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  1. Clean language viewing

    Right at the very top / back of the South Stand towards the Kop end. Didn’t hear any bad language at all. There’s a little play zone thingy for the kids as well. Not much in it tbh but my two boys loved having their faces painted and meeting Ozzie Owl. It’s a great feeling to watch them celebrate their first Wednesday goal. I obviously took them to the pub later and got them rat arsed, and then on the way home force fed em a kebab wi extra hot chilli sauce, just for balance like.
  2. What are his strengths? In the last home game I counted ten crosses in the first half, I reckoned three were very good, four were in the decent range, and three were crap and he was nowhere near any of them, although he did provide one excellent cross himself. I saw first time through balls played to him twice, once when he was playing on the shoulder and one when he had a yard or so on the defender and he was out paced on both occasions. More worryingly, and I was surprised that no one else picked up on this, was at one point I actually saw Reach look up and see that Rhodes was in a bit of space but refused the easy through pass. I was convinced Reach thought 'fukk it, there's no way he will beat the defender to it' So if he's not getting on the end of crosses or through balls, what else can we do? I can only think of playing him off a target man and hoping that he can get the knock downs. If that was the case then wouldn't he be behind Hooper, FF and Joao as they all offer so much more?
  3. Idea To Boost Attendances

    Extended the deadline until we know which league we are in. I’m not paying £555 to watch 3rd Division football. I won’t pay over £555 to watch Championship football and obviously the price will go up after the deadline. Rightly or wrongly I think DC has stitched me up with the high POTG prices and made buying a season ticket the only option. The sad part is I was going to buy a season ticket for one of my lads, which at £75 is IMO cracking value. As things stand Wednesday will be losing a life long fan (me) and be missing out on the next generation (my son).
  4. I used to love trundling about bare foot when I lived in Aus. Thing is one of the Aussie lads came over to see us when we had returned home to Sheffield. He decided to pop off down to the shop for summat in just his boardies and promptly stood in some dog poo .
  5. CC when not playing a 442 generally opted to go with a diamond. Been done to death but the Arsenal 3-0 cup game when he actually went 451 / 433 offered us so much more flexibility, got players into their best positions and made us less predictable. That formation probably only needed a couple of (appropriate) signings to get us over the line.
  6. The problem imo was signing identikit players to play in a 442. The problem was not addressing our glaring weaknesses.
  7. Adam Reach

    Think we made him into a utility player, that's not his fault and has probably hindered him. What position was he signed to play? Carlos hardly ever went with wingers so I'm guessing left mid. I don't know about the youth set up but I can only see Reach as the only genuine left midfielder at the club (for me there is a big difference between left winger and left mid). You're pushing an open door with me regarding signing wingers with pace asI think we should have signed a couple, but as said above CC never really played with wingers as he was too bothered about his "compact" system.
  8. Adam Reach

    That's the problem, everything nowadays is either brilliant or crap and no inbetween. Regarding he'd only be a squad player: He was one of only a few that broke into the team of CC's favourites when everyone was fit. I suppose it depends on what system we would play if everyone was fit. 442. Not as a center mid, no way. He's the only option for LM as apparently FF doesn't want to play there 352. Play him LWB as Fox isn't up to it and Pudil looks better as Left CB 451 /433 / 4231. Maybe as left back because we are so limited. I'd play FF as the left forward in all three formations. Diamond. I'm still having nightmares about when he played left back against the pigs and they took the wee wee down our LHS as Bannan was so narrow. He could play the att.mid role but you'd think FF would be a better fit, that said whenever FF has played this role for us it hasn't suited him for some reason?
  9. Sean clare

    Some may be wrong in their assumptions, stranger things have happened. Maybe Clare actually believes in his own ability, maybe he's trained with the above and thinks he can be as good as them or even better. Surely that means he's good enough to play us and we should be signing him up and getting shut of the injury prone ones who aren't as good or as fit as him? Not saying this is the case but just another way of looking at it.
  10. Adam Reach

    No I was just commenting on you calling him slow which for me being an ex runner is either black or white. I highlighted one incident when he was in a one v one (against a sprinter) over a long distance and Reach came out on top. I could have easily pointed out other incidents or matches such as the Burton match (previous season) when Reach was moved to LWB and started to destroy their right back for pace (The Beard, best right back, ever pigonomics), and how The Beard until then had FF in his pocket. As for me disagreeing with your other comments I can actually see both sides of the argument. What I will say is that he keeps being asked to play different roles, it was blindingly obvious when he was one week played at LB and the next LM. It may be not quite so obvious now but his role in midfield (to my eyes) changes from week to week, sometimes he's the attacking mid and sometimes he's asked to play the role of normal center mid, that has happened this week. He needs to be played in one position and for me right now in our current predicament that would probably be either Att.Mid or LWB. I can see the benefits of him at LWB but also his defensive limitations - backing out of challenges, I blame him for the non challenge that lead to cross for the goal yesterday, but feel the positives would outweigh the negatives. I can also see that he is trying to make a difference, he's not hiding, he wants the ball, he wants to go forward. That will do for me.
  11. Adam Reach

    Where are you getting this 'he's slow' from? Loovens, Rhodes,Nuhiu, Butterfield and Fox are slow. Reach is never going to be a sprinter but to call him slow is so wide of the mark. He isn't going going to win many races upto 20 yards but when it's a relatively long sprint (in football terms) over 45 yards he's no slouch. I have seen him out sprint Lewis Grabban in a straight one v one at Hillsborough when Grabban was on loan at Reading last season. This stuck in my mind as Reach was the last man and I had Grabban down as a dead cert to be through on goal as he is pretty rapid.
  12. João

    Yeah, CC never trusted him. Shame. Talking of set pieces, and I know this is going way off at a tangent but I've just remembered summat about today's game (2 bottles of wine + beers later) that absolutely did my box in. What the fizz is leaving Boyd up front from the oppositions corner all about. I was just sat there with a gormless look on mi dial for about five minutes trying to fathom it. It makes no sense whatsoever. The only reason I could think of is that Boyd is 'kin useless at defending and he's taking a player or two up field with him.
  13. João

    That is exactly the point. He is creating stuff from next to nothing.
  14. João

    I'd be making it a priority to get him to sign a new contract. Even with everyone fit, Joao for me would be the first striker down on the team sheet. Makes me wonder what difference "this" Luca Joao would have made in last years play offs?
  15. That’s it, just opinion. And your opinion is (no offence intended) worthless just exactly as mine is, but more importantly our managers opinion of him is also worth as much as mine or yours - nada, as he wouldn’t be able to play him either way. Utter shambles.