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  1. Hi all looking for a spare seat in car or bus etc due to no train home because of late kickoff if anyone can help?.cheers wawaw
  2. Looking for a ticket for today if anyone has a spare ?can pick up or meet at ground.
  3. Not good enough ‘waste of money yet again by dc caused by cc .
  4. Ticket still available? I live 30 mins from hull can meet at ground or arrange other cheers w
  5. Ticket required if anyone can help ? first to post so keep in mind cheers wawaw .
  6. Planning to go to Amsterdam for the above match but I'm not a England travel club member so looking for advise on best way to try get tickets cheers wawaw
  7. No fixture on list for this day anyone no why ?
  8. can anyone can help with advise on any sports bars for sundays match in square area ? cheers wawaw
  9. Live in the East Riding and was looking for a seat in car or on a bus if anyone can help cheers wawaw
  10. be safe to all wednesday after last night in manchester 'god bless all
  11. Booked hotel with 3 other couples months ago but still going for night sun to mon and to top it it there leeds 'Any other owls sticking with booking ?
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