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  1. Walt

    Feeling positive

    Indeed. I think some people underestimated the loss of Hunt and Venancio. But I’m like a broken record on that one. You don’t want to be guessing what players may be able to step up to the plate to fill the voids especially in the back line. Still, it it what it is and it appears that out manager is still none the wiser as to his best back 5. Think he needs to suss it pretty quickly and decide on a back 5 or even a back 4 and give it a run of games. Easier said than done though if he thinks the options are not too good.
  2. Walt

    Feeling positive

    I’m afraid the knives are out for Plessy and people were just waiting for him to fail. He did not have a good game but you must be extremely thick not to see the reasons why Jos wants him in the team. We altered formations regularly during the game and were often left outnumbered with only two central midfielders up against three of Hulll’s. This is the reason Jos picks Plessy, to give him energy and legs, to cover the ground and gaps. You can not get away with an immobile midfielder (Jones) with how we attempted to play on Saturday. To play in Jos’s midfield you need legs especially when we regularly attempted to go 343 or 3421. I dread to think of the flack Jones would get if he was in the side. I dread to think how long it would be until Hutch pulled up injured if he was tried there. I was pretty impressed with Thorniley (sp?) as he looked quite composed but would assume he’s more of a centre back than a wingback? Worryingly Pudil looked very slow as a few times Hull players just ran straight past him whithout trying. Baker I thought was ok as he got done quite easily a few times but never gave up and put a shift in which is all I ever ask for. I wouldn’t have him down as a wingback, more of a rightback? I think its its pretty obvious that our main (glaring) concerns are in defence, you can’t drop two of your back five completely from the squad from one week to the next without the manager having serious issues about the (lack of) quality back there.
  3. Doesn’t really matter what system we play as our defence is not good enough. Losing your first choice RWB and RCB from a backline that needed strengthening to begin with is only going to end one way - badly. Fact is we’ve not got one proven Championship level wingback at the club and we’re playing with wingbacks! Reach and Boyd are both unknowns at wingback, it’s another guess as to whether or not they are good enough. Logic says we should go with a back four but have we got two good enough full backs at the club? From what I’ve seen the answer is no. Maybe the two young lads can step up but that’s a big ask and it’s still a maybe but maybe it is our best option? We we can talk formations until the cows come home but it’s irrelevant until we add two quality wingbacks / fullbacks to the first eleven (ideally you’d also add a centre back), until then we are trying to build a house on sand. Jos changed two positions in the back line from the last game and dropped those players completely from the squad. If that doesn’t set alarm bells ringing then I don’t know what will. He doesn’t know his best back five, he thought the two players from the previous game were that bad that he banished them altogether from the squad, these were the two players that needed to step up to the plate to cover the loss of Hunt and Venancio(sp?), they in our managers eyes failed terribly. Jos needs help and it looks like the peanuts he spent on Plessy is all the help he is going to get. Until we sort the defence out we are in trouble.
  4. You are assuming that we will not be in a relegation battle. Is Westwood the better keeper? If the answer is yes then the rest of your post is irrelevant as you play your best players. I’m not reyt keen on paying top whack ticket prices for our highly paid best ‘keeper to sit on his arse while some younger / inexperienced cheaper ‘keeper gets the shirt and makes more errors. The young / inexperienced ‘keeper should be out on loan making the mistakes, not in our first team, a team that is already weak in the back line.
  5. Hmm it's a novel thought, not playing your best player in favour of an inferior one to give the inferior one some experience in the quest for long term planning. Actually that isn't such a novel thought as the club proposed something similar in the ill fated survey...the promotion of youth players and the sale of key senior players in return for ticket prices being reduced to that of previous levels. Personally I'd always play my best player(s) whenever possible in the hope that the better player(s) gains us more points unless it was the end of the season with nothing to play for. Who knows what difference those extra points with the better player(s) in the side would make, maybe the difference between promotion or relegation? I'd also be wondering what sort of message this sends out to the other experienced pros and even supporters who were being asked to pay top dollar ticket prices, you'd imagine the fans would be a bit put out paying the sky high prices and having their best keeper sat on his arse doing nowt but pick up his wages, especially if the player wants to play. For long term planning I'd be looking to get the younger inferior inexperienced player out on loan like a lot of other teams seem to manage to do. For even more long term planning I'd face up to the sad reality of having to sell players to the bigger boys when their stock is high and then reinvesting some of that money in new ones.
  6. TBF to Jos he had two major players from his back five from last season unavailable to him. Baring a few mistakes he seemed to suss out our best side pretty quickly from when he walked through the door. The problem I think we have is that you or me couldn't with any degree of certainty name our back three, four or five, you could ask ten fans and they'd all give you different answers because there are question marks over both wingback positions and who plays at centre back and where. Go back to last season and ask the same question to the same ten fans and seven of them would probably say the same thing - "A back three of Pudil, Lees, Venancio with Hunt at RWB and somedi at LWB, probably Reach" I've always felt losing Hunt and Venancio would cause us issues if we didn't replace them. Added to that is that I also thought we needed to sign a left wingback anyway. I can see why Jos has problems picking an eleven with our major issues in defence. That is what he gets paid to do though and it looks like he's going to get no help whatsoever in bringing in signings so he's going to have to sort the issues pretty quickly.
  7. Walt


