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  1. The actual cost of a shirt

    If I have 2 companies and want to make money then it's surely beneficial to have one of them operating successfully than both operating at a loss?
  2. They are £25 aren't they? Quality wise they are good if this match worn one I have here is anything to go by Sorry, you're talking about the junior ones aren't you, the infant ones are £25
  3. The actual cost of a shirt

    Fair enough, time will tell but my first thought was Elev8 will do well out of it
  4. The actual cost of a shirt

    Also possible but why bother setting up Elev8? Why not keep it truly in house?
  5. The actual cost of a shirt

    It is possible but would be legal on the face of it. Why else would you set up Elev8, if you're doing it in house what is wrong with simple SWFC branding?
  6. The actual cost of a shirt

    Elev8 will be taking their share so i doubt the club is doing any better out of it, not worth the trouble imo. Chansiri may well see it differently as he, being the soul director of Elev8, will be doing better out of it.
  7. Midfield

    I like Reach, add a bit of aggression to his game and he'll be some play. As for my thought on his position, i think some of his best performances have been when he's come inside but it's a free role anyway and he can be trusted to be switched on to counters and will run all day especially if the likes of Pudil is struggling to get back Make ya mind up, you with us or not?
  8. Midfield

    When fit it'd be 2 great options for that position but he'll have to earn a spot back in the team when he does return
  9. Midfield

    Agree we need to address it, I think we can do it by playing 41212 Westwood Hunt Lees Loovens Pudil Hutchinson Lee Bannan Reach Hooper Fletcher This would rely on Hutch being disciplined, full backs getting forward which the do and Reach would have a licence to roam
  10. Earlier i said i don't mind them being done in house but that's not what is happening is it? I wonder how much Elev8 are proving them to us at? The savings aren't being passed on to the fans, they might not even be being passed on to SWFC On the flip side why not just get in the maximum you can if things really are as bleak as you say? I wouldn't say that. You can get the shirt for £25, which effectively makes the shorts and socks £25 too as the full kit was £50 last year. My 6 year old wants it, for now i'll just pick up some white shorts for when he wants to train in it
  11. It'd be an idea for anyone that wants to debate a topic to at the very least read the OP even if it was your own cut and paste job
  12. No but I expect you know that considering it was your OP