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  1. I admire your optimism. However it has had no impact on my current pessimism.
  2. That statement says a hell of a lot more about your prejudices than those you are attempting to castigate. Just saying
  3. On ‎28‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 07:50, @owlstalk said: Carlos isn’t going to make it through this week is he? Don't need to ask which way the wind is blowing for you today then...
  4. Oi Joao...don’t touch the hair!!

    For the love of Ada....get a blade 1 on it Baz
  5. Liam Palmer

    I am sure he would much rather be playing 90 minutes every game, but I know what you mean as he will not sulk and will always be ready to put in maximum effort when called on. His attitude is not dissimilar to what Semedo's was, and they were both former stalwarts and players of the season who got overtaken by others as our squad improved. It's obviously not good that Hunt got injured, but Palmer came on it did not significantly weaken us or force a change in style or tactics. I don't think any other forced substitution at that stage of the game would have had such a minimal impact.
  6. David Jones

    Honestly can't recall seeing him make a tackle and come away with the ball. Around 80% of tackles end in a free kick for the opposition, yet never really gets his foot in or lets them know he is there. Doesn't want the ball. Doesn't know what to do with it when he gets it. 10 yard hospital passes as speciality. Struggle to equate what I have witnessed of him in a Wednesday shirt with a player who has had such an obviously solid career. Should be nowhere near the team for me.
  7. Who is your first name on the team sheet?

    Also, Kieran Lee. Naturally.
  8. Who is your first name on the team sheet?

    Everyone knows Who's on first....
  9. Westwood

    He is having an extraordinarily bad season so far by the standards he has set previously and seems to have lost his confidence and/or decision making. At fault for the majority of goals we have conceded to date (although not helped by his defence in some cases): SUFC #1 - His positioning was correct. He wasn't unsighted (there wasn't a single player closer to the goal than the wall). The ball was struck hard and was well placed, but it was 2 or 3 feet from him and he never moved. SUFC #3 - Superb shot....but near post beaten howler. SUFC#4 - Either come and get it or stay put....no man's land stinker. Cardiff - Limp wristed palm it back to the opposition striker shocker. Brentford - Butter fingers nightmare. Forrest - Near post. Again Burton - Statuesque. And not in a good way. Sunderland - Unfathomably sprint towards the north stand. Utter madness. Is the answer to drop him now though?....I'm not sure, but I certainly wouldn't be that outraged if he was.
  10. 500 not out

    OP - don't count your chickens. Ps good luck staying alive long enough to surpass 499.
  11. Hutch injury

    Is that the same Loovens who has played 127 games in the past 3 and a half season he has been with us (average of 36 games a season)? It's a bit harder to argue against Hutch being a crock (although he averaged 32 games over last 2 seasons), but then we all know it is a major part of his makeup and he would be in the Chelsea first team now if he wasn't so broken. Also, he is worth having for sexiness alone.
  12. Auntie's Rule

    I was so tempted to neg you for that just in irony (and also because I'm a bit of a ter-wat).
  13. Auntie's Rule

    (I hate to say it), but I was only half joking with my previous post about the chief grunter.