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  1. Are for real Lees was shocking today with rest of them
  2. We should be aware if what stoke are like been doing it years pathetic
  3. Hes good for last ten but he must have won 2 headers all game shocking
  4. By far and away the worst player I have seen in a wedneday shirt carnt run carnt pass carnt jump pepole say he scored goals yeah I could score goals 20 goals after 7 season at a club absolutely awfull
  5. Just got home worst reff I've ever seen gave them everything but that does not make up for the worst performance I've seen in years wish I didn't bother we had 15 min of game rest of it they looked like they was still having there Christmas party
  6. Stoke ticket required desperate thanks
  7. Roll on sat as will b a good day I meant my bad
  8. Because I could not find it so posted on here then found it not really difficult
  9. Any villa tickets as mine as gone missing thanks
  10. Is there anyway I can ring ticket office and get another ticket for villa as mine has gone missing dunno what to do
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