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  1. Of course, I forgot that he's a self-made man....silly me.
  2. Spunked our money and his father's in equal measure on a vanity project. Thanks.
  3. Owl At Risk


    I've drunk far too much wine tonight to either understand or explain, but I know that I'm quite proud of the lads after that stoical performance. Or something.
  4. Owl At Risk


    I'd rather have him in the trenches alongside me than any of you lot.
  5. Owl At Risk

    Chansiri kicking off

    We were there before Chansiri and we will be there long after he has gone. Likewise the players. Likewise the manager. Likewise the CEO. F**k the narcissists. F**k the mercenaries. F**k the inept. WE ARE SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY.
  6. Owl At Risk

    Jos Luhukay - In or out?

    The manager isn't the problem, it's the narcissist owner.
  7. Owl At Risk

    Is the Pope dead?

    1 of those could be proved as being correct/incorrect by facts now....but the facts are never going to be fully disclosed so we may as well move on from it. 3 more will be provided correct/incorrect between now and the end of the season.....anyone asserting them as fact now should be confident/stupid enough to stake their house/car/wife/kids on it down the bookies. All the rest are matters of opinion.....which is the point of a forum isn't it?
  8. Would be good for community relations if a couple of hundred fit young gentleman Wednesday fans helped them to move on.
  9. Owl At Risk

    Famous Sheffield Wednesday fans...

    Terry Badoo = Die-hard Wednesdayite
  10. Owl At Risk

    Reach - A nice little vid

    and he has good teeth and nice hair.
  11. Owl At Risk

    Nuhiu, Palmer, Pelupessy, Dawson et al

    Nuhiu - was witnessed jumping the queue at Walkley post office Palmer - once pushed a cat in to the pond at Hillsborough Pelupessy - parked in a blue badge space at Wadsley Bridge Sainsburys. Twice! Dawson - caught stealing lose coins from the takings at Worral community centre old persons coffe morning They deserve everything they get.
  12. Owl At Risk

    Adam Reach WINS

    Real seals can't clap, their arms are too short. They have to do some weird chest slapping thing instead......or am I thinking of CeeLo Green.... Sea Lions on the other hand.....
  13. Owl At Risk

    Happy 60th Bob Bolder!

    And without his Sunday best teeth in.... Happy birthday BB
  14. Owl At Risk

    Player songs - non existent

    Human League.....terraces....are you still living in the 1980s? Anyway, I like it and I will sing it if you get it started.
  15. Owl At Risk

    Adam Reach Goal

    It was good, but this one was better...