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  1. Two are loans, one of whom has been injured. One was signed purely because we had no third choice goalkeeper and if we'd had one more injury we'd have been up a creek without a paddle. Odubajo is a reserve fullback and, let's not forget, cost nothing. If you're actively trying to find problems with our signings, you're doing a cracking job. Otherwise, a bit of perspective is needed.
  2. Don't think he's super popular with Rangers fans in general because of the manner of his departure, but I'd be surprised if any had said he was 'useless'. He managed to play his way into the team under Pedro Caixinha only a few months after he'd arrived on a 'development loan' from the lower leagues, and was perhaps one of only a few positives from that particular reign. He's no world-beater, obviously, but strikes me as a decent back up for us this season when he becomes fit again. Think Iorfa's almost surprising emergence at CB has probably caught a fair few at the club off guard.
  3. The King of Football. End of debate.
  4. Not completely in disagreement with you but incidentally, mere minutes before the goal, I noticed Westwood was waving and talking to Odubajo as if to motion that he was getting too wide and to tuck in a bit. Shortly after, he did and that left Bryan with acres of space to cross it in.
  5. Hope this isn't them putting sponsors onto the shirts... Have they closed the shop for this before?
  6. Putting aside the topic of this random bloke being 'recommended', so much of this article is sycophantic nonsense towards Bruce. He's clearly playing the stinkin' media like a harp from hell.
  7. Expect the latest 7hr Fan Forum announced within the week
  8. I don't think any one of us can legally consider what he attempted there a 'shot'.
  9. Did I miss something with Fraser Preston? The last thing I remember was that he played against Millwall and did well, then it feels like he disappeared off the face of the earth; now people are saying he’s not even worth keeping?
  10. Lees was busy being shouted at by Bruce! As Hec took the ball I noticed Steve yelling and gesticulating - first at the players, then at Lees, then he did a bit of a 'ah whatever' hand-wave as if to say 'fine, fsck it, let him take it'
  11. We won't struggle to keep hold of them. Neither will stay. Best to accept it with sadness and move forward.
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