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  1. Don't give them another penny!!!

    What were the alternatives? I seem to remember that us being Wednesday there wasn't the option of admin (like most fooked up clubs), but the rather sobering prospect of liquidation.
  2. Fernando Forestieri

    Aye summat like that...More to do with being up for work at 5am this morning and then the couple of bottles of red when I got home. Living the dream!
  3. I've heard Joe Palmer is dressing up as a surprise Father Christmas (subject to D.C approving the hire cost of the costume manufacturing his own in house costume on time) and is going to be dishing out 'special surplus Wednesday watches' to the first lucky 150 diners from his sack. Rita Nettleship has declined the position of Mrs Christmas due to family reasons.
  4. Anniversary watches

    Obviously it is. They have taken orders for more than the limited 150, It's pathetic. You have highlighted a scenario that no one apart from your good self could have ever foreseen...that demand would outstrip supply...who'd have thought it eh? It really is basic stuff to get right, sell only 150 of the limited edition watches and like you say have a back up option for the ones who missed out.
  5. Anniversary watches

    How hard can it be to order 150 watches? SWFC Commercial Office: We want 150 limited edition watches to celebrate our glorious 150 years, what can you do for us? Bare in mind not one of us who works here has got a scooby what we're doing because of the last 15 years or summat like that. Supplier: Errm, ehy???... You can have 643 at 30 notes a chuck...While you're here, do you fancy some cycling shirts? SWFC: We're a football club, what do we want cycling shirts for? Supplier: Well...umm, err...they are blue and white and Chris Froome is sort of English. SWFC: Brilliant, we'll take the lot...Do you meck home kits?
  6. Hooper and Joao

    Yeah I know that's what you're saying. I'm saying CC has a bit more about him than to say "go and do Fletcher's job."
  7. Hooper and Joao

    You mean the job that strikers are meant to do? Hooper does all of the above and drops deep. You're making excuses for him aren't you? As I asked before (not to you) would you be so understanding if the lad had come from the lower leagues for next to nowt?
  8. Hooper and Joao

    Meant to read Hooper and Rhodes up front
  9. Hooper and Joao

    I think you're a million miles off if you honestly think that CC is asking Rhodes to play like Fletcher. He knows he will never do that job / be that player. Big Dave would be the (obviously not as good) man for that roll imo. I'd have thought that when it's Hooper and Fletcher up front then we will alter our tactics to suit.
  10. Hooper and Joao

    Why does Rhodes have to play that roll? He's never going to be that player, not even close. Why does Rhodes get the nod over any of our other back up strikers? He's done nothing to justify being selected over any of the others. Like I said in another thread most are basing their opinions on his past record and not what they have seen him produce here. He'd have been written off as no good if he'd been a cheap signing from a Div 1 club and there would be no mention of us not playing to his style. "Why are we giving this paceless, none scoring, lower league such and such a place over young Hirsty" would more than likely be the threads on here. Judging on what we've seen so far he's not been good enough. Hopefully he can turn it around and find his old form, he seems the type not to give up or moan.
  11. The two opposition players who've impressed me most at Hillsborough this season are Ryan Woods from Brentford and Ben Osborne at Forest. Think both would be ideal for us.
  12. Like I said, I'm in a minority, I know that. Players, managers and officials all make mistakes, it's all part of the game for me. I don't want everything to be right.