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  1. Owl At Risk

    No "Hi Ho"

    To be honest I couldn't give a monkeys
  2. Owl At Risk

    The New ‘As Such’

    Spotter's badge for you there
  3. Owl At Risk

    The New ‘As Such’

    Was he giving it the little eyebrows there?
  4. Owl At Risk

    10 Years Ago Today.

    Shot my load in the first minute when Spurr scored. Was still in the "recovery period" when that Italian bloke equalised for them. Thankfully was ready to spaf a tonne again when Tudders did that. Walked away at the end rather drained, but very happy....as per usual post-coitus.
  5. Owl At Risk

    Steve Bruce in one word

  6. Owl At Risk

    Bruce's 11?

    Red card waiting to happen, what with his indiscriminate Yipee-ki-yay motherf**ker-ing....refs won't like that.
  7. Owl At Risk

    Bruce's 11?

    Grobbelaar Springsteen Oldfield Banner Dickinson Foxton Hornsby (and the range) Lee Rioch Forsyth Almighty
  8. But he is though... https://www.liverpoolecho.co.uk/sport/football/football-news/tranmere-rovers-fc-midfielder-liam-3334684
  9. Owl At Risk

    Referee tomorrow and VAR

    Cos no Wednesday player has ever done that....
  10. Owl At Risk

    Statements for the FA, not us?

    Nonsensical witterings on a club website won't make one jot of difference. Only thing that matters are the figures in the accounts. Accounts can be "creative" of course, but the only way out of the mess that the chairman has created is for the club to sell players....soon.
  11. Owl At Risk

    Liam Palmer vs Eden Hazard

    one of the classic owlstalk "if it gets said enough times then it must be true" fallacies.
  12. Owl At Risk

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    So is the correct decision for him to stop play, take it back to restart from a previous infringement, giving Wigan possession at restart, and then immediately give Grigg permission to come on...or would the correct decision have been to stop play, deal with/punish Grigg's new infringement and restart play with Wednesday in possession? i.e how can a Wigan player breaking the rules, while the ball is in play, result in Wigan having the restart as a result?
  13. Owl At Risk

    Liam Palmer vs Eden Hazard

    Palmer has never given anything less than his best for the club. Got thrown into the first team at a very young age. Was loaned out and set the standard for how to react to this and make it an opportunity - was ever present midfield playmaker for them and they were desperate to buy him. Came back and won our player of the season. Our longest serving player. Going on a 100 others have come and gone and Liam is still here giving it 100%. Show some respect pillock.
  14. Owl At Risk

    Ref & South Stand Linesman

    I could write an essay on the officials' performance, but to keep it short I'd say it can be summed up perfectly by the farce that was Grigg's re-entry to play following treatment at the end.