had been the other way round and we lost as convincingly today then the reverse argument would be being spouted
  14. Give me a shout if you're struggling for a ticket mate