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  1. For me I can only just afford to keep my ticket as is and I’ve missed multiple games this season due to various factors. Any increase in price will most likely result in me having to swap my ST for a membership instead - though as many have noted, if Jos was still here I think I would’ve already made up my mind not to renew either way.
  2. I was there when he came on as a sub for van Aken
  3. It will in mine too - absolutely without a doubt the worst game I’ve ever seen. Tried to get on Football Heaven to say we’d done well to hold a club with such an illustrious history - think they might’ve sussed that I was on the wee wee take
  4. Pretty confident there’s a precedent that means Abraham can’t leave Villa and play for anyone else due to having already appeared for Chelsea and their U21s - seems to be being ignored by the media atm. Small chance that Wolves sign him permanently and loan him back to either Villa or Chelsea as they’re the only clubs he can play for now I think.
  5. Honestly wouldn’t have given a throw about him running off if he hadn’t taken his time a couple weeks ago to give it the big one to the fans. I don’t think he “owes” us anything per se, but the fastest I saw him move was when the full time whistle blew and he made a beeline for the dressing room. Usually love the bloke and I do think he generally connects with the fans, which is why I’m a bit taken aback at him today.
  6. Oh good a thread about Nuhiu, never seen one of these before Highly disappointed with him today. Not for his general performance - I’ve become used to that this season - but because as soon as full time sounded, he headed straight down the tunnel to avoid celebrating with the team. If he’s going to give it the big one and rip the fans when the team is poor, he should still be able to celebrate along with us after a win. That he actively avoided doing so has brought him down significantly in my estimation. And this from someone who regularly refers to him as the king of football...
  7. Message to Nuhiu, watch how Messi scored his goal the other day then think about why people groan when you don’t score every single time you touch the ball ffs.
  8. One of these things is not like the others One of these things does not quite belong Can you tell which thing is not like the others by the time I’ve finished this song? Hint: it ain’t the guy whose name adorns the thread title
  9. James Forrest has 24 caps for Scotland, so let’s not pretend like this theory holds much water. McDonald’s performances internationally have also ranged from “average” to “my nan”, so that doesn’t tally with what you’re saying really.
  10. It's interesting looking at numbers how many people were quick to proclaim Dawson as the better of our young keepers whilst Wildsmith was No. 1 by default last year, yet now Westwood is seemingly completely off the table he's suddenly sunk in many estimations. Finished article? Nah, not yet at least. Clearly the best of the goalkeepers we have? Probably not. Deserving of the sort of abuse he's been getting in the last few weeks? No fooooking way
  11. Russell Martin has been released by Norwich. Probably overanalysing but I really, really hope he doesn't end up here, he was awful for Rangers last season.
  12. Did well. Didn't do well enough. At fault for plenty of stuff. Also not as fraudulent or terrible as people on here try to make out. Ultimately, it can be argued he came within one game of the PL twice but was at fault for not winning said games. Did we miss a massive opportunity? Yeah, definitely. Does all the blame lie with him? Nah, definitely not. So move on.
  13. Entirety of the blame lies with the player. From where I was in the Kop I didn't even think Forestieri was likely to get to it before Nsiala; absolutely no reason whatsoever to fly into a tackle like that. Poor decision making and it cost him.
  14. I actually don't disagree with this idea but Jamie Oliver can go fornicate himself with a splintery wooden spoon. Highly relevant of course. Carry on
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