    I’m trying to think of a player who’s first touch is “often woeful” and his passing is “erratic at best” but plays in the hole. No, I honestly can’t think of one player as nobody in their right mind would put such a player in that position. I was always a fan of Hoopers backside (yikes), it’s a bit like Kenny Dagleish’s (sp?) ‘arris, always sticking it into people or defenders, using it as battering bum if you like. An often forgotten art in these more fancydan days of step overs and rainbow kicks.
  8. Walt


    Cheers, mate no worries, makes a nice change from slagging each others opinion off and not seeing the other persons point of view. Regarding Palmer v Hunt: I looked the stats up the other day. When Jos arrived he gave Palmer a run of games (I think Hunt was out or just coming back from injury). When Hunt took the shirt from Palmer, Palmer never started another game when Hunt was fit. Like you say in the last two games when Hunt was out injured (again) Reach got a go at right back and so did Baker. I wouldn't say Lees is a liability as a RCB it's just that he's far better at being in the middle of the three, it's what he's made for. Plus Hutch would be a natural at RCB where he can make use of his more natural footballing ability. I'd hate to see JVA at LWB as I'm still having flashbacks to what the piggyjacks did to him, think he'd get turned inside out by any half decent winger. Think we need to toughen him up a bit and get him concentrating on the basics at centre half tbh. I've not given up on him like some have as there is ability there, it just came with too many mistakes last season imo.
  9. Walt


    A side that plays with a back 3 needs three sound reliable defenders, last season we had that - Pudil, Lees, Venancio all playing in positions that suited the system. Pudil and Venancio as the outside centre half's who naturally drop in to the fullback positions when needed as they are both 'footballers' Lees for all his many plus points is not and never will be comfortable doing this. It became apparent that under CC, Lees was the one the opposition targeted to press into a mistake when given the ball as he isn't comfortable with the ball at his feet, not a great trait to have when you will be often finding yourself in the fullback position with Jos's current system. So last Saturday, although only one personnel change (for a weaker defender) meant a reshuffle, taking our best centre half of his normal position and putting him into a weaker one, So we are weaker in two positions in the back three. Pudil no change, JVA weaker than Lees, Lees weaker than Venancio (at RCB) Palmer V Hunt: Completely disagree but can't be arsed to go into that debate again as it does no one any favours, Our last two managers thought Hunt was the first choice right back / RWB. So going on their thoughts we are weaker there. They both maybe wrong but I very much doubt it. I'd say we need three new defenders to make that system work. I'd also qualify that by saying I think Pudil , Lees, Hutch should be our back three every day of the week but it seems that Jos (at the moment) would rather play Hutch in midfield. If Hutch was to play RCB then I'd say we only need two wingbacks, even then given our financial plight we may get by with just signing one RWB. It's not ideal as the wingback role is very demanding (well not when Palmer plays it as he just ambles along...sorry force of habit) and I think both LWB / RWB will need to be rested from time to time. Agree 343 or probably 433 would make more sense but whatever, just get FF on the left of a front three.
  10. Walt


    We have also lost Hunt our first choice RWB So that’s a RCB and a RWB. Vanancio is a far better defender than JVA, to say ‘slightly worse’ is a massive understatement at the moment although JVA may improve in time. Hunt is a far better wingback than Palmer. After giving both Palmer and Hunt a fair crack at it Jos selected Hunt every time he was fit. He even selected Reach and then Baker ahead of Palmer in two games when Hunt was out injured. Apparently we moved Lees to the right of the three centre backs, that’s not his game as he should be the central one. So there is another change to how we set up from last season. Pudil’s legs had gone at left back so we moved him to LCB. TBF I thought he played quite well in that role but there were little signs that time may be catching up with him at LCB. Reach at LWB is anyone’s guess to how it will go as you can easily see both sides of the argument. So that’s a a back five that is 2/5ths weaker and a positional change that doesn’t really suit arguably our best centre back.
  11. I’ve not spoken to our Gert in 18 months... I don’t like to butt in
  12. Walt

    So who identified transfer targets?

    From the Chairmans Q&A Maybe an idea to get Radio Sheffield to ask Carlos for his take on that.
  13. Walt

    Team v Hull

    We'd still get taken apart down the wings with even 12 on the pitch. I wonder now we've had the reality check that we are fizzed whether the fans would be more forgiving if we were to go with a couple of the youngsters in defence? Some of the footage I saw against Wigan was worse than bad defending it was a basic lack of heart and commitment, an unwillingness to make a challenge or just ambling along instead of busting a gut to get to the attacker which is unforgivable in my book. It's a horrible cliche and I wouldn't just 'chuck the kids in' but I'd be making a point to some of the first team that a lack of effort / heart will not be tolerated and they will be benched. So 433 Westwood Baker Hutch Lee Thorniley Pessy Bannan Reach Matias Joao FF If Fletcher is fit I'd maybe start him upfront and switch Joao for Matias.
  14. Walt

    New recruitment policy

    Do any other clubs use the same system as Brentford to sign players? You would have thought utilising their methods and having the extra financial clout on top would be the way to go.
  15. The only possibility of going up would require the signing of 3 defenders. If we don’t address this fundamental weaknesses in our team we will be in the bottom third. Pretty basic stuff really,