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  1. Same here. He barely deserved it after season before but ten games I thought from start of season. However, as we cannot get out of minus points he has to go - especially after losing against all three relegation battlers without scoring. So in effect the 10th game does not matter now sp he needs to go even if we win 5-0. Garry Monk is the most useless manager we have ever had. His arrogance in the position when looking at the stats is astounding. Dropping key players when we were going OK was baffling. Signing all these players but not one that can score is crazy. Si
  2. Agree with most of the above. I would call for most managers to replace GM as it would make a better impact than current. Just like Bruce made an impact from JL by playing best players I think a new manager would also play best players in position this would see an upturn in results. Its obvious that Monk is clueless. Stats back this up. The performances are not even trying anymore its pathetic. Completely agree rot starts from the top. I used to like Chansiri and thought he would keep investing until we got to PL. Sadly EFL rules are a farce and he cannot do this. From season 1 a
  3. What do you suggest then? Previous posts indicate that you would keep Monk? Do you honestly think he's the man to keep us up?
  4. Why would we sack him? If he keeps us up he's bought plenty of time. Managers do not last long in modern football. Planning for 3+ years in management is impossible. Planning for management on a 1-2 year timeframe is more realistic.
  5. We don't need midtable. We need 21st. Get past this season build from then on. Paul Cook would be a huge improvement for the now. Anyone would be an improvement
  6. In an ideal world 442. Would drop Pelupessy and Dawson. Bring in Westwood to steady ship as he did before with Steve Bruce. Monk far too arrogant to do this though and burnt bridges with wrong players. Imagine is we still had Hutch on books. Hutch with one leg over Pelupessy whilst Luongo out injured. How we sold Hutch to not replace him and rely on JP as Luongo's understudy is insane but its happened. Dawson and JP are League 1/2 players and will not improve. If we won't play Wildsmith then why did we keep him and not sign another keeper? Re
  7. Gameplan and tactics is a joke. One thing I did notice before the restart after the drone is that Rotherham were running up and down the pitch and then doing fast passing drills. We were off camera (can imagine a few sprints) then just passed around like we were in a park before doing one sprint. The effort was minimal it was disgraceful in comparison. They then scored straight after and we proceeded to get an injury. Poor preparation clear as day. Monk is clueless. No wonder we have so many injuries if we do pathetic warm ups followed by int
  8. No that is not what I am saying. Currently we WILL go down with Monk. So why not give Alexander a crack at it. Worse case scenario is if we do go down (highly likely) he has more experience than Monk in league 1.
  9. How often does this actually happen? A rarity. So you cannot exactly say Monk is experienced etc. It happened once. I am not saying it is luck but come on - you can't call it experience and a knowhow to get out of it.
  10. I say bonus - I mean a benefit should the worse happen.
  11. Monk is taking us down. We can blame points deduction all we want. I would also guess that if we had the 12 points come end of season we would have stayed up. However, this is not good enough. We know we have -12 at the start of the season so playing like a lower mid table team is not good enough. We have to stop using this -12 to defend Monk its a load of rubbish. Suggesting Alexander is a far better option than Monk. Breathe a bit of fresh air in the squad to get rid of hoodoo. Plus Alexander seems to have winning mentality with several decent spells at other clubs. Another bonu
  12. The players are not good enough but fit within our budget. Monk is not good enough either. Last manager to do well was Gray on a budget. He did a fantastic job on shoestring. Monk has had money to spend and brought in 2 crocks. I like Brown but look at record. Hopefully we get 30+ out of him but looking doubtful. Could we have used this elsewhere? Players changing weekly surely depends on fitness levels as well. Playing 3 times a week would be OK for say Harris but near impossible for others.
  13. What are you on about. We didnt sell them at xmas? Hutch left at end of season. Westwood still here. He froze them out when we were performing well. Nothing to do with FFP. They may have had to go at end of season but not at xmas/january when he decided to change squad.
  14. Not a Westwood fan then I take it?
  15. Fantastic post! Especially the 'disassemble squad point at christmas' as its so valid as to why he is so awful. Broke a great team up. Arrogance of the man shone through as he should have dealt with the players in dressing room until it went South.
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