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  1. Owl At Risk

    Why has Jones been banished?

    Also been know to choke a chicken or two. Terrible man.
  2. Owl At Risk

    Why has Jones been banished?

    And he strangles puppies.
  3. Owl At Risk

    Why has Jones been banished?

    Because he drowns kittens.
  4. Owl At Risk


    Disappointed they didn't drop any Marti Caine
  5. Owl At Risk

    Joey Pelupessy

    Had a poor game today, but he put in string of solid performances the back end of last season and was an instrument player in that excellent run. But the haters gotta hate eh.
  6. 1982. Grandad gets a copy of An American Werewolf in London on Betamax. Settles down with nan and 10 year old grandson for an evenings entertainment. All the horror, the face-ripping-off-gore, that's alright for the 10 year old to watch apparently. But nan tutts and squirms her way through the shower scene, because that's disgusting, apparently. Grandad opens another can of larger. 10 year old boy falls in love. Oh Jenny my love....
  7. The gulf in quality between the players that they went up with (most of who they sold for handsome amounts pretty sharpish IIRC) compared to the lot they have got now is startling. That Allam bloke must have trousered some reyt dosh out of their premier league jaunt.
  8. Owl At Risk

    Our transfer window not closed

    Good idea. Not sure he would be able to displace Gary Teale though.
  9. I must admit that when Fulham came down from the premier league I had them for heading further down the leagues like Wigan did, but it just goes to show how well managed they have been during their period in the championship, in a commercial sense throughout and more latterly in a footballing sense by Jokanovic. They avoided further relegation in the first two years and according to these stats turned a profit on players in the 2nd and 3rd year.....while transforming their squad by turning it from mainly older high-earners to a young promotion chasing side....using the parachute payments in the way they are perhaps intended to be by bridging the gap between high/premier league wages and lower income instead of spunking it all on buying loads more overpriced players (Sunderland springs to mind!). All credit to them. Any coincidence that Fulham also benefitted from Stu's knowledge and experience from December 2015 until when he recently left them following their promotion?.....I venture to suggest not!
  10. You can spend as much money as you want. You can carry as much debt as you want. Only thing that matters when it comes it FFP/P&S rules is that you're balance sheet stays within certain parameters over a defined period. Of course you are shooting yourself in the foot if you spend money poorly and then set up your commercial offering very poorly, but the point still stand.
  11. Owl At Risk

    I'd love it

    Dead by February. He resells my seat to someone else for 3 months, but misses out on years of fat b*stard double seat revenue. Always short-term thinking from DC. Booooo.
  12. Yeah but you don't look at the mantelpiece etc....
  13. Owl At Risk

    I'd love it

    He wants me to spread butter on cornflakes? Evil b*stard. Boooooo. DC out.
  14. It's got stripes on it. Blue and white stripes. BLUE AND WHITE F**KING STRIPES I SAY. Don't tell me that this isn't a chairman who knows how to keep the fan base happy.