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  1. Walt

    Ryan Woods

    Yeah. Said the other season when we played Brentford in that night game we shouldn't have let him leave the stadium until he agreed to sign for us - he was that good. Seriously though he played exactly the same game today as he did that night. Thing is, in the second half of the Brentford game we pushed Keiran Lee right up the pitch onto woods toes and it stopped Woods from running the show. I'd have tried to do the same today with Reach. Cracking proper little player is Woods.
  2. Walt

    Are we trusting him yet?

    The way this threads going it will be a back four of Mig, Tig, Stick, Welder. Maybe two sitting midfielders of Gas and Bottle?
  3. Walt

    Are we trusting him yet?

    Playoffs? I think that’s the gauge, that’s how some fans will decide whether or not he’s good enough. Personally I’d be happy with mid table given all the rubbish Jos had had to deal with. I get that some fans think we have a top six squad so it would be perfectly normal for them to expect playoffs, I just don’t see it. I see us having a very good attack, an average midfield and a poor defence. Maybe, just maybe we’ve found a couple of players in Penney (the kid just looks a natural proper footballer to me) and Thorniley who can help solve the back line issues, it’s still early days and I’m sure there will be ups and downs with them but they both look utterly at ease with what’s being asked of them. The couple of new loan signings were well overdue and signings in positions that needed strengthening and it would appear from reports that they have attributes that we lack. What a refreshing change! I think there’s such a fine line between most teams in this division so I suppose owt is possible given a bit of organisation, team spirit and bit of luck That said, a couple of defeats on the spin and the knives will be out again.
  4. I can see why he picks Pelupessy as he gives us legs and does the ugly side of the game and probably atrempts to do exactly what Jos says to him. No denying he started poorly this season but I don’t get the hammering he gets as he finished last season pretty well. Hutch would be the only viable alternative unless there’s another kid ready to step up. Maybe a bit of a risk to play Hutch there with his injury record and our lack of bodies and has Hutch done himself any favours when selected? That said I’d be tempted to give him a go (after saying I’d only consider him at centre back about a month ago!) Tinkering inbetween games I think was / is down to not knowing his best defence. I’d agree that he could be quicker to make changes during the games. If he genuinely thinks Fessi and Westwood aren’t doing what he asks of them then he’s every right not to select them. It’s still a brave call to drop talent like FF mind. Hopefully both Jos and FF are on the same page now.
  5. I take your point regarding style this season as the line up and / or systems were altering every game. Last season it (the style) couldn’t have been more clear as he got the then injury ravaged squad set up in a defensive, needs must 532 to win us some points and keep us out of a relegation scrap. With the return of our better players we evolved into an attacking 343. That to me showed clear progressive thinking. Skip to pre season and Jos loses 8 players including two mainstays of his back 5 and his club captain. I think the defensive losses caused the muddled thinking that we have seen to the start of the season, we are (for now?) now a back 4, did Jos ever try a back four pre season? Did Jos ever try a back four of Penney, Thorniley, Lee’s, Palmer? Being honest who would have picked that back four? In my mind the defence will be key for us putting together any sort of consistency and I still think we need at least a of couple of additions back there. If we fail to bring in any defenders I think we will be in for a tough old ride.
  6. Walt

    Before the loan deadline.

    I agree with this, no signings and imo we will struggle in the bottom third. Two or three defensive signings should make us competitive. I will be very surprised if we sign more than one though.
  7. Walt

    FF Was dropped from the team

    That last sentence. Boom! As a previous poster said, Jos put out a statement to the players with his selection in the last two games or rather his lack of selection of certain players. I think a point has been made and a line drawn in the sand. For me it was still the bravest Wednesday team selection (Millwall) I’ve ever seen as the repercussions of a defeat could have been massive with that line up. Suppose when you strip it all back it makes perfect sense if you believe that certain players aren’t doing what you ask of them.
  8. Walt

