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  1. Born in 1990 and didn't start going properly until 2000 so mine is very grim. Westwood Simek -Bougherra - Pudil JJ - Whelan - Lee - Brunt FF - Hooper - Antonio Subs: Carson, Llera, Reda, Bannan, Sibon, Kuqi
  2. How can this clown say its a difficult place to come. They've not won there since August? Moore has to go. One of the most clueless managers we have ever had. There is just zero game plan at all. At least with other terrible managers ie Monk and Pulis you knew what they were trying to do albeit unsuccessful. There is no blueprint or identity at all. Have we had one good 90 minute performance in the league - NO Does it look like improving - NO We play like strangers for around 75 minutes of every game. We have tonnes attacking talent and afraid to use them. How long do you keep playing players that do not pull weight yet give no chances to others. We are playing terrible and still with a play off shout. Give another manager a go and watch us shoot up the league if the players are used correctly. Only one league win was comfortable all the others we have been holding on at the end desperately.
  3. Agree with this - - position is flattering when looking at performances. Oxford first half was worst performance I can remember in terms of team cohesion. We are getting worse not better and team look clueless. 11 games in I expected a lot more. There isn't even a direction or clear idea forming as to how or what we are trying to do. We have been holding on at the end on most wins. Bolton, Wigan, Fleetwood(after promising first half). Why can't we kill a game off?
  4. This for me. Don't really understand what Newcastle fans expected with him. Hes overall done well and not able to afford/compete the level of investment to take them to the European spots. I would happily take Newcastle's position with Ashley in charge. Newcastle fans just think their bigger than mid-table.
  5. Don't know who to name. What a shambles that game was. First half was possibly worst I have seen in a long long time. We couldn't string 2 passes together. Better second half. Referee warning their goalkeeper about timewasting three times without booking. BPF not coming out twice to allow for two chances (of which Oxford didnt score luckily). Linesman second half not having a clue. Midfield was just walked through first half it was pathetic. Winning next to no 50/50 headers from long balls all game. Clear penalty not given. No team cohesion - Moores time running out as fans will start (or already have turned) If there was even a minor team improvement where passing was improved or there was a clear plan/identity coming into effect it would make more sense. I cannot see any of that. Look clueless and like strangers.
  6. That 4-1 Leicester game was something else! Brunt vs Leeds best out of lot for me.
  7. very good start. Actually think he made a few saves against Fleetwood too and made it look easy. Look solid and so does the whole backline - Palmer and Hunt look confident and comfortable whilst Iorfa/ Hutch will not let in many at all. Early days but could be on for a record clean sheet year.
  8. 100% they should. Im saying initially if we cannot pass the ID thing through surely the minimum is close these accounts.
  9. Agree with OP. This has to stop. Proof of innocence etc has to also be ironed out with the companies for example FB or Twitter in regards to hacking. I saw a disgusting tweet aimed at the players that missed the penalty. The Avatar was a white man. It was highlighted by Stan Collymore etc. However, apparently it turned out is was a black man that made a bad racist 'joke' pretending to be a white man. We need the ID's to punish these people. How is that a joke? Especially with everything this country has been through the last year. We HAVE to make this happen and hold people accountable. Why cant twitter automatically delete these tweets and close account right away. Surely they can do that right away without 'intruding' on peoples human rights. (I dont think this is intruding).
  10. Disagree on this one. We haven't conceded and have controlled games. Been boring but it has been professional. Played Croatia - WC runners up Czechs - had a good tournament and it could have easily been them in the semis - they knocked out Netherlands Germany - always a good tournament team - have a lot of quality 3/5 games were difficult. Could argue Scotland is difficult as different animal but not on paper. Denmark will be tough but no more difficult to navigate than Germany/ Czech or Croatia.
  11. Not a forum for a debate such as this. The OP was about who is watching the Euro's. I am watching as much as possible just FYI and will support england as my only 'chance' of silverware in football for me.
  12. Wow some of the posts on here. People need to get a grip. Alex Scott was a million miles the best pundit when she was a pundit in the studio - (I think when Chelsea played us in FA cup). She was the only one that had done her research on SWFC whereas her male counterparts hadn't got a clue. In fact with the money in the game - Sky put out some pathetic commentators and pundits for championship football. They misrepresent facts all the time and clearly are not experts in the field as opposed to PL football. HOWEVER, the only person that bothered to learn about us and do their homework was Alex Scott. I would rather 5 Alex Scott's than any other pundit who hasn't even bothered to learn our players. She impressed me and wiped the floor with interesting knowledge about us whereas the male counterparts were just basically guessing. I am glad she is at the Euros. for me the old guard's stories are becoming outdated anyway. Souness/ Keane/ Linekar can go if it wasn't for Keane/Souness being controversial and argumentative and Linekar being a squeaky clean pundit - I don't think the broadcasters would keep them. All the newer pundits I like as its more relevant in the modern game.
  13. Clubs done IMO. No transparency, no players, debt ridden, no ground, cant pay players. Seriously we are finished and the murder of our club at the hands of Chansiri is becoming slow and painful with ONLY bad news since January 2020
  14. I honestly think we should protest. First game of the season - sit in North and organise a huge banner highlighting the decline. I think we should make it as toxic as possible until he rectifies issues or leaves. Stand under South and on the bridge making it near impossible to leave. All non-violent as you lose empathy from other teams supporters like the Man Utd fans recently did from my point of view. We need media coverage and this could turn into a protest against most owners but also the EFL who have a lot to answer for our (and other teams) struggles due to restrictions. We have to get DC out or get him to reconsider the way we are run. At a minimum he has to step away and let football people run the club and with him becoming a quiet investor if he wants any return in the next 10 years. Ideally I would have him out completely but understand he won't leave
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