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  1. This is a thread to boo at the boo boys. I can understand your confusion though.
  2. Some poor old felines must be taking a kicking at the moment. Palmer bossing it. Nuhiu scoring. Pelupessy competently deputising for Hutch. Must be tearing their hair thinking of something to moan about. Here's a few ideas for them... Fox was sitting all wrong on the bench. Lee's haircut is boring. Westwood needs to stop waving at his family in their box before and after the match...he's clearly distracted. The way Bruce says "wa" in interviews is disgraceful. Does that help lads? No. Ok, maybe start a poll about who bottles it the most or some other sh.ite
  3. That is a hugely debateable assertion. I've had 4 dumps already today.
  4. A grade cotton wool. A+ grade is reserved for exclusive use for Hutchinson.
  5. Never really understood the love-in that seems to exist for him on here. He's had his chance before and looked poor. Hope he proves me wrong.
  6. Palmer and Fox must be amongst the lowest paid paid players in the squad. Yet they've still been hammered on here this season. To correlate the point I was trying to make with ticket pricing strategy is one hell of a leap.
  7. At least Liam Palmer might be able to breath a sigh of relief now the lynch mob have a new target. WAWAW my f**king arse.
  8. 1. Break 2. Rupture 3. Tare 4. Dislocate 5. Twist 6. Pull 7. Whack 8. Knock 9. Bruise 10. Abdi
  9. Maybe. We'll know in two or three weeks I think.
  10. So we'll be starting with Lee and Hooper tomorrow then? Abdi on the bench? (I'm being a facetious twonk I know)
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