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  1. Wimbledon Oxford Ipswich and today last min goals ridiculous terrible manger
  2. Yeah he come over to North at fulltime clapping got a standing ovation
  3. For sale got wrong stand tenner can meet outside ground
  4. My favourite player from last 20 years easy
  5. Can I upgrade a under 21 ticket to adult if a pay difference at ticket office?
  6. I bought a under 21 ticket instead of adult can I upgrade it at ticket office and pay the difference?
  7. I purchased a ticket for tomorrow's.game but I clicked under 21 instead of adult could I upgrade it and the ticket office ?
  8. Are for real Lees was shocking today with rest of them
  9. We should be aware if what stoke are like been doing it years pathetic
  10. Hes good for last ten but he must have won 2 headers all game shocking
  11. By far and away the worst player I have seen in a wedneday shirt carnt run carnt pass carnt jump pepole say he scored goals yeah I could score goals 20 goals after 7 season at a club absolutely awfull
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