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  1. Something I’ve noticed with MM is that he makes some cracking early runs in behind but we very rarely attempt to find him / wait too long and the chance has gone or he’s then offside when the ball eventually arrives. I could see him doing pretty well and bagging a fair few goals in a side that played 433 with players on his wavelength. Probably not us though.
  2. Seems to me like Bruce instantly spotted our weaknesses and signed three players with attributes to address this. The team looks a different proposition with more balance and pace in it. Obviously signings are dictated by budget / embargo but If those three signings are anything to go by then I’m pretty confident in him signing the right type of players in the summer if given a fair crack at it.
  3. Every time someone mentions Andy Pearce I automatically sing that song in my head and then I remember a free kick of his that nearly snapped the bar in two.
  4. The 2-4 game under CC was lost down the wings. They had 2v1’s against our fullbacks all game. Their wingbacks played like wingers and had the freedom to run yards unopposed and the lad Brooks usually pulled either wide right or wide left to make the overload. Carlos played a narrow diamond which played straight into their hands. Yes Van Aken was a bomb scare but that was not the real issue tactically imo. Pretty certain the wide areas will again be key again.
  5. I dunno mate, I'm not that clever, although it seems that DC set the POTG prices so high as to get everyone to buy a season ticket.
  6. Here's my situation, I'm a season ticket holder and have supported this club all my life but would I pay on the gate to watch Wednesday under the current pricing structure? No way, as I think the POTG pricing is disgusting, I could afford it - I just wouldn't pay it. How can this situation be even close to happening, how can someone who goes to every home match and has done for years (work and holidays permitting) suddenly just call it quits and not set foot in the ground again? That can not be right. Nowt to do with the standard of football on offer, nowt to do with the league we are playing in and nowt to do with who we are playing - just the pricing. I wonder how many others, loyal or part timers have been priced out of or just felt ripped off that have packed it in? Four of our lot who used to go home and away don't bother anymore - they play golf instead. I suppose golf can be an expensive sport but they would never have chosen to play in the first place if they didn't feel like they were being [ in their words] "fleeced at Wednesday." If there had been a rise in season ticket prices last season that'd have been me done, as it is my youngest lad now wants a season ticket next season - £75 is imo cracking value and it sort of brings the price of mine down in my mind. Wednesday could quite easily have lost me with just a token rise in prices, now they could have got the next generation hooked. All fine lines.
  7. Different ways of looking it I suppose and I can definitely see your point butI’d rather see us attempt to take their wingbacks the other way and make them defend rather than attack. Fox isn’t going to give you that. Palmer on recent form will and Iorfa definitely will. I’m pretty sick of watching their wingbacks playing like wingers in the last 3 games against us. It may prove our undoing and a bit too attacking minded but I’d rather us give it a go.
  8. Such a shame Lazar won’t be playing LB as he would have given them something to worry about on the counter, Be surprised if it isn’t anything other than Iorfa (sp?) at RB and Palmer at LB. Said in another thread that I think our wide players (full backs and wingers) will be key.
  9. Get the impression that Bruce has been busting a gut to get Iorfa involved. Palmer's impressive run of form has meant that it would be very harsh to drop him and play Iorfa at right back. I think Bruce will do the same as last night and switch Palmer to LB and Iorfa to RB. Shame about Lazar (sp?) as he gave us something different. Our full backs and wide players are key imo playing when we play the grunters...at both ends of the pitch. The shithouses like to overload the oppositions fullbacks but do leave themselves short at the back to a pacy counter attack.
  10. Been playing well for a while now has Fletcher, just need to get someone to run beyond him as he's winning more than his fair share of battles with the centre halves. A fit Hooper would be having a field day with Fletcher in this sort of form. FF played far too deep and didn't really get into the game or get close enough to Fletcher imo. Still, not a bad complaint to have when the team have put in a really good performance.
  11. Agree with that but not Palmer at right mid. Palmer looked very good at right back yesterday, but not so good when at right mid. The two weakest parts of Palmer's game are when he switches off (he seems to have remedied that lately) and he is not too good in the attacking third. We have far better options than Palmer at right mid imo. That burst of pure pace from Iorfa down towards the Kop was something that we have been missing for ages and although it's early days but with the other new lad at left back we do seem a better balanced team.
  12. On the flip side I noticed that twice he should have been given the ball first time with no need to bend his run as his timing was spot on, once where Bannan refused the easy straight through ball, Bannan saw the run, (I was convinced at the time that Bannan chose not to pass to him out of spite because of MM previously not tracking their player for the goal) and once when Reach held on to it far too long, on both occasions he would have been through on goal with an half decent first time pass.
  13. I've got to agree with you, thought it was a bizarre sub and mainly the re jig in players / formation and I didn't think Swansea were causing us too much trouble until the changes. I'm not Palmer's biggest fan but thought he was playing really well at right back yesterday, probably the best all round game I've seen him have, to switch him to right mid and Reach central did us no favours imo. Where I would differ is that I thought Joao was playing deeper than as an out an out striker in a 442, and by consequence we were at times either 4411, 433, 442. We to my mind actually looked pretty fluid and didn't just move in straight lines for once...until the change. I think Bruce but tried to keep the same formation but we ended up 451, the strange thing is though that if Bruce wanted to keep the same formation then he could have just replaced Joao with MM and saved the need for the re rig. Maybe he did want to change it to 451 and shut up shop?
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