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  1. Carlos dismissed...

    Someone better tell him to not bother with the rest of the pre-match press conference he is currently in the middle of then
  2. Kieran Lee.

    I hope that we've not already seen the best part of KL's career...but I fear we sadly may have.

    We paid a fee for Hopper, somewhere around £3M (without checking). Not 100% sure but think we had to pay a small fee for Bannnan ( a few hundred thousand maybe). You're probably correct about Joao being worth less than what we paid, but I would hope he isn't worth literally nothing (which is what I think you said...I've forgotten now!) Ps Just checked and the Bannan was fee was undisclosed

    Completely agree .with your first statement Your second is sadly true in some cases, but neither Hooper or FF are any of the 3 points you make. It could be argued that Bannan and possibly Joao aren't either.

    More cameras than fans there. Anyway, big love ❤ for the big un
  6. "Shutouts" F**cking SHUTOUTS. FU*K OFF.
  7. Morgan Fox

    Before joining us he'd played 79 games in the Championship, as opposed to 31 at a lower level.
  8. You got me there
  9. At times I can be a bit of a c0ck. Especially when I've had a drink. And I have had a drink. And especially when someone tries to act clever. And in employing the term "anathema", you sir, did. So: Knickers - superfluous capitalisation. realize - it is realise FFS. reads - no such word. I think you mean read. moaners - to demonstrate plural possession of a term ending in s, form the plural first, then immediately use the apostrophe, i.e. moaners'. god's - deficient capitalisation. realize - see above. sommat - almost a nice use of a colloquialism, but it is summat. Also: automaton - admit it, you googled that too. Apart from that, keep YOUR kickers on sweetheart
  10. Sheffield Wednesday Megastore

    Structured Query Language. An example being... SELECT new_shirt FROM megastore WHERE size = terryowl64 UPDATE bank_account SET balance = balance - f**ckloads
  11. I admire your optimism. However it has had no impact on my current pessimism.
  12. That statement says a hell of a lot more about your prejudices than those you are attempting to castigate. Just saying
  13. On ‎28‎/‎09‎/‎2017 at 07:50, @owlstalk said: Carlos isn’t going to make it through this week is he? Don't need to ask which way the wind is blowing for you today then...