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  1. I have a revolutionary idea to solve the problem. Hold tight. Brace yourself. It's shocking I know. Are you ready? Take a deep breath. My idea is.... Just don't park like a flippingcunt.
  2. An England goal is like knocking one out. A Wednesday goal is like nailing a hottie. Both good, but one is way better.
  3. Bloody hell, he has done a good job as goalkeeping coach but if the motivation of the squad hangs on him then they must be a very fragile bunch....
  4. @cookeh you ask just one direct question in your rambling OP. @CLswfc gives you a direct answer. You castigate them for giving you a succinct answer, labeling your own question as a "largely irrelevant detail". "Classic Owlstalk"!
  5. They've been talking about a mid-season break for years and this is what they come up with...really? Utter nonsense.
  6. Wrong. He wouldn't have made it over the byline in one piece.
  7. Owl At Risk


    I occasionally go to Stocksbridge Park Steels. It's enjoyable, friendly, sort of grounded and often comical. I applaud their goals, shout my encouragement and drink their beer. Are they my second team? Are they flip. WTID.
  8. Owl At Risk

    how much is Westwood suddenly worth?

    I'll show my arse in Woolworths' window if we got over £1M for him.
  9. Owl At Risk

    Random pre-season games you were at

    I was there for the game on the Saturday, against Groningen themselves. Was at their training ground, not their stadium. Was on my own (left the wife in 'Dam looking at art and stuff). Got there about an hour before kick off. Had a couple of beers, ate an under-cooked burger, chatted to Owls and locals, all very friendly. Went to the bogs just before kick off, which were outside of the turnstiles oddly. As I came out a gang of about 50-60 "types" stormed the turnstiles. "That's nice" I thought, and gave it a couple of minutes before I went back in. The knuckle draggers all gathered around the the edge of the pitch around the corner flag, between the pitch and the clubhouse. There wasn't a very nice atmosphere, but not much happened until Brunt did a two-footed tackle, right in that corner of the pitch. Cue lots of angriness, beer going skywards and a red card. So Brunt had to now get through the Neanderthals to the chaining rooms. They sort of opened up a way though for him but as he went through he they started pushing him around and threw a beer or two at him. So what does Brunt do? Does he run? Does he f*#ck. He turned round, fists clenched and did that thing where you stick out your chin quickly...the body language equivalent of "come on then you coonts". All the 'ardos bottled it, and Chris laughed, turned round and sauntered off. I loved Brunt before that. Even more after.
  10. Owl At Risk


    I can't remember his name, but definitely wasn't Jesus. On that subject, he seemed to be proper vvank at his job (like the vast majority of people)....sent to save us indeed.
  11. 10 seconds that sums up his qualities perfectly....steals the ball, gets on his bike, plays the right pass, stays on his bike, takes the return, plays the right pass (again), stays on his bike (again), takes the return (again) and whips in a great cross.....
  12. Owl At Risk

    The Stuff You Find Lying Around

    I'm scowling. But that's probably my natural expression anyway, so you don't get to take credit for it.
  13. Owl At Risk

    The Stuff You Find Lying Around

    Just like you sometimes find someone else's turd floating in the bog. Only much less welcome.
  14. Owl At Risk

    Have a read of this

    Another fact: Sheffield Wednesday Football Club did not exist 1887 - 1899.