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  1. Owl At Risk

    Reach - A nice little vid

    and he has good teeth and nice hair.
  2. Owl At Risk

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    Nuhiu - was witnessed jumping the queue at Walkley post office Palmer - once pushed a cat in to the pond at Hillsborough Pelupessy - parked in a blue badge space at Wadsley Bridge Sainsburys. Twice! Dawson - caught stealing lose coins from the takings at Worral community centre old persons coffe morning They deserve everything they get.
  3. Owl At Risk

    Adam Reach WINS

    Real seals can't clap, their arms are too short. They have to do some weird chest slapping thing instead......or am I thinking of CeeLo Green.... Sea Lions on the other hand.....
  4. Owl At Risk

    Happy 60th Bob Bolder!

    And without his Sunday best teeth in.... Happy birthday BB
  5. Owl At Risk

    Player songs - non existent

    Human League.....terraces....are you still living in the 1980s? Anyway, I like it and I will sing it if you get it started.
  6. Owl At Risk

    Adam Reach Goal

    It was good, but this one was better...
  7. Owl At Risk

    Be Warned No Bottle Tops Allowed Tonight

    There was a huge amount of bottle top related thuggery outside the ground last night. Thankfully the club saved us from similar scenes occurring during the game. Can't praise them enough for their thoughtful actions. END THE BOTTLE TOP VIOLENCE!
  8. Owl At Risk

    The goal

    More shouty foreigness...
  9. Owl At Risk

    Two greats

    If the Sheridan of then played now he would be way off the pace of premier level. He'd probably even struggle to make waves in the championship. However a player of Sheridan's ability playing today, with the advanced level of sports science and (hopefully) abstinence from 6 pint post training refreshers, certainly wouldn't be playing for us.
  10. Owl At Risk


    Smegma month
  11. Owl At Risk

    19 years ago today...

    Got me thinking... You enter into a legal contract with someone (marriage).....you'll have some good times, some bad.....but you can get out of it (with a bit of pain and a lot of cost) and go on your merry way. You enter into a casual relationship (being a Wednesdayite), no contract, no formal commitment...you'll have some good times, some bad...but that's it, you're screwed, no way out...just a lot of pain and plenty of cost. Still....probably wouldn't change it for the world....including the divorce bit
  12. You'll definitely get a ticket. It might cost more than your flight though. By the way I spied a magnificent Timberdoodle a couple of weeks back. It's gone down with the time a saw that Fat Bottomed Girl in 2003 as one of my favourite spots so far.
  13. Owl At Risk

    Wednesday and Forest links

    "Julian Bennet volleyed home"....4 words you are not going to see put together in that order very often in your life! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/14514729 He also had a stormer at Meadow Lane that season too. Shame that the only thing that motivated him was playing as a Forest fan against County.
  14. Owl At Risk

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Terry Curran (can't believe no one said that yet) John Harkes Mark Proctor Matty Fryatt Danny Sonner Chris O'Grady Craig Armstrong Adam Proudlock Yohan Folly Stephen McPhail (shudder) David Pleat (double shudder) Barry Richardson Ian Turner
  15. Owl At Risk

    Wednesday and Forest links

    Blimey that's a tenuous one