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  1. Patrick Bateman

    JOS OUT!

    Normal service resumed
  2. Patrick Bateman

    Well it has been coming...

    You were desperate to post that weren't you.
  3. Patrick Bateman

    Man city v Sheffield Wednesday 1984

    Was this the Varadi long ranger?
  4. Patrick Bateman

    No Transfer Fee 11

    Tom Lees was a nominal fee iirc.
  5. Patrick Bateman

    Caption this

    Oh no S.B.D.
  6. Patrick Bateman

    Pete McKee Kop Banner

    I have absolutely no idea what it'll look like but I'm already excited
  7. We played most of last season without Westwood but for some reason tonight you focus on our 'inexperienced' goalkeeper. You got a couple to bite guess.
  8. What do they clarify? In short what was was point?
  9. I think you've started either a misleading, confused or mischievous post Neil. Which one is it? Why place the focus on a young goalkeeper tonight?
  10. Patrick Bateman

    Jos says no incoming players to #SWFC

    Christ some people have short memories
  11. Patrick Bateman

    How Long

    Has this been going on?
  12. Patrick Bateman

    Championship stadiums ranked

    Derby though
  13. Patrick Bateman

    Our star players are ageing....

    When did this ageing thing start?