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  1. I am 100% confident we have a squad capable of playoffs if we can keep them fit. Harris is fantastic should he keep this up but no doubt will get injured at some point like everyone else. I actually think we give the 'better' sides in this league too much respect and its a mindset change for fans and our squad that we need. Why would we be scared of Fulham? I don't think their miles better than us as some would make out. We have a great core of players that should be able to match any team in the league or at least be in the mix of the best 6 teams. Home atmosphere on the whole is negative and whilst its up to the players to get the fans off of the seats it is also the job for fans to support rather groan all the time. I moan myself so am guilty of it and its probably a product of, in the whole, terrible football for 20 years. Maybe this is the same at every club but when we look at pigs or l**ds the atmosphere for their team seems to be more positive which is irritating. Away we are fantastic and probably the best fans in the league.
  2. Well done SWFC as it looks like we are standing up for ourselves after already ridiculous new rules/ entrances/ restrictions etc.
  3. 100% surely they pay ground naming rights too so the sponsorship wouldnt reflect correctly.
  4. I can understand your point of view as betting is always 'shoved in your face' but I completely disagree. Free country and no one is forced to make bets, go into betting shops, download apps to bet etc. I rarely bet and have personally avoided betting apps on my phone as I know myself well and understand it would not be a good thing for me to have. I smoked for 10 years and if I have ill health when Im older I would not blame the cigarette companies. It is my own fault. No one these days accepts responsibility - and I'm a millennial.
  5. Good point - give him the job! Nothing to lose and nothing attractive on offer for us.
  6. Really want Bullen to get the job now. I didn't initially want him but the last two fixtures where we have taken the game to the opponents has impressed me. Football has not been this exciting in years for us and the new signings have improved our first 11. I get we have only played two but we are now playing with an intention to win the game well and entertain. There is no one else out there currently that I personally want if Hughton refused the job so give Bullen a chance as interim manager. The fear I have is if he is hired and fired we lose him forever unless we offer him a DoF role which is highly doubtful. If he is 'interim' he can take all the plaudits for a job well done this year if it goes well and if it goes badly we can hire someone and get him to step back and become coach again.
  7. I really hope this is not true at that price. Should be at least £8M.
  8. If we can get Murphy, Hector and possibly Gayle then that would be the best window under Chansiri so far with either Rhodes or Winnall leaving.
  9. Palmer on the left has been fantastic and like a new signing. I want him to stay there as I believe he will get better and better - we finally have found his position.
  10. Agree with following the blueprint that Bruce was going to follow. Don't think he will play 3 at back or sell Reach though. Believe it was reported Bruce wanted Rhodes to be sold even if the buyer pays less so it seems were continuing what Bruce wanted. This may or may not have an impact on Bullen becoming manager as he was briefed on the plan for the season from Bruce? Another potential reason, that backs up OP, on wait for manager is that there is no one that fits the Bruce blueprint/ mold.
  11. Some great performances but for me Harris has to be MOTM. Before his goal he tried the same move on the same defender and got past him sothe goal was bound to happen for him. Their defender was in pieces all game trying to chase him and I love the fact we have a fast, tricky direct player who looks as though he will be good for plenty of goals and assists. Been missing a player like this since Antonio left. The fact he is hungry to prove himself shoudl stand him well to be a very very important player for us this season. Also thought Joao was fantastic with the difficult position he was put in late on with the red card. He held the ball up well, won fouls, stayed in the corner and scored a fantastic goal. If he was consistently this good he would be in premier league but he only plays when he wants. Fletcher played well but for me should have scored. He was in great positions and gets his head on the ball in the box but just needed that goal to round off his performance. Other mentions for Borner, Palmer and especially Bannan who as always was brilliant.
  12. Exactly this. Bruce has been known to spend money and would have not taken a job with zero budget and FFP restrictions as it would make him look like a poor manager at a failing club. It was obvious we would have zero FFP restrictions the moment we signed Bruce and not another nobody.
  13. We have had such a chalk and cheese 50/50 season. 1st half of season: Reach 2nd half of season: Fletch Most improved over the season: Liam Palmer - wanted him gone and now think he's a decent player Player over whole season consistently: Hector
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