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  1. Picnic Tables

    Exactly fella. Moved one on my own at least a dozen times....stand at the end, arms out wide, grab the sides and heav-ho its up in the air. 4 adults...more like 4 wimps! PS why the need to slag off GB in the OP? He's done a decent job in a position he doesn't normally play. Scored a crucial goal and had a couple of (almost) man of the match performances. But oh no this OP winker just wants to find a player to slag off. I bet Boyd could lift a picnic table on his own....4 adults, get a flucking grip you gebend
  2. No, because that would be Huddersfield Town....
  3. Agreed. We only have one proper derby game and that is against the unmentionables. Although we do occasionally have friendly derbies against Hallam, SPS and of course Sheffield (although technically that's no longer a derby as they play in Derbyshire (which is a different kind of derby)). No other games can be a derby. They can constitute a "rivalry", but not a derby. Leeds are just A N Other team to me. Personally I couldn't give a fluck about them....and I suggest no other Wednesday fan should either as that is just playing in totheir hands of them thinking they are something special.
  4. Advice please for this Saturday

    He could, but he'd get tutted at within an inch of his life though
  5. Advice please for this Saturday

    An alternative to centre of Hillsborough (where your mate might not be welcomed with open arms) - get off the tram at Bamford Street. 2 minute walk to the New Barrack Tavern on Penistone road. Great ales, very friendly and away fans welcome (even wearing colours). Food from a catering van run by the pub on the lane up the side. Usually show the lunchtime kick off on a TV in the tap room and a large screen in the big room. 15 min walk to the kop, 20 to Lepp.
  6. Pearson. Not the John one.
  7. Our sister website Sheffield History

    The cynic in me wants to say this is just a commercial venture from the site(s) owner (can't blame you for using this site to drive traffic to the other either). The geek in me wants to say thank you @owlstalk because I bloody love stuff like that. The geek wins out....thank you
  8. Classic quiz question - smallest town to ever have been represented in the top division.
  9. I didn't exist when Northampton did it, but Swansea did bottom to top tier and back again it in my lifetime and in a shorter period than Northampton did too.

    Because the franchise is optimising its offering in a drive to maximise its customer base!!!! I manage to make business decisions every day based on ROI opportunities. I can't however separate my passion and emotions for Wednesday from my rational business mind. Part of me would die if I did. You know, the human part.

    To be honest mattiowl I think you'd be better off taking your custom to MK Dons.

    When I go to a gig I go as a fan of the artist. When I go to theatre I'm just trying to be middle class. When I go to Aldi I'm a customer. When I go to Hillsborough I'm a supporter. If you can't understand this I feel a bit sorry for you. Not much though. If I ever adopted a customer mindset in place of supporting my team you'd see me demanding a refund at the turnstiles most weeks. There is a reason I don't.

    Nail on the head. If we were customers 99% would have walked f00kin years ago.

    I reserve the right to decide myself thanks, and I am definitely a supporter. Put it this way - I have never had any sort of emotional response to the performance/results of a company of which I am a customer. And for the record I have been gifted tickets/entry to the directors box several times. You might have seen me going mental in there as all the suits sat clapping polity when we scored. Guess that's the cross I have to bear as a supporter.

    You were a customer of Sky though, not a supporter. There is an unsaid implication there.