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  1. Patrick Bateman

    How Long

    Has this been going on?
  2. Patrick Bateman

    Our star players are ageing....

    When did this ageing thing start?
  3. Where's the away kit FFS
  4. Patrick Bateman

    Can you name this #SWFC team?

    Possibly Semedo....
  5. Patrick Bateman

    On The Right

    Super super Dan ........
  6. In vogue for some bizarre reason
  7. Patrick Bateman

    Anyone remember this promotion moment?

    My grandad bought me my first season ticket on the north stand that year. I was only 11. What a first season. Newcastle 4-2, Leeds 3-1, Cardiff 5-2, Swansea 6-1 and Liverpool 2-2 in the milk cup. Thanks grandad x
  8. Patrick Bateman

    Paddy Miquel Nelom

    Likes a scrap apparently
  9. Patrick Bateman

    Floodlights on at Hillsborough

    Someone forgot to switch them off?
  10. Patrick Bateman

    Who is going to touch us?

    Louder please
  11. Patrick Bateman

    Lars Lagerback

  12. Patrick Bateman

    Liam Palmers belly

    Funny but no such threads after the win at forest.