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  1. You follow everything to do with our beloved club so go tell your dad to use the balls you came from and get the waste of space manager and his band of idiots sacked today we’ve all had enough .
  2. only one person that needs sacking and that's Mr smug ******** monk .
  3. anyone who backs ******** head monk is deluded too
  4. can we swap monk for dave 'im sure he would do better than this ******** .
  5. Only view monk should have is Hillsborough in his rear view mirror after picking up his belongings after the sack .
  6. Monk couldn’t pick his nose never mind a team .but we ain’t got a team so fizz knows
  7. We haven’t even got a good bridesmaid slinger208b ‘bullen weaver Thompson
  8. Please give monk Bournemouth job I will take him in wheelbarrow that’s all he’s ******** worth
  9. Gray not a manager only a assistant’monk is a fool and a useless one at that he couldn’t even be a assistant fool because he’s the no1 fool .MONK OUT
  10. Well said wawawuto17 Hope he walks straight off a ******** cliff with Dc and paxo
  11. best response we can get is monk getting his p45
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