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  1. Ash76

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    Because cost might be an issue for people that can’t stand
  2. Ash76

    Match day parking near the ground

    Its not what I do just thought it’d be good for the OP considering his fathers mobility issues
  3. Ash76

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    The back area of the Kop is 3-4 ft higher so they’d have no problems
  4. Ash76

    Match day parking near the ground

    Middlewood park and ride and then one stop on the tram for a very short walk to the ground
  5. Ash76

    Safe standing at Hillsborough

    7-8 thousand on lower Kop for me. Would look great
  6. Ash76

    So that survey

    The OP along with the rest of the stirrers know full well the survey didn't make reference to transfer market spend. Looking at our wage bill investment in the team remains high irrespective of what we spend
  7. Ash76

    New Kit

    I generally prefer stripes with a solid back
  8. Ash76

    Westwood Going

    Really? Ha, we’ll do well to get £2m Westwood has been great for us but the timing is right if he goes and I’ll wish him well. Dawson for me
  9. Ash76

    The new/old #SWFC badge

  10. Ash76

    Wednesday Towels

    The monopoly stack still looks to be about the same size, not surprised at £35. How much is traditional monopoly? Still hundreds of top trump cards at the store and hundreds were given away at the fun day too
  11. Ash76

    Wednesday Towels

    Dont appear to have sold particularly well though
  12. Ash76

    The new/old #SWFC badge

    We already do
  13. Ash76

    New Kit

    Rumour of Hummel, not sure if it's lazy assumption because of our new CEO who had Charlton in Hummel. They do decent gear but not sure it'll satisfy the Nike and Adidas snobs
  14. It’s a fair point but it’d be naive to think there aren’t thousands of fans out there that can afford it but will only be interested at the first sign of success. You, I and the other 20k STH are better fans than them. Some might not like that but it’s true
  15. Yes, I understand. My point is the bigger picture, we generate more revenue with less in. Also if we’d have had their season and them ours, we’d have had the bigger average