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  1. Walt

    Liam Palmer

    Initially I did wonder whether it was a lack of fitness with Palmer but from watching him I just think he can't be bothered tracking back or putting a shift in. Thing is I thought he upped his game and work rate when Jos arrived and then soon reverted to type.
  2. Walt

    Liam Palmer

    How anyone can forgive Palmer's half arsed lazy attitude is beyond me. Does my shed in when I watch him amble back into defence after a forward run. Lack of ability I can readily forgive if the player gives it his all. Palmer takes the effing wee wee. More life in a tramps vest.
  3. Walt

    Clare rejected us??

    I’m pretty sure I read a fair while back that Clare wanted a longer contract, 2 years instead of the 1 year deal that Wednesday were offering, and that he was happy with the money being offered?
  4. Walt

    Rhoys Wiggins

    Pudil, until Colin's Rotherham's did a job on us at Hillsborough. Their right winger destroyed him that game. Don't think he was the same after that. Could do with a couple of good un's.
  5. Walt

    Matias wants to stay..

    That second half performance of his was one of the best forward displays (for us) I've seen in years, it had everything, skill. pace, enthusiasm, running in behind, dropping short, chasing lost causes and end product. A brief glimpse into what he is capable of, sadly he can't be relied upon. If only the lad could play to 70% of that level week in week out then we'd have a reyt player on our hands.
  6. Walt

    The future of Joao

    Where do you get those stats mate? I've got the following (league games): Suppose it doesn't take into account if he gets subbed at half time. 2016/2017 Rhodes starts 14, goals 3 2017/2018 Rhodes starts 17, goals 5
  7. One of the best players I’ve seen at Hillsborough this season was a little ginger midfielder- Ryan Woods of Brentford.
  8. Bloke goes into a pet shop and says 'I'd like to buy a wasp please' 'We don't sell wasps sir' replies the shop assistant. 'Well you've got one in the window' says the bloke. No???...oh well. it's early and that jokes about 70 year old!
  9. Walt

    Westwood Going

    You may well be absolutely bang on but how do you and the other fans who quite rightly raise FFP concerns square this with the following club statement? "Alternatively would you prefer the club to build on the current level of investment, maintain the pricing structure and extend our ongoing strategy geared towards promotion to the Premier League" What you are alluding to seems to be the polar opposite of what the club promised us in return for keeping the current pricing structure. They can not have it both ways so it seems to me that the club must have a way of injecting cash into the club or they sold us season tickets under false pretences.
  10. It has nothing to do with toeing the line and players doing what they want, it's about being in the best shape that you can be to do your job. An experienced dedicated 28 years old pro goes through pre season and finds at the end of it he isn't at the same standards as he was in previous years. He has all the relevant data to back this up, although he will know through experience that he isn't at those same previous levels. What does he do about this? If he's got anything about him he will go and see the the fitness staff and raise his concerns showing them his factual data. This is not being him being an arse, it's him caring and wanting to be the best that he can. Any fitness coach should be able to address his concerns and may well tell him that they are changing the fitness work so that he and the group can be better for longer periods of the season instead of just being fit for the off. The fitness coach may also see the data and think, 'yes he has got a point' and we need to do something about it.
  11. I keep repeating the same thing. A player will know if he’s fit or not. It really is that simple. You can dress it up all you want but that’s the bottom line. I’ve no doubt that the players will have spoken to each other about training, about how intense it is or isn’t and about how fit they are. If they have issues with it they as a group can make their feelings known, maybe some will moan like fizz if it’s hard, maybe some will happily take it being easy but they will know if they are honest with themselves if it’s getting the best out of them. The players will even have their fitness data available to them from over the years to prove how fit they are, if their current results are worse than previous years then it would be unprofessional not to act on this information.
  12. They were letting themselves down if they weren’t as fit as they should have been. Yes, they may have done exactly what was asked from them in their training regimens but they will have known perfectly well if they weren’t fit enough. I Don’t know whether you do any competitive sport to any level but anyone who does will tell you they know exactly how fit they currently are and exactly how fit they should be and what steps to take if they want to be at their peak level. I’m all for Jos bringing in a fitness ethos as that can only be a good thing but ultimately it’s down to the individual to buy into it, what’s stopping a certain player from only giving it 90% or going and stuffing his face with pizza when he gets home?
  13. Walt

    What price would you pay?

    If you are a player, maybe that is so. If you are a fan paying +£40 a game then maybe some want a bit of style. Rotherham the other year, we won with a last minute penalty. Did I enjoy it? Nope I'd lost all interest as it was dogshit, at that point I couldn't care less about winning, losing or drawing. I'd honestly stop going if we won every game 1-0 playing like that.
  14. Laughable. They are professional athletes, they get paid to be fit. It's their responsibility first and foremost. We are not talking about kids here as our first team under CC was experienced pro's. They will know exactly how fit they need to be to play Championship football, just like any other athlete knows how fit they need to be to compete in their sport and exactly what they need to do to get to that standard. They will know exactly what works for them as they've been in an industry that gives them every bit of fitness, dietary and recovery information and equipment they need. Anyone who is into fitness will tell you the same, it's down to yourself to be the best that you can. You know when you are slacking.
  15. Walt


    Plays with a big fat cigar on when he’s at Centre Back, he makes it look easy. I’d play him there (RHS in a back 3). I wouldn’t even consider him for any other position for the reasons below: 1) Hopefully centre back will keep him fitter for longer and he doesn’t seem to fly into those stupid tackles as he does when he’s playing midfield. 2) For this level he’s too good at centre back.