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  1. I'm gutted I didn't do to the BDM however I went to the lane, sat in the south stand with my Dad. I was only 8 years old and my Dad said "If Wednesday score, don't stand up and cheer". Curran scored and half the south stand did the rest!
  2. Said this earlier. This lot are setting all the wrong kind of records. Don't put league 2 past this lot.
  3. I watched tonight, open mouthed just staring, thinking I know we're bad but how did we possibly become this bad?
  4. I was age 10 at the start of the 82/83 season. Incredible season: 4-2 v Newcastle and 3-1 v Leeds not to mention league Cup against Liverpool in front of 50,000. Promotion to cap it off in mine and Wilkinson's first season.
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