    FF Was dropped from the team

    Yeah, it’s brutally honest and everyone knows where they stand with this approach. Got to say I’m all for it but... I still think it could have and may still go wrong as you could well imagine the stick the manager would get for leaving the likes of FF and Hutch on the bench if we had lost or drawn the last two games and the one on the pitch had given their all. Personally (barring a few noteable exceptions) I think FF generally does put a shift in and if you’re going on effort why would you have dropped Fletcher after the Millwall performance?
  9. Walt

    Credit to Jos

    Can always pop into the Railway after a Saturday match. I’m usually kicking about near the betting kiosk at the back of the North pre game though. Prefer that tbh as I’ve usually got to scoot off home for the kids on a match day. Don’t want another beating from our Gert like.
  10. Walt

    Credit to Jos

    Equating 'lots of words' to being angry. It's a new one on me mate. Maybe you don't get the context as you would if we were having this conversation in the pub? What do you think maybe I should pack in or take a break from as it's not clear?
  11. Walt

    Marco Matias

    Think you've answered your own question there mate. It's pretty obvious that you need workrate to get into Jos' side. 'If you don't run you don't play' seems to be the loud and clear message. Still a very brave decision though for me to have FF on the bench. Thing is I think FF is more than capable of putting a shift in as we've all seen when he's feeling a happy chappy. I'm still hopeful of a forward line of FF, Joao, Matias.
  12. Walt

    Credit to Jos

    You took my post the wrong way fella, I think it would be time to pack in if I ever got angry over postings on the internet mate. 'Fuckwits' is perfectly apt for some of our fans, just look at this board Wednesday night, Jos got absolutely slaughtered for his line up pre match, one poster on here called it " A monstrosity of a line up" but then after the win the same poster said (or words to the effect) "I don't credit Jos (or whoever is responsible for that line up and tactics) in anyway way at all"  Fair enough, we all had doubts (to put it mildly) about the line up but to then give zero credit afterwards is pure fuckwittery of the highest kind especially given the effort the lads puts in. People were bellyaching after 3 games, yes that's 3 games in about getting a British manager in who "understood the league and could grind out results" Jos then does that today but we get posts like "making us sit through that" It's flipping' pathetic (aint angry mate). It's like Jos gaining circa 2 points per game in the last ten games or so last season "yeah, the other teams were all on the beach, had nowt to play for" sort of stuff. It;s garbage, it's not a balanced opinion, it's trying to justify their view. See, I think Palmer has been abysmal for the last season or so, not putting in the required effort (I may be right. I may be wrong) but these last two games imo he's tried his heart out, he's busted a gut. I don't think last season he would have made the terrific goal line clearances as he did against Millwall and then again today or gone in for that challenge on the half way line where it was obvious he was going to get hurt. That's not the two good results clouding my judgement, I'm rating him on what I see and at the moment he's ramming my 'abysmal' thoughts straight down my throat as in the last two games he's been very good and he's giving 100% . You've got to give credit where it is due or else you just look a bit of a fuckwit.
  13. Walt

    Credit to Jos

    Bullquack. We have / had an unbalanced injury prone ageing squad, the options up front are very good, the options in midfield are average, the options in defence are poor. Jos has given the kids a go in defence (and the previously discarded Palmer) and they have come off in the last two games. Anyone predicting a back four consisting of Penney, Thorniley, Lees and Palmer would have performed so well in the last two games should be involved in some capacity down at Hillsborough. Yeah I was there and I saw the game for what it was, two poor sides on the day. I also saw a season of mainly poo dour home performances inder CC take us to 4th in the league.
  14. Walt

    Credit to Jos

    Yeah, if only he had more than £350,000 to spend and not lose eight players pre season and the the club were not involved in a massive cost cutting exercise. The bloke gets slagged when he wins matches in the fashion of last weeks wanted man Mick McCarthy, slagged when he loses matches and slagged when he wins matches for picking the wrong line up by chucking the kids in. He can't win with some of the fuckwits can he?
  15. Walt

    Penny / Thorniley

    Why the hell were we weeing about at left back with Penney at the club? Why did we sign Fox when we had this kid in the youth team? Yes there are flaws in his game but I'd rather give a player with his attributes,(technique and a bit of pace) a chance before spending seven hundred grand on poo like Fox.