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  1. Expect the latest 7hr Fan Forum announced within the week
  2. I don't think any one of us can legally consider what he attempted there a 'shot'.
  3. Did I miss something with Fraser Preston? The last thing I remember was that he played against Millwall and did well, then it feels like he disappeared off the face of the earth; now people are saying he’s not even worth keeping?
  4. Lees was busy being shouted at by Bruce! As Hec took the ball I noticed Steve yelling and gesticulating - first at the players, then at Lees, then he did a bit of a 'ah whatever' hand-wave as if to say 'fine, fsck it, let him take it'
  5. We won't struggle to keep hold of them. Neither will stay. Best to accept it with sadness and move forward.
  6. Clearly the right answer is: Jinkity jink (ey-up, ey-up) it's Dominic Iorfa Jinkity jink (ey-up, ey-up) it's Dominic Iorfa La la la, la la la lalalalaaaaa... Note: in no way suggesting he actually is a donkey (far from it)
  7. To be fair, in that game being 'the better of the defenders' is comparable to being the bloke with the best room on the Titanic.
  8. He wasn’t as shiite as the others but “played well” is a stretch...
  9. For me I can only just afford to keep my ticket as is and I’ve missed multiple games this season due to various factors. Any increase in price will most likely result in me having to swap my ST for a membership instead - though as many have noted, if Jos was still here I think I would’ve already made up my mind not to renew either way.
  10. I was there when he came on as a sub for van Aken
  11. It will in mine too - absolutely without a doubt the worst game I’ve ever seen. Tried to get on Football Heaven to say we’d done well to hold a club with such an illustrious history - think they might’ve sussed that I was on the wee wee take
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