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  1. SouthernOwl24

    So after all that...

    People saying in December on here we would have a firesale etc and players will go on cheap leading to relegation etc. We have kept best players, got Bruce in and made some decent signings. End of year may change as contracts lower etc. but I think it proves again we will not let our best players go for peanuts.
  2. SouthernOwl24

    Alex Bruce Tweet

    It was making a huge deal out of the situation and Gullit trying to make Alex Scott look stupid by saying 'It wouldn't happen at Man Utd etc'. Felt for her as she had clearly done her research into what has happened. She also explained this to Gullit and Murphy who ignored her on live television. No SWFC fan, that I'm aware of has made a big deal out of this once they knew the reasons. They made out like we were up in arms about it. All it takes and it is their job to do some research as pundits, was search the swfc hastag and they would find out we are not angry about it. It was arrogance and laziness at its highest. Gullit referencing it wouldn't happen at Man Utd - is also rubbish - - they hire interim/ caretaker managers until they get the man they want - same as Chelsea. So similar things do happen at highest level. There are things a lot more important than football and it actually makes me like Bruce more for standing up for his values.
  3. SouthernOwl24

    Official - Club up for sale

    I agree with this 100%. At the start of his last speech he was saying he wanted to hand it down to family. Then seemed to get annoyed with himself so announced this. I don't believe this was going to happen or he wanted it to happen -- I think he talked himself into saying it. Otherwise this would have been first announcement. The exact same thing happened with memberships at the forum at beginning of season. He talked himself into reducing the price after fans had voiced there complaints.
  4. SouthernOwl24

    Almen Abdi

    Well not necessarily fair or unfair. FF just had season of his career so could command a better contract as he was our best player. Abdi had barely made an appearance so deserved to be publicly shamed in my opinion.
  5. SouthernOwl24

    Blame the Fans ...

    Completely understand that. Still want him out regardless and someone with knowledge of how to run club in. Shame there wont be many queuing up. However, if the play off final attendance, coverage and atmosphere is anything to go by an owner can make money with us if correct decisions are made. The club has the possibility to be huge should we have an owner that can inspire a fan base not criticize them. We are a huge city and probably have underestimated our potential as to how 'MASSIVE' we can be. With the right leadership we have the potential to easily bring in 30k+ gates regularly in the championship - not just the one off matches. However, the constant bad decisions currently are now not mistakes anymore. They now highlight the inability to run a club.
  6. SouthernOwl24

    Blame the Fans ...

    This was me - - I couldn't for the life of me think why DC would organise a forum to be slaughtered unless he has good news. Seems he is not as savvy as some would think.
  7. SouthernOwl24

    Blame the Fans ...

    No we all knew this but what doesnt help is DC saying in last forum he thinks we have a squad capable to try and sell more tickets etc. Its a lie and deceitful to fans who may not have the money but have overstretched to be apart of something. If he is not blaming players, himself or Jos we are in for a long night. DC OUT!!! JOS OUT!!!!
  8. Highlights how naive DC actually is. Its so bad and seems only going to get worse. Comments like that are going to create a hard and long forum for himself. Hope he leaves with Jos. Fans have paid top money to watch this garbage. A new manager, with the right appointment, can turn this around as our team has a lot more ability than our teams of the past who have produced better results than current crop. I have not seen a team under perform like this in years.
  9. SouthernOwl24

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    What else do we post on then if not opinions its just what message boards are there for.
  10. SouthernOwl24

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Not making up stories... clearly expressed this is what I thought and not truth -- read the post. 'you would assume' 'I don't believe' 'my present viewpoint' Its my opinion - - you know -- the things people discuss on message boards. Not once did I say Chansiri said etc etc.
  11. SouthernOwl24

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Teachers struggle to control 30 students -- what makes you think 1 person can control 1000 angry fans when answers to questions go downhill... ill advised or good news announcement - hardly overthinking.
  12. SouthernOwl24

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Yes - still not a forum is it. Or it will not end up being a forum. Too many people for each demographic to be represented properly. Not happened like this before. 1000 people with zero news shows how poor DC is. If he has news however...... different story. Do you honestly believe this will be constructive?
  13. SouthernOwl24

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Possibly, But if you think he has no news and is trying to get us back onside it shows how bad his advisors are.
  14. SouthernOwl24

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    Venue cancelled - but why cant we do this at our own home? - - why have we sold nearly 3 times the amount we normally would have sold for this for a reason? Why do this when we are so dire? Amount of tickets sold is beyond stupid for a forum.
  15. SouthernOwl24

    Fans Forum Cancelled

    So no announcement, I offered two options. I said he is an imbecile or he has an announcement. I really like the idea of streaming the forum to fans and limiting the number of fans. I just think something is up with the amount we have sold when things are so dire.