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    At a guess it’s because he gave one of the most disgusting can’t be arsed performances (Norwich) I’ve ever seen from a Wednesday player. We used to call it ‘cheating’ what Onomah did that day. Absolutely disgraceful, right up there with Bothroyd’s worst efforts. You can forgive players for having a shocker as most of them did that Norwich game and you can forgive them if they lack the ability but only one of them gave up that day.
  2. We only won 3 out of the next 9 matches following on from the 3-0 and a play off place was looking touch and go (what we'd give for that now though). Fletcher and Hooper were out injured during this run but both returned against against Rotherham and we then went on to win 6 of our final 7 league games with CC making wholesale changes for the dead rubber final game that we lost to Fulham.
  3. Walt


    He played with better players under CC. We had a very decent back four to begin with and often with Hutch dropping deep operating as if we were a back three when Pudil and Hunt pushed on. Add that to the movement between the lines of Hooper, Bannan and Lee then it’s no wonder FF revelled in wandering in from the LHS. Now it’s a different story.
  4. Rarely seen Fletcher and FF play well as a pair. No chemistry whatsoever imo. Fletcher and Hooper was a cracking partnership, not seen anything that comes close to that pairing (apart from maybe Nuhiu and Joao’s purple patch last season). Seems to me that our best front line up is a three and not a two. FF first name down on team sheet for me, up front on the LHS. Every day of the week. Give him the ball and get Bannan near him, it’s not hard is it? Get the ball to your best two players as often as possible. Funnily enough when we swapped FF to the LHS (from the RHS) he came alive and things started to happen.
  5. Walt


    Funny how we all see things differently as I can’t believe how anyone who has watched FF during his time playing for us can’t see that his best position is LW or left of a front 3. Found it strange that he played on the RHS of the three (4231) when he came on. No coincidence in my mind that he started to play when he swapped positions with MM and went on the left.
  6. ...My brother knows Karl Marx... That takes me back, Crackin' Leadmill tune. SOPFC.
  7. Any team that has four kids / academy products and the likes of Palmer, Fox and Pelupessy regularly turning out for it is more than likely not going to be a top end Championship team imo.
  8. Walt

    Forcing high earners out?

    Ha! I've actually just looked it up mesen (honestly!) as it was doing my head in, it mentions nothing about the clause but does say about Megson withdrawing the contract extension at the end of the season.
  9. Walt

    Forcing high earners out?

    Cheers mate. I’ve been trying to think what actually triggered the ‘supposed’ clause. It may have been something simple like ‘games played’ but I’ve got this feeling that it was more down to ‘goals scored’ and Miller being a goal scoring midfielder would have hit the required amount no problem? Now I recall who it was I remember being a bit pissed off when we released him at the end of that season as he was a tidy player. Think he went to Hudds?I also think Miller said Megson had promised him another deal at Hillsborougjh as he wanted to stay but Megson then changed his mind.
  10. Walt

    Forcing high earners out?

    Why the hostility? Assume what you like mate. It was just something I remembered being told back then. Tommy Miller was the lads name, I’m sure someone will be able to prove one way or the other.
  11. Walt

    Forcing high earners out?

    It wasn’t him that I was thinking of. He was a central midfielder, scored a few goals for us, think he was from the North East, Hartlepool maybe? Edit: Tommy Miller - I think.
  12. Walt

    Forcing high earners out?

    I remember we once had a midfielder in League1 who we couldn’t afford to play because it would trigger some sort of extension / extra payments (can’t remember which) so we actually spoke to the player and he agreed to waive the clauses so that he could play. Not sure if I buy the contract situation argument as a reason not to play some of the ‘out of favour’ high earners but for arguments sake say it was true then I’m pretty sure at least one of the players in question would accept the same deal as above in order to play football.
  13. Maybe so mate. But Jos earned that right as we were (imo) heading only one way when CC jumped ship. Add to the fact that we would have struggled to play 343 until FF fully returned from injury - maybe Joao, Nuhiu, Reach perhaps? That said I take your implied point about him not trying it this season (see Guru's post).
  14. Yes, absolutely bang on. Now this leads back to what I've been prattling on about from pre season. Our defence needed strengthening. You saw in that last match Baker at RWB and Reach at LWB. LWB always needed strengthening, Jos was always tinkering with it. RWB Hunt played when fit, he wasn't fit that day so he gave Baker a go (I never really thought Palmer recovered that season after having an absolute shocker against Ipswich in a night game) I'm sure the performance of the back line that day caused concern (despite the score line) even more so when he lost Hunt and Venancio and had an embargo placed upon us. From what I've seen the fullback / wingback positions remain weak, not surprising as we haven't been able to sign anyone and we are regularly playing kids there. As I said above I think our best way of negating this weakness is to play to our strengths - our attacking players, get FF, Matias, Joao on the pitch. If Jos doesn't play those players when fit I'll have little sympathy for him. Tbf to Jos he has been the one to show faith in Joao and Matias, as CC seemed to ignore them.
  15. He started to go 343 when FF retuned from injury. Sometimes he altered it to go 3412 or 352. And tbf to Jos that brought the best out of FF.