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  1. ArmyBarmy

    Venancio song

    Wrong name for a start. Even then it’s a No from me
  2. ArmyBarmy

    Wednesday chants through the years

    Loads of teams sing it but not as often as we do
  3. ArmyBarmy

    Big Adthe

    He’s a terrible footballer and wouldn’t get in any side serious about promotion. Just coz he smashed a blade then geed up the away end, doesn’t change that fact
  4. ArmyBarmy


    Yea, kicked off all over and united got battered before and after the game
  5. Attendance will be about 8k max
  6. ArmyBarmy

    Tom Lees

    Dear me! So you wouldn't swap Lees for Keane or maguire? If not, you're an absolute toot. Them two are streets ahead of Tom Lees
  7. ArmyBarmy

    Food at the match

    Pie was the worst I've ever had at football and there were no peas or gravy in the Kop
  8. ArmyBarmy

    We under achieved last season.

    Why does everyone go on about Lee being a big miss? We had him up to Newcastle and we were poor then. Hooper was our biggest miss by a mile. Lee wouldn't get in my 11 if everyone's fit. Not a chance
  9. ArmyBarmy


    Yes he's there. End of thread
  10. That's my point. We ain't gunna get them. We need a side hungry and up for it to get out side match fit and you get that from he sides we've got lined up
  11. ArmyBarmy


    Peter Rudi
  12. ArmyBarmy

    best current player?

    I've no idea how people put Bannan and Lee in this list. Westwood, Hutch, Hooper, lees and Forestieri are by a mile our best
  13. ArmyBarmy


    Used to play em pre season in the Steel City Cup!