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  1. daftpenguin

    A year ago today

    Penalties were managed poorly also, not that it should've gone to that. It was so clear when Sam was the first up that they'd literally just gone 'who wants to take one?' and listed people who stepped up. Kudos to the guys who did but when we had guys like Hunt, Bannan etc. with shootout experience, giving the first kick to the loudest voice in the huddle wasn't the way to go. Even when Westwood made that fantastic pen save, I just knew somehow we weren't going to win it. Pain like I've never experienced at Hillsborough in my admittedly limited time following SWFC. They went to the Premier League without even scoring a goal.
  2. daftpenguin

    Jay Bothroyd

    Ugh. Was there anything stupider than him taking corners?
  3. daftpenguin

    Jonas Lossl

    No. Next
  4. daftpenguin

    Wes Foderingham

    Would be a stupid signing. Not measurably better than either Wildsmith or Dawson and significantly weaker than Westwood.
  5. Did anyone else expect the post to just read, "No." ?
  6. daftpenguin

    Play on the pitch at Hillsborough

    Easter holidays are different across the region, although I'll concede this seems to land on when most parts of the area are back at school.
  7. daftpenguin

    Player of the season?

    'King' Atdhe Nuhiu, clearly. nah but probably Reach though innit
  8. daftpenguin

    End of season clear out

    Yeah, US.
  9. daftpenguin

    Nuhiu - what a player

    Oh, it's definitely the end times...
  10. daftpenguin

    Nuhiu: Hero or Villain

    Would surely be easier for OP to just write "look at me look at me LOOK AT ME"
  11. daftpenguin

    Sam Winnall

    One of these things is not like the others, One of these things does not quite belong, Can you tell which thing is not like the others By the time I finish my song?
  12. daftpenguin

    John Pearson

    Love the guy's passion but I must admit, he's a nightmare to listen to if you actually want to know what's going on - takes a good twenty seconds to figure out if we've scored a screamer or missed a sitter as you've got to wait for John to stop shouting
  13. daftpenguin


    All hail the King of Football.
  14. daftpenguin

    Kiss my ass Nuhiu haters

    All hail the King of Football.
  15. daftpenguin

    A video to cheer everyone up a bit

    Think he did a cruciate early on this season and was ruled out completely.