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  1. That's the thing mate, the runs he made would have left him often one v one against the centre back or in on the 'keeper. I don't think anyone would refuse that pass if they saw it. That said I swear blind Reach refused a simple 15 yard ball to Rhodes one game. Rhodes would have been clean through but Reach looked up, saw it was Rhodes, went to pass but then stopped and played it sideways. Reach had earlier tried a similar ball three times to Rhodes but Rhodes had either been twice out paced when he was favourite with a start on the centre back or once when he just fell over trying to control the ball.
  2. Indeed we do mate. I suppose a lot comes down to where you sit in the ground. If I'm ever at pitch level I have not got a clue what is going on tactically. I don't understand why this is as when I played (even at my low standard) I could soon suss what was going off. When I'm high up in the North it's pretty simple to work out what we and the opposition are doing or trying to do.
  3. It was a bit of a standing joke amongst our lot when MM played. Guess how many runs he makes without receiving the ball? It got to the point one match when we thought Bannan was refusing to pass to him out of spite as MM had not tracked his man back which led to a goal.
  4. No far from it as MM had many flaws to his game. The original response from me was in reply to people saying that we did not have a player that made runs in behind. MM quite clearly did this, It was nearly always a diagonal run from outside to in which took him to or past the last centre back. It was the best part of his game imo, a part of his game that was very intelligent. We seldom picked his runs out, whether MM would have done something if he ever received he pass is a different matter altogether. I could never work out why he didn't give the rest of our lot stick for not passing the ball to hm. To his credit he did not stop making those runs.
  5. Too many excuses mate. MM was here plenty long enough for the players to realise what his strengths were. The players weren’t good enough to pick the pass. Even I could see it...every bleedin time he played.
  6. I think that’s fair, he rarely did the fullback one v one.
  7. Nowt to do with the coach mate, a player not being able to spot the early through ball.
  8. Wasn't commenting on whether MM should have stayed or not, just making the point that we had a player (when fit) that constantly made the runs that a few on this thread are saying that we didn't. I sit bang on the half way line high up in the North and it used to frustrate the hell out of me to watch MM make that perfect run only for one of our lot to take an extra one or two passes or not see the run. Yeah it's a piece of wee wee sat high up in the stand where you can see everything mind, but for all our (supposed?) creative players they were more often than not blind to the run.
  9. Think some people must have their eyes painted on. We had a player who made good intelligent runs in behind the defence but was made to look stupid most of the time by our inability to either see the run or make the pass. For all his faults Matais (sp?) constantly made that run in behind yet nine times out of ten he was left looking like a prize plum as when the ball eventually arrived he was offside. This despite having the likes of Bannan, Reach and FF in the side. I’m not saying MM would have done much with the ball mind but that this was one part of his game that was too good for the rest of our players.
  10. For me it's not about the money being offered or who the player is, or what he has done in the game, that's pretty irrelevant, it's about banning a player for not signing a contract that is the most concerning imo. Now if what you say is correct about Hirst not having the decency to show up to the meetings then that puts a whole different slant on it. Liking the nod to Led Zep btw.
  11. Why is it flippant pal? That was in the public domain- Wednesday made Hirst an offer which he refused. I’ve no problem with the club not meeting any players wage demands whatsoever as they are the ones who should know a players worth. Banning a player from playing doesn’t sit right with me. If an agreement between the two parties can not be reached then so be it, that’s life, move on in the best way for both. I do not know what went off behind the scenes as I’m pretty sure 99% of us don’t but it looks like something did to cause the bad feeling as to ban a player from playing for us - but that wasn’t my point. Player refuses contact, club bans him from playing is not the usual way of doing things is my point.
  12. The thing about the Hirst situation was at the time of the contract issue we had three fit strikers to keep us out of a relegation scrap. Joao, Nuhiu and Rhodes. Joao was at best hit and miss, Nuhiu had shown very little but tbf usually only got chucked on in the last 10 or so minutes and Rhodes looked devoid of any confidence or ability. Not a good pool to pick from yet DC banned Hirst from playing for us in what boils down to a contract issue. As far as we know the lad was never involved in any disciplinary trouble, we are lead to believe that he just wanted £X and the club wouldn’t pay it. I assume the above contract situation is very common place in football but I’m struggling to think of a player being banned from playing for it. I suppose it must happen with players being frozen out but not with the chairman coming out and publicly stating it. In all likelihood Hirst would not have made any difference to our season back then but hand on heart could any Wednesdayite ever imagined the form that Joao and Nuhiu produced to keep us up? If they and Rhodes had continued their previous form or got injured then we would have been in trouble. Who knows what Hirst would have done but to not have the option of even having him on the bench whilst we were paying his wages was a big mistake imo.
  13. I like Iorfa a lot but would never play him in a central midfield / def mid position. He just hasn't got the technical ability to play there imo as you need to be able to play with your back to the opposition's goal. Everything at the moment (at R/B) is in front of him which makes a massive difference as it is far easier to play. I personally think that he would be better as a wingback where he can use his athletic attributes to the maximum, I'd go as far as saying that he could improve his attacking side of his game further by just continuing his runs on the overlap with or without the ball as he often put the brakes on when in the last third of he pitch last season (this could have been under instruction mind as to not leave us too open). I can see why some would say play him central mid as they can see he gets up and down the pitch at pace, makes tackles and is very strong but I do think that you need a bit more - you need to be able to look after the ball and receive it under pressure in that role which isn't his game for me. On a side note I saw some were saying Hector could play that def mid position but the game I saw him play there (Luton, where we switched things about and matched them up in a diamond) he looked a fish out of water and had a bit of a mare.
  14. Nah. Think if you rate his time here he would have to go down as a failure. Injured for big parts of the season, gave up against Norwich (Bothroyd would have been proud of that utter disgrace, others had poor games that day but only one packed in), goes missing for large chunks of the game, one very impressive display against WBA and little flashes of genuine ability above this level here and there. Anyone who thinks he would be a good signing on what we have seen so far needs their bumps feeling or don’t go to the games imo. Dont get me wrong, there is talent there and if he ever consistently played to 7/10ths of his ability and put the effort in he’d be a cracking player...but it’s definitely a No on what he has done in a Wednesday shirt.
  15. Lived in Aus for a while fella. I like to catch up on what’s going off down there now and again. The live surf cam at Manly beach is a particular favourite of mine believe you me! There was a bit of a debate in the sports pages arguing that it wasn’t worth spending money on the 5th best women’s football team when they get trounced by a bunch of 15 year old local lads
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