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  1. Pace

    Frightening isn't it how people can not judge pace? FF and Matias are not pacy.
  2. Feel sorry for Joao

    Think I will use the Jordan Rhodes excuse as it's bullet proof: We don't play to João's strengths. In that system last night João was the player to lead the line. The £10 million pound penalty box player Rhodes was like a fish out of water. Another example of an utterly baffling decision trying to shoehorn a player without the required skills into a system.
  3. Carlos wants to "rush players back early" but bellyaches about playing two games in a week. Summat doesn't quite add up there. Hasn't the bloke got qualifications in sports science or something similar so I'd have thought he'd be pretty on the ball regarding injuries...then again he couldn't see that Fox was proper un-workable and needed subbing last night so owts possible.
  4. Listen to those boos Mr C

    Would anyone trust DC to appoint a half decent new coach / manager given the pigs ear he has made of running the club this season?
  5. Morgan fox

    It was blatantly obvious that he needed taking off a good 15 mins before the red regardless of his performance as he was out on his feet. Now, how can everyone around me in the stand see this but not the professional coaching staff of a Championship club? Basic stuff this obvious really does my head in. How can they be oblivious to it?
  6. You could see Fox had gone, it was that obvious he needed taking off. I would have never started Rhodes as the one up front as he aint good enough to play that role (that's not his game). I thought we played quite well first half and a lot of the balls played up to Rhodes or slid down the side of the centre backs would have been perfect for Joao. Don't know whether it came across on tv but Rhodes was in a good position to win the slide rule balls but due to his lack of pace came out second best.
  7. Well I'm pretty amazed at that. Looks to me (in the North) like we are playing 4231 when I thought it would be 442. Think we've done pretty well tbh. Think that João would be the best player to play the one up 'top as Rhodes isn't made for holding the ball up and doesn't have enough pace to get on the balls slid down the side of the centre backs.
  8. It's like we're trapped in a paceless, tempoless, deep, narrow, turgid 442 loop...and me seats effin freezin'
  9. Terry Burton

    Must be something in the air because I wondered what he was up to while watching the Norwich debacle.
  10. Hooper and Rhodes will never make an effective front two imo, they do not have the chemistry. Hooper looks half the player when he's paired with Rhodes as he has to alter his game. I dare say that playing them together is doing Rhodes no favours either. I think it's a case of playing one of them off of Fletcher, Joao or big Dave to get the best from either and from what I've seen it's Hooper every time for me. Rhodes was a totally pointless and extravagant signing that caused us more problems than it solved (given how we play). On a tangent here but the front pairing that I thought clicked straight away was ironically (given their bust up) FF and Winnall. I remember the Hudds league game at Hillsborough and we ended up with both of them up front for about 20 or so mins, Winnall pulled their back line all over the shop with his non stop energy which FF exploited effortlessly and was buzzing around like his old self. I thought after the game that we had stumbled on a good front two...we never saw it again!
  11. Sort of agree with this as our style and Jordan Rhodes style are like polar opposites. Messi and Ronaldo would score goals no matter how defensive their respective sides set up as they are world class players, they make the difference. I totally get the not playing to Rhodes strengths argument as it was blindingly obvious to anyone with an ounce of footballing knowledge that he would not fit us when we signed him unless we altered the way we played.Thing is though Rhodes when played is always played as a striker, not shifted out wide like the deal Joao cops for, I'd still expect far better for the £6 - £10 million we paid for him than just being a penalty box player, look at Hooper he can do everything that Rhodes does but is not as limited as he's an all round player and adapts his game to suit our poo style and still scores goals. I think it's a dangerous road to go down basing a game on one player unless they are head and shoulders above. I'm afraid that signing Rhodes made no sense whatsoever given the way we played, given that we'd just signed Winnall, given that we had Hooper who does what Rhodes does and more, and that we didn't have a pacy forward player at the club. Don't get me wrong I think if Utd had Rhodes playing for them he'd be up around 15 goals already as they play a game suited to not only him but their players. Blame whoever buys the players, not Rhodes as they haven't got a clue as to which players fit our dreadfully predictable laborious system
  12. What can we salvage?

    Replace CC as it's obvious he's out of his depth. Give the new lad (Dean Smith) 5 seconds to say "we need to be fitter, add some pace to the group and move a few on" The season is not lost just yet as the league is poor, we need two or three players (as we did after the play off defeat to Hull) and a formation change to give us a chance. Oh and it's funny how often the players out of favour / injured seem to spring to life under a new manager
  13. No, can't see him turning it around. CC's game plan from the play off defeat to Hull has revolved around us being 'compact' and difficult to score against. Well, we've been sussed and our defence is not so good. He assembled a squad of like for like players without thought for mixing things up for when his tactics don't work. Chucking another striker on is his default position for chasing a game, where's the pace, where's the wingers, where's the players that can actually go past a man? All that money wasted and we have none of those options. Nope, the man is too stubborn to admit he's been rumbled and is doing the same things, making the same mistakes over and over again.
  14. The Fans are to blame.

    I know you are mate. I'm saying don't have the comparison with liquidation as a fall back bench mark. The chairman has raised our expectations so let's set the bar higher.