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    Russell Martin has been released by Norwich. Probably overanalysing but I really, really hope he doesn't end up here, he was awful for Rangers last season.
  2. Did well. Didn't do well enough. At fault for plenty of stuff. Also not as fraudulent or terrible as people on here try to make out. Ultimately, it can be argued he came within one game of the PL twice but was at fault for not winning said games. Did we miss a massive opportunity? Yeah, definitely. Does all the blame lie with him? Nah, definitely not. So move on.
  3. Entirety of the blame lies with the player. From where I was in the Kop I didn't even think Forestieri was likely to get to it before Nsiala; absolutely no reason whatsoever to fly into a tackle like that. Poor decision making and it cost him.
  4. daftpenguin

    Nothing for us to celebr8 here.....

    I actually don't disagree with this idea but Jamie Oliver can go fornicate himself with a splintery wooden spoon. Highly relevant of course. Carry on
  5. daftpenguin

    Clare joins Swansea

    Annoyed that people seem to be equating the Clare and Hirst situations to one another. Sean Clare was at SWFC for only two years and signed from the Nike Academy, has no affinity to the region and was hardly spoken about before this season. George Hirst's dad was a club legend who was brought up in the area to be a Wednesdayite through and through, was highly touted for years as he progressed through youth and could've been leading our line for years to come. Clare has signed for Swansea, potentially entitling us to tribunal compensation as we offered him a decent contract. Hirst has signed for Leicester some Belgian team his dad got his mate to buy him for so that he can go on the cheap to the Premier League, screwing us over and entitling us to a grand total of pretty much fizz all. i'd rather we kept SC but he's done no wrong in my eyes, so whilst I may not wish him every success, he can carry on and do as he likes in my opinion. The GH situation is quite frankly on another level, and to paint Clare in the same brush strokes is unfair to him tbh.
  6. daftpenguin

    Owls v Arsenal

    There were a couple of other steps in between these moments tbh
  7. daftpenguin

    Can we sign loan players or not?

    Said a long time ago that if we sign anyone in this window, this is how it'll be done. Once the Premier League's permanent transfer window closes on Thursday, EFL clubs can continue to loan players right up until 31st August. A fair amount of PL clubs have been stockpiling players, so hopefully if we can reach an arrangement on FFP we can bring a few bodies in then.
  8. daftpenguin

    New season for #SWFC though!!

    Alright Bannan Fletcher Lots... but against SUFC I'll say 4
  9. He's arriving in a D Taxi with enough Elev8 energy drink to give Jermaine Johnson a heart attack
  10. daftpenguin

    Football Heaven 2018 - 2019

    First question- exactly this
  11. Worrying. As mentioned, innocent until proven guilty etc and I have my doubts as to whether Pearce heard what he thinks he heard, but if it's true I hope we sell Forestieri to the highest bidder. Racism is abhorrent and has no place in football.
  12. A lot of this surely has to be down to the earlier deadline though. Clubs are afraid to let anyone go in case they're stuck come August 10th, so everyone's currently playing chicken with one another to see who blinks first. Might be a cliche but you imagine one or two transfers going through could be enough to open the floodgates.
  13. Think we might get overrun in midfield if that's the team
  14. "Because he is the King Of Football" interesting absolutely real